Speed-IF—Late! (2003-05-19)

The solutions below (or on linked pages) are by David Welbourn.

The Canapes of Death

by Cedric Knight

>crap. i. x watch. x matches. s. se.

>x pinatas. take it. [+4] nw. n.

>light oil. nw. x door. u.

>x guide. open it. read it. x keycard. take it. [+4]

>d. unlock door with card. open door. nw.

You should probably save the game at this point, since there's several timed events and restrictions coming up. Soon after discovering the dossier, Faustus will show up, prevent you from moving, magically locks the doorway (whether the door itself is open or not), and summons a clockwork zucchini to kill you.

Also, since you're a spy, you can only leave the office "as you found it". This restriction might make sense initially, but it doesn't make much sense when (a) the main bad guy has already found you, and (b) the room is on fire. Oh well. Such is the charm of a speedIF game.

>x window. x flags. x cactus.

>x desk. open desk. x papers. x food.

>take dossier. [+4] read it. photograph it. (Faustus arrives)

>put dossier in desk. close desk. x faustus. x zucchini.

>throw oil at flags. se. break window. enter window. [+5]

>x skylight. break it.

>x hors. x guards. dance. dance. dance. [+5]

>x chef. z. [+8]

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