Key & Compass presents:
The X Chicken
by David A. Cornelson

The X Chicken is a Z-machine interactive fiction game written with Inform 6 and is © 1998 by David A. Cornelson. It was a participant in the ChickenComp event.

In this parody of The X Files, you play as Agent Monk. With your fellow agents Mildew and Scaly, you are investigating an incident in the midwest where a chicken has crossed a road to get to the other side.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 5 of the game.


(after7 turns) (after4 turns) entercorn out Spaceship CornField Roadside


> x me. x mildew. x scaly.

> x chicken. (Mildew notices a neck scar.)

> x scar. (You don't see it. Neither does Scaly.)

> x road. x corn. x dust.

> ask mildew about scar.

> x mildew. (You see a scar on Mildew's neck. Scaly doesn't see it.)

> x my neck. x scar.

> n. enter corn. (The scar vanishes.)

Corn Field

> x pattern. n. w. e.

After four turns in the field, green men capture you.


> x men. x ship. x pattern. ("MAMSTER")

> x plaques. (Names of several people from IFMud plus Mildew, Scaly, and you!)

> x inscription. ("Avalon, by Gerry Kevin Wilson, due July 2nd, 1998")

> z. z.

After seven turns on the ship, you're kicked out.

Corn Field

> out.


You regain the scar on your return to the road.

> xyzzy. ask scaly about scar. w. w.

*** You have died ***

Note that you will die when you cross the road the sixth time. It doesn't matter what you do. The side trip to the corn field and spaceship only postpones your fate.




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