Nothing here right now My top favorite fantasy books

A list of Unixes I made this in the early 2000s. Way out of date now. But might have useful info.


Faerie folklore A website I made in college in the mid 90s, approx 1994-97. Hasn't been updated in 20 years. Maybe someone will find it useful. My interests have changed.

Get massive amounts of 16c music I've typset at IMSLP or at the newer site DFW Viols. I have big plans for this domain, to add a restful API to generate music in arbitrary clefs with lilypond launched via container. Working on the API and DB storage currently.

numbering lines in a file A stupid exercise I came up with after a friend discovered /usr/bin/nl

Getting 4.3BSD on a Simh emulator with multiple ethernet NICs

Getting 4.2BSD working on a Simh emulator by backporting network drivers

3 and 4-deep stack manipulations in Forth