The Usenet newsgroup discusses the creation of interactive fiction with an emphasis on text adventure games. This is the homepage for the group's Frequently Asked Questions list.

The FAQ provides answers to many of the questions that might otherwise be asked over and over again on 'raif'. It is intended to provide a lot of information about interactive fiction to help people who are new to the newsgroup or to the IF world. It's a good idea to browse through the FAQ before posting to 'raif' for the first time.

The latest version of the FAQ is hosted here (in HTML and text formats) or you may like to read it* online.

You can download the FAQ as either an HTML or a plain text file from the "IF Archive" for convenient offline reading or printing.

*Thank you to Amir Karger for developing a Perl program to split the HTML-format FAQ file into the multi-page version now readable online at this site. (This multi-page version is still in development. Please let me know if you have any suggestions related to the layout, etc.)

IFaq - a visual "meta-FAQ" webpage for the newsgroup and its 'sister' group with short answers to common questions and weblinks to other interactive fiction FAQs and tutorial pages with in-depth answers. (IFaq uses graphics and Javascript but its also available as a HTML-only version.)

raif FAQ and IFaq maintained by Stephen Griffiths (stevgrif "AT"
Last update 28th March 2002