IntroComp 2004


The walkthroughs below (or on linked pages) are by David Welbourn. Alas, the original IntroComp homepage no longer exists.

The Homework of Little Carl Gauss

by Stefano Gaburri

1: The African Veldt
In the
(to Lab)

In the Veldt

For the first several turns, you can't use the portal for unknown reasons.

>info. x lions. x meat. x portal. x me. enter portal. smell. touch portal. enter portal.

Cramped Lab

Uh-oh. Big disaster just happened. Note: You can't enter the pod, nor type anything on the keyboard.

x—A Featureless
The Recreation
The Spaceship

>x portal. x pod. x slit. x keyboard. x printout. read it. take it.

>x console. x dial. x tag.

>x machine. x switch. turn it. x monitor. x button. push it. x monitor.


In the Veldt (Again)

CAUTION: This time the lions can kill you if you stay here too long.

>x meat. x leaflet. take it. read it. x lions. enter portal. w. w. s.

The Recreation Room

>x bat. x sax. play it. g. g. g. g. g. g. g. g. g. x kazoo. play it. n. n.

Small Closet

>x bucket. take it. x rag. s. e.

2: Mysterious Ulthar
On the
wooden bridge
Out of
the Hamlet
(to Lab)

Cramped Lab

Can someone explain why "turn dial to 2" acts the way it does, instead of just doing it?

>set dial to 2. n.

Out of the Hamlet

Sorry: there's no hamlet, stream, or bridge to examine.


On the wooden bridge

Likewise, the herring and force wall aren't examinable, nor does 'jump' or 'swim' help.

>n. n. x leaflet. read it. take it.

>s. s. set dial to 3. n.

3: Fantasy World
(to Lab)

Fantasy World

Geez. Welcome to the fantasy world of diddly-squat. Couldn't we see some scenic vista with, y'know, things in it instead of this formless featureless description?

>x leaflet. read it. take it. s. set dial to 4. n.

Grassy Hill

>x river. x trees. se.

4: Young Carl Gauss' Home
(to Lab)At the

At the Gate

Note: The house itself isn't examinable. The dog isn't 'animate', nor can you pet it.

>x gate. open it. x briars. x plaque. x dog. tickle dog.

>x leaflet. read it. take it. nw. w. w.

River Bank

The paddle is too large to take through the woods for whatever secondary use is hinted at here, so I assume the canoe is needed to move the paddle. But the game won't let me push or take the canoe, nor does it understand 'launch', 'row', or 'paddle' as a verb. It's possible that I missed out on solving a puzzle here, but it's more likely the implementation of the canoe wasn't finished.

>x canoe. x paddle.

>s. e. s. set dial to 5. n.

5: Ye Olde Adventurous Castle
In the Moat of
Ye Olde Castle
(to Lab)

In The Moat of Ye Olde Castle

CAUTION: The monsters can kill you if you stay here too long.

>x monsters. x crocodile. x hippo. x anaconda. x scorpion. x wall. s.

>take rag. n.

>clean wall with rag. x grate. open it. e. e.


>x leaflet. read it. take it.

>w. w. s. set dial to 6. n.

6: Hellish Dungeon
(to Lab)

Dark Dungeon

Note: Anything put into the bag can't be taken out again until you've tamed it.

>x bag. x label. take bag. x leaflet. read it. take it.

>s. set dial to 4. n. w. w.

River Bank

Sometimes, violence is the answer.

>put leather in bag. take leather. take paddle. spank bag with paddle. take leather. take bag. s.

Thick Woods

The description has changed to show a disturbing number of cats in the trees, however, you can't refer to the cats at all.

I think there's not likely to be much more to see in this game as it is, and we can stop now.

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