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Most of these games were written in Inform 6. "Cheeseshop" was originally in JotaCode, then ported to Inform 6 and TADS 3. "Beanstalk" was written in ADRIFT 4. "Four Days of Summer" is my first game written in Inform 7. The SwingSet BB font (used on the cover art for "Beanstalk", "Cheeseshop", and "Squeaky") is a TrueType font © Nate Piekos, and available at

[69,105 Keys]

“69,105 Keys”

How difficult can a one-room game be? Just unlock the door. Oh. There's 69,105 keys.

Download 69105keys.z5 or 69105Keys.zblorb.

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[The Angel Curse]

“The Angel Curse”

An interactive something for SpeedIF 19. Five locations.


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[Beanstalk the and Jack]

“Beanstalk the and Jack”

My first ADRIFT game. Another fairy tale, but this time it's all backwards! Written for The Comp With No Name in 2008. Eight locations.

Download Beanstalk.taf.

See also: IFDBIFROIFWikiifwizz



An interactive re-creation of Monty Python’s Cheeseshop sketch, where you try to buy some cheese. Short; two rooms.

Download (Inform version) or download cheeseshop.t3 (TADS 3 version).

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[Fajfeta sur la Luno]

“Fajfeta sur la Luno”

This is the Esperanto translation of "Squeaky on the Moon".


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[Four Days of Summer]

“Four Days of Summer”

Written for SpeedIF Potato Peeler on July 7, 2017; spend some time with me! Eight locations.


See also: IFDB IFWiki

[The Fox, The Dragon, and The Stale Loaf of Bread]

“The Fox, The Dragon, and The Stale Loaf of Bread”

This is the beginning of an unusual fairy tale. Written for IntroComp 2005. Eleven locations.

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[Krakatoa Tuna Melt]

“Krakatoa Tuna Melt”

An interactive cookin' disaster. Written far too slowly for SpeedIF 10−9. Twelve locations.


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[A speedIF O entry]

“A speedIF O entry”

My first speed-if game. Get Neil Gaiman to sign your comic book collection. Very short; one room.


See also: IFDBIFROIFWikiifwizzWalkthrough

[Squeaky on the Moon] “Squeaky on the Moon”

My silly entry in the Pi-Theta-Alpha-Parallax speed-if. As Alvin the Chipmunk, rescue your landlady’s cat. Very short; four and ½ rooms.


See also: IFDBIFROIFWikiifwizz

[This is the game that I wrote]

“This is the game that I wrote”

Written for SpeedIF Gruff on Jan. 21, 2006; the theme was fractured fairy tales. Two locations.


See also: IFDBIFROIFWikiifwizz

[Yay Games]

“Yay Games”

Relive the 2003 Xyzzy Awards ceremony. Written for SpeedIF Century. One location.


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