Key & Compass presents:
Yay Games
by David Welbourn

Yay Games is a Z-machine interactive fiction game written with Inform 6 and is © 2004 by David Welbourn. It was a participant in the Speed-IF Century event.

In this tiny game set at the 2003 XYZZY Awards, you play as an audience member. Show your appreciation for the award-winning games, but do it differently each time! (Note that this game includes text from the actual ceremony!)

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.



Massive Auditorium

Note: A bug in this game makes the "wait" verb useless. The ceremony doesn't start until you sit on a chair.

> about. xyzzy. x Jota. x inky. x chalkboard.

> x stage. x podium. x curtain. x murals.

> x chairs. sit on chair. x lpsmith.

> clap. cheer. applaud. yay. hooray.

*** You have won ***

The other valid responses during the ceremony are: bravo, congrats (or congratulations), huzzah, whistle, woo, woot, and yippee. They can be done in any order, but because of FanBoy, any response can be used only once.



This game was written for SpeedIF Century. The rules were: "Pick something that happened during the XYZZY ceremonies -- the halftime, the haiku, soup, Justin Timberlake -- and write a speedIF based on it. You have two hours." Obviously, I took a little longer than that.

Many thanks must go to Stephen Granade for posting the transcript of the ceremony in an unbelievably quick time, and to all the organizers, presenters, audience members, and auditorium decorators whose words I shamelessly lifted and edited. Bravo. Also, yay Adam Cadre's presentation, which was one of the funniest things I've read in a long time. Huzzah! And a hearty congratulations go to all the winners.


Thank You to my Patreon supporters

This walkthrough is provided free of charge since I wrote this walkthrough prior to January 2015 when I began my Patreon account, and also because the work it's based on has less than fifteen locations (so I wouldn't have charged for it anyway). I've since reformatted this walkthrough to use my currently preferred style. I hope you enjoy it!

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