Key & Compass presents:
Auden's Eden
by Tommy Herbert

Auden's Eden is a Z-machine interactive fiction game written with Inform 6 and is © 2004 by Tommy Herbert. It was the 1st Runner-Up in the IntroComp 2004 event.

In this very short incomplete story, you play as someone visiting W.H. Auden's idea of paradise as described in his collection of essays called The Dyer's Hand. You've arrived by hot air balloon and welcomed by a man named Hobson.

This solution is by David Welbourn.




> about. auden. credits.

Looking at either the desk or passengers moves you to the desk.

> x Hobson. x basket. x balloon. x buildings.

> x me. i. x coat. x gloves. x scarf. x desk.

Once at the desk, you should look at the forms for a hint at what to do. The conversation between Schulz and Hobson is also a hint. Further, after several turns, the rain itself suggests the correct action more directly.

> x Schulz. x nordic form. x hispanic form. x african form. x passengers.

> remove hood.orremove gloves.

This intro is over.

*** Auden's Eden ***




Thanks to Graham Nelson for Inform, to the consortium involved in creating the latest updates to the compiler and library, and to Michael Perlini for IF-IDE.

Thanks to Mark J. Tilford and Cedric Knight for helping with a pesky oblique stroke, and to Roger Firth for pointing me in the right direction when I was blundering around parserm.h.

My beta-testers were Mark Herbert, Nadene Wheatley and Gregory Weir: thanks to them.


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