Key & Compass presents:
Foreign Soil
by Olaf Nowacki

Foreign Soil is a Glulx interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2021 by Olaf Nowacki. An incomplete version of this game was an entry in Introcomp 2020. The full game was an entry in ParserComp 2021 where it took 3rd place.

In this science-fiction game, you play as a female pilgrim to another planet. After recovering from stasis, you note someone else woke before you and that the other coffins are contaminated with flora. Find the other person, and turn the crater you landed in into something more habitable than endless orange sand.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 2 of the game. For my walkthrough of the Introcomp version of this game, see forei20.html.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


Map 1: Ship and Crater

SarcophagiChamber Northernrim ofthe crater ControlRoom On thenorthernslope Airlock NorthernCrater NarrowLedge WesternCrater In Front ofthe Ship EasternCrater NarrowCaveTunnel SouthernCrater Hold u d d u in d u u d d u out

Map 2: Crater Rim and Desert

Somewherein the flatorange desert NorthernDesert Somewherein the flatorange desert Northernrim ofthe crater WesternDesert Westernrim ofthe crater On thenorthernslope Easternrim ofthe crater EasternDesert Somewherein the flatorange desert Southernrim ofthe crater Somewherein the flatorange desert SouthernDesert u d

Map 3: Underground and Underwater

WesternCrater SmallCave Dome NarrowCaveTunnel In theCave Lake Dark WaterShaft Bottom ofthe WaterShaft d in out d d u u u

Map 4: Glass Pyramid and Dream's End

WesternCrater In Frontof the Ship EasternCrater Front ofhuge glass pyramid Entrancesluice Prototaxiteforest Sub-terraneanChamber LowerChamber UpperChamber SunnyRoom WonderfulGarden d u in out u d give waterto body


Undefinable Blurry Brown

> x me. z. (A spot is now visible.)

> x spot. look under spot. take thing.

> touch thing. (It's a towel.)

> dry me. wear towel.

> search spot. take rod. x rod.

> push button.

Sarcophagi Chamber

You are now fully awake and thirsty.

> x sarcophagi. (Which: closed or open coffins?)

> x open coffins. (Two are open?)

> x closed coffins. x ornaments. (ick)

> d.

Control Room

> take off towel. wear suit. x suit.

> x panel. x dispenser. take bottle.

> open dispenser. put bottle in dispenser.

> close dispenser. (The bottle fills.)

> open dispenser. (It's stuck!)

> hit it. take bottle. drink water.

> x buttons. x monitor.

You're on Trappist-1c. The tank is empty and battery power is low. The controls are meaningless to you and pushing random buttons just wastes time.

> s.


A voice speaks when you enter the airlock.

> close inner. z. z. (The voice stops.)

> s.

Narrow Ledge

> x crater. d.

In Front of the Ship

> pull lever. in.


> turn on switch. (nothing happens)

> x robot. x plate. push plate.

> out.

In Front of the Ship

> pull plate. (It's now a ramp.)

> stand. (The robot leaves the hold carrying carrying many things.)

Let's survey the crater:

> w.

Western Crater

> x rock. x cavity. s.

Southern Crater

> e.

Eastern Crater (Field of Solar Panels)

> x panels. n.

Northern Crater

> u.

On the northern slope

> u.

Northern rim of the crater

> x footprints. sw.

Western rim of the crater

> se.

Southern rim of the crater

> x boulder. ne.

Eastern rim of the crater

> nw. d. d. s.

In Front of the Ship

By now, the marker on your suit has probably turned purple. The marker indicates how much air your suit has. There are four colors: bright blue is full (or less); blue is three-quarters full (or less); purple is half-full (or less); red is quarter full (or less). There's also a flashing frantically bright red which acts like a fifth color; if you ever see that, you're running on empty and you need an oxygen refill pronto.

When your suit marker is purple or red, you should return to at least the airlock and close the outer door and wait until the marker is bright blue again to refill your air supply.

> u. n.


> close outer. z. z. (Marker should be bright blue again.)

> s. d. in.


Assuming the light switch is still on, the light is now working and you can see a tool locker.

> x locker. open it. take pickaxe.

> out. w.

Western Crater

With the pickaxe, hit the cavity several times:

> hit cavity. g. g. g. (Hole is big enough to enter.)

> d. w.

Small Cave Dome

> x points. (Luminous mushrooms.)

> x liquid. (It's water!)

> in. d. d.

Bottom of the Water Shaft

I'm not sure how, but your suit regains air down here.

> search ground. (You find a body.)

> x body. take body.

> u. u. out. e. u.

Western Crater

There's now a pyramid in the southern part of the crater. Since you can't carry the body with you up the rungs, take the body to the pyramid.

> s.

Front of the huge glass pyramid (formerly Southern Crater)

> x pyramid. in. s.

Prototaxite forest in the pyramid

> x prototaxites. (tree-like fungi)

> x building.

> u.

Upper Chamber

> x longue. put body on longue.

> x scanner. scan body with scanner. (He needs water.)

> d. d.

Subterranean Chamber

> x machine. x pipes. u.

Prototaxite forest in the pyramid

Only the robot can open the door to the building.

> z. (Repeat waiting until the robot goes inside or arrives from inside.)

> in.

Lower Chamber

> x box. x cylinder. (There's a tap.)

> turn on tap.

Unfortunately, "fill bottle with water" doesn't work. The game thinks "water" refers to the empty water bottle.

> fill bottle with tap. turn off tap.

Again, wait for the robot to open the door so you can leave.

> z. (Repeat waiting until the door opens.)

> out. u.

Upper Chamber

> give water to body. ENTER

Sunny Room

> x me. (You're now Jon.)

> x bed. x sun. x mirror. (too far away.)

> stand. x mirror. (You're you, not Valerie.)

> e.

Wonderful Garden

You tell Valerie you dreamt about her.

*** The End ***

Considering that the main story of the game was Jon's dream, the full truth of the story is cast into doubt. Perhaps events happened exactly as he dreamed them, but it's now possible that a hundred colonists arrived here alive and well, and no one needed to wake up for a thousand years until the robots terraformed the entire planet first. Who knows now what really happened?




The response to ABOUT is:

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks:
to Annette Köhn for her wonderful cover art,
to Saskia Eckhardt, Mike Carletta, Mike Russo, Andrew Schultz and Edo for tireless testing and great feedback despite unfinished versions,
and last but not least to for the great support with the translation!

The game was written from June 2020 to June 2021 by Olaf Nowacki.
Please send your very welcome feedback and transcripts to email redacted!


All endings in this game use the The End epigram. Note that losing endings are only temporary; whatever you did wrong is instantly undone and you can continue playing.


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