Key & Compass presents:
A Bet's a Bet
by Santa's Helper

A Bet's a Bet is a TADS 2 interactive fiction game and is © 2004 by Santa's Helper. It was a particpant in the IntroComp 2004 event.

In this incomplete game, you play as a man who normally works in the finance department, but tonight, you're dressed as Santa Claus and you're on a roof with his reindeer. Somehow you lost a bet to Santa and now you must pretend to be him and deliver Christmas presents to this one house. How difficult can that be?

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1.0 of the game.


d North sideof roof South sideof roof LivingRoom

North side of roof

The game is periodically interrupted with trivia questions about Christmas. The questions have no bearing on the rest of the gameplay, and can be turned off via "trivia off". (Actually, the trivia can interfere with the rest of the game working correctly, eg: if you attempt to take the bag out of the compartment and a question pops up, you don't really get the bag.)

This game would be extra-easy if it weren't for the problems with the game's design. The compartment isn't mentioned unless you examine the sleigh twice. The door of the compartment isn't implemented at all. The button isn't mentioned until you examine the compartment itself.

> about. x me. x suit. x beard. x hat. trivia off.

> x speaker. x chimney. x reindeer. x snow.

> x sleigh. g. x seat. x compartment. x screen. x button.

> push button. x bag. take it.

> open bag. look in it.

> x large red. x small red.

> x large blue. x small blue.

> x green present. x white present.

> out. s. d.

Living Room

You only have two turns until the children discover you, so you can't mess about. If you like using UNDO, examine the tree, sofa, logs, fireplace, and kids. Unexpectedly, you can't put any of the presents under the tree.

> take logs. hide behind sofa.

*** End of IntroComp ***





Honorable mention:

Trivia Questions

If you play with the trivia option on, you may want to know some Christmas trivia:

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