Key & Compass presents:
Foreign Soil
by Olaf Nowacki

Foreign Soil is a Glulx interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2020 by Olaf Nowacki. It was an entry in IntroComp 2020 where it was awarded an Honorable Mention.

In this very incomplete game, you play as a pilgrim to another planet. You were the first to be revived from stasis when your spaceship landed, and it's now your job to turn the crater you landed in into something habitable before waking up the other pilgrims.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


Map 1: The ship

Next toairlock u SarcophagiChamber CentralRoom Airlock d

Map 2: The crater

Airlock Northernrim of thecrater Northerncrater Next tothe ship Westernrim of thecrater Westerncrater Next toairlock Easterncrater Easternrim of thecrater Southerncrater Southernrim of thecrater


Undefinable blurry brown

> x me. look. (You see a spot.)

> x spot. look under spot.

> take rough. x rough. (It's a towel.)

> dry me with towel. wear towel.

> x spot. take pen. x pen.

> push button. (You are now fully awake:)

Sarcophagi Chamber

> x sarcophagi. x container.

> i. x autoinjector.

> x container. look in container. (It's empty.)

> d.

Central Room

> x suit. remove towel. wear suit.

> s.


> close inner hatch. s.

Next to the airlock

> x sand. x crater. x ship. x sky. x sun.

Now let's walk clockwise around the ship, but be warned, there's going to be almost nothing to see.

> w.

Western Crater

> n.

Northern crater

> e.

Next to the ship

> x laver. pull lever.

You're told that a sliding door opens and a robot has been activated, but neither are actually implemented yet. I assume in the full game, the robot will do most of the actual work of making the crater habitable for the colonists.

> s.

Eastern crater

> s.

Southern Crater

Now let's see the outer rim of the crater.

> s.

Southern rim of the crater

> x ship. s. (You don't care leave the crater.)

> w.

Western rim of the crater

> n.

Northern rim of the crater

> e.

Eastern rim of the crater

And that's it, at least for the Introcomp version.

> quit.

I'm guessing that the full game might work something like an idle game. For example, at first, you might have limited options for using the robot to turn sand into glass, plastic, or soil, and then once you have enough resources, you can start telling the robot to build domes and basic tools, and so on, creating more complex items until you have enough life-sustaining stuff so you can start waking the other pilgrims.

Obtaining air, water, and metals might be especially tricky at first, and certainly, you'd want to be able to build more robots to help you too. I assume the ship is fully equipped with all the programming and seeds you'll need, and it's just a matter of putting in the effort and time.

Anyway, I'm just speculating, but that's the direction I'd try to take this game into.




The credits appear as part of the response to ABOUT:


I would like to thank Annette Köhn for the (as always) wonderful cover art and Saskia Eckhardt for testing and indispensable feedback. The game was written in june and july 2020 by Olaf Nowacki, using Inform 7.

Feedback and transcripts of your play sessions are very appreciated and can be sent to email redacted


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