Scans of My IF Play Session Notes

I (David Welbourn) am currently publishing PDF scans of my rough handwritten notes that I made when playing various works of interactive fiction over the years. Hopefully these notes will be interesting or maybe even sometimes useful to someone besides myself. Please remember that these notes were not created with public viewing in mind. They are offered as is. I make no promises of their quality, readability, completeness, usefulness, etc. Some pages will be partly masked to hide personal or irrelevant notes.

CAUTION: There will be spoilers in these notes!

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IF Scans

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As of 23 Jul 2017, scans are available regarding the following 1083 works of IF:

Non-IF Scans

I also have notes in my binders for 21 games that are not normally considered IF, at least, not the mostly-text and turn-based interactive fiction that we normally talk about:

Other Scans

Lastly, I have a few notes that aren't associated with a single work or game but may still be of interest:

Notes about my notes

Some codes I use in the upper-right corner include:

Here's a tiny bit of help in decoding some of my personal style of shorthand:

Also, I have abbreviations for colours: