Key & Compass presents:
by Deane Saunders

Runes is a Z-machine work of interactive fiction written with Inform 6 and is © 2004 by Deane Saunders. It was a participant in the IntroComp 2004 event.

In this incomplete work, you play as an herbalist who wants to take samples of everything from the forest. Bark, berries, flowers, leaves, that sort of thing. Collect as much as you can, then quit.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the work.


n Pines Rowan Elm Elder Ash Oak Birch Alder Yew Willow Rose HollyGlade Apple Juniper Hawthorn ForestEntrance


Forest Entrance

This work is rather dull. You're given no motivation for this self-imposed gathering of items. There is no score, nothing to do with the items, and they themselves aren't very interesting or distinctive.

> x knife. take it. x pouch. take it. look in it.

> x trees. climb trees. x vines. cut vines. n.

Holly Glade

> x bush. cut it. take holly. put it in pouch. e.


> x woundwort. take it. put it in pouch.

> x apple. cut it. climb it. n.


> x tree. cut it.

> take willow. x it. cut it. x bark.

> put branch, bark in pouch. x bank. s. w. s.


> x clover. take it. put it in pouch.

> x tree. cut tree. climb tree. x flowers. take flowers. w.


> x bush. x juniper berries. take them. put them in pouch. n.


I couldn't obtain the rose; possibly this is a puzzle without a solution.

> x brambles. cut it. take briar. x it. cut it.

> x blackberry fruit. x blackberry leaves. put all blackberry in pouch.

> x rose. take it. e. ne.


> x henbane. take it. cut it. x henbane leaves. put it in pouch. w.


> x moss. take it. put it in pouch.

> x mantle. take it. cut it. x mantle.

> x mantle leaves. x stem. x flowers.

> put all mantle in pouch. e. n.


> x pansy. take it. put it in pouch.

> x flax. take it. cut it. x flax. put it in pouch.

> x bistort. take it. cut it. x bistort. x leaves. x root. put all bistort in pouch.

> x ash. cut it. take ash. x it. put it in pouch. se.


The yew tree is takeable, but I'm sure that's a bug.

> x tree. x bundle. take it. x hawthorn. x apple. x lime. x string.

> put all but knife in pouch. nw. w.


Note: The patch of nettles isn't visible, and the tree for this location isn't implemented yet.

> take all. x nettles. x leaves. put them in pouch. n.


> x tree. x rowan berries. take them. put them in pouch. n.


Note: There's no pine tree in this location.

> x cowslip. take it. cut it. x cowslip. x root. x flowers. put all cowslip in pouch. se.


Note: There's no elm tree in this location.

> x aconite. take aconite. put aconite in pouch. e.


> x mugwort. take it. cut it. x mugwort. x leaves. x stem. put all mugwort in pouch.

> x rosemary. take it. cut it. x rosemary. put rosemary in pouch.

> x sage. take it. cut it. x sage. put sage in pouch.

> x oak. cut it. x bark. take it. put it in pouch.

I don't think there's anything more to do. Going back to the Forest Entrance does not end the game, and there's no score to tell you how well you've done.

> quit.



This is very much a solo-adventure, but some other living creatures are mentioned:


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