Key & Compass presents:
You've Got A Stew Going!
by Ryan Veeder

You've Got A Stew Going! is a Z-machine interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2011 by Ryan Veeder.

You play as a rat. Your lazy friend Drew invited you over to his burrow for a stew, and you're both hungry, but all he's got is weak broth in a stewpot. You'll have to look around and find some ingredients if you want a stew going.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.

Walkthrough 1: Make a Stew!

SunnyHill Beneath aGrate onthe Hill SteamTunnelNorth Drew'sBurrow Beneath aGrate in theSidewalk Fork inthe SteamTunnels (give up onthe stew) Fran'sBurrow ResidentialTunnel SteamTunnelSouth SteamTunnelDepths Home PalaceGates u u d d

Drew's Burrow

> x stewpot. x stew. x broth. x fire.

> x drew. x beanbag. x junk. x me. i.

> ask drew about stew. ask drew about ingredients.

> ask drew about drew. ask drew about me.

> ask drew about rats. ask drew about humans.

> smell. smell broth. smell fire. smell drew.

> s.

Residential Tunnel

The game tells you that you're really good at smelling things.

> smell. s.


> smell. smell me.

> x trunk. smell it. open it. x cap. x pin.

> take cap. wear it. smell it.

> x potato. take it. smell it.

> x bed. smell it.

> n. n.

Drew's Burrow

> put potato in pot. (+1 pt.)

> smell pot. smell stew.

> s. w.

Fran's Burrow

> x fran. x pillow. x knitting. x tomato. x junk.

> smell. smell tomato. take tomato. (Fran stops you.)

> smell fran. smell knitting.

> ask fran about fran. ask fran about miko.

> ask fran about tomato. ask fran about knitting.

> ask fran about me. ask fran about drew.

> ask fran about rats. ask fran about stew.

> e. e.

Steam Tunnel South

> x pipes. x bricks. smell.

> s.

Palace Gates

There's nothing useful here, but still, it's part of the fun.

> x doors. x arms. read motto.

> x statue. x crown. take crown. smell statue.

> smell. x guard.

> x zeke. x cudgel. x blue cap.

> ask zeke about zeke. ask zeke about king.

> ask zeke about crown. ask zeke about door.

> ask zeke about drew. ask zeke about fran.

> ask zeke about miko. ask zeke about me.

> n. e.

Steam Tunnel Depths

> smell.

> x leaves. smell leaves. move leaves. smell leaves.

> x worm. take worm. smell it.

I'm assuming Miko is also here, but she wanders. Circle around the steam tunnel locations, if necessary, to find the cockroach.

> x roach. take miko. smell miko.

> w. w. w.

Fran's Burrow

> give miko to fran. take tomato.

> e. n.

Drew's Burrow

> put worm in stew. (+1 pt.)

> put tomato in stew. (+1 pt.)

> s. e. n.

Beneath a Grate in the Sidewalk

> smell. x ladder. u. u. (You can't get through the grate.)

> x grate. x apple. smell it. take it.

> d. s. w. n.

Drew's Burrow

> smell apple.

> put apple in stew. (+1 pt.)

> s. e. e. n.

Fork in the Steam Tunnels

> e. (You are warned that going this way will end the game.)

> e.

*** You have better things to do. ***

> undo. nw.

Steam Tunnel North

> x ladder. u.

Beneath a Grate on the Hill

> x grate. u.

Sunny Hill

> x human. x hair. x tree. climb tree.

> x lunch. x chicken. x fries.

> smell. x grass. smell grass.

> smell human. smell hair. smell tree.

> smell chicken. smell fries.

Getting food from the human will be your most difficult challenge. You will need to annoy her four different ways to get her to go away and leave you something.

> eat fries. (The human stops you.)

> pull hair. bite human. yell. (The human leaves!)

> x bone. take it. smell it. d.

Beneath a Grate on the Hill

> d. (Hm. It's more difficult going down than up.)

> d. (Oh, good, you made it.)

Steam Tunnel North

> sw. s. w. n.

Drew's Burrow

> put bone in stew. (+1 pt.)

> taste stew. eat stew.

*** You've made a fine stew. ***

Five points out of six? We can make a better stew:

> undo.

> s. w.

Fran's Burrow

> take miko. e. n.

Drew's Burrow

> save.

> put miko in stew. (+1 pt.)

> taste stew. eat stew.

*** You've made one heck of a stew. ***

Y'know, maybe you didn't want that last point after all. If you feel bad, feel free to restore from before killing Miko, or undo a few times if you didn't save, and then return Miko to Fran again.

Walkthrough 2: Eat All the Things!

Drew's Burrow

Did you know that you don't have to follow the script and make a stew? Try eating all the ingredients instead! Superbrief walkthrough mode on.

Spoiler: No points will be earned in this walkthrough.

> s. s.


> open trunk. eat potato. g.

> n. e. e.

Steam Tunnel Depths

> move leaves. eat worm. g.

> n.

Fork in the Steam Tunnels

> take roach. s. w. w. w.

Fran's Burrow

> give roach to fran. eat tomato. g.

> e. e. n.

Beneath a Grate in the Sidewalk

> u. x grate. eat apple. g.

> d. ne. u. u.

Sunny Hill

> eat fries. pull hair. yell. bite human.

> eat bone. g.

Now that five ingredients are consumed, the game tells you that "that stew is probably ready by now."

> d. d. d. se.

Fork in the Steam Tunnels

> e. e.

*** It's just like that one ending from Adam Cadre's 9:05! ***

> undo.

> s. w. w. n.

Drew's Burrow

> eat stew.

*** You've lost a friend, but not a good one. ***

> undo.

> s. w.

Fran's Burrow

If you try to eat Miko right in front of Fran, she'll grab Miko back and and shove you out of her burrow. You won't be able to go back in there.

> take roach. e.

Residential Tunnel

> eat roach. g. n.

Drew's Burrow

> eat stew.

*** You've lost at least one of your friends! ***

Summary of Stew Ingredients

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