Key & Compass presents:
by Ryan Veeder

Wrenlaw is a Z-code text adventure game written with Inform 7 and is © 2013 by Ryan Veeder. This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.


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Bike rack

We're visiting a park for reasons the player-character himself isn't quite clear about, but his inventory contains a clue. The paper holds the geolocation coordinates of the park (it's a real park in Iowa City, Iowa) and we can safely assume we're looking for a blue box.

Note that if you unlock the bike, you'll be prompted if you're ready to leave the park. Answering yes ends the game with a "better luck next time" ending.

> x me. x jacket. x shirt. x jeans. x shoes.

> i. x key. x paper.

> x bushes. x field. x bike. x rack. x path. s.

Edge of the woods

The beam is the first of a few items we can sit on, each of which provides a memory. This is the game's main gameplay gimmick. (You can also try sitting on less obvious things like the bike rack, but such items don't provide memories.)

> x sign. x lichen. x beam. climb beam. sit on beam. x pool. x woods. e.


The softball field acts as the northern border of the game map.

> x fountain. x knob. look in fountain. turn knob. drink water. n. e.


The bench provides our second memory.

> x bench. x panel. sit on bench.

> x can. look in it. x highway. s.


The highway acts as the eastern border of the game map. The signal will never change, and the player can never cross the highway.

> x crosswalk. push button. x signal. e. s.


The chip bag is one of three pieces of garbage that you can collect. The stream acts as the southern border of the game map.

> x grate. x stream. x bag. take bag. x bag. look in bag. x crumbs. s. w.

Broken bottles

The log provides our third memory, and the blue bottle is our second piece of collectable garbage.

> x bottles. take bottle. x it. look in it. drink it.

> x boulder. climb it. hey.

> x log. sit on log. x trees. x stream. n.


> x tent. x branch. move branch. in.

Inside the tent

The stool has our fourth memory, but we're not ready for it yet. We'll have to return here later.

> x stool. sit on it.

> x books. x notepads. x squirrel. x diagram. x note. x newspapers.

> out. s. w.


> x culvert. x tracks. w.


Walking into the tunnel wets your shoes and jeans. You picked up the cockleburs when you found the tent.

> x shoes. x jeans. x cockleburs. w.


The ditch is a dead-end, surrounded by bushes. But there's a fake birdhouse here, the blue box you've sorta been looking for.

> x birdhouse. open it. take screwdriver. x it.

> x post. x rocks. sit on rocks. e. e. n.


The cooler is the third and last piece of collectible garbage. And now your pants and shoes are muddy too.

> x mud. x cooler. open it. take it. e. w.

Train tracks

This is a location you can only visit once in the game by going northwest, west, or southwest from Bike rack, Edge of woods, or Mud. The tracks can also be reached by going northwest or southwest from Culvert. The train tracks are the western border of the game map. You cannot actually do anything at the train tracks. Your next keypress will return you to your previous location.



> n. e. e.


Enjoy the satisfaction of cleaning up the park by putting all your trash into the garbage can. Then return to the tent.

> put bag in can. put bottle in can. put cooler in can.

> xyzzy. s. s. w. n. in.

Inside the tent

Sit on the stool while carrying the screwdriver to produce the final memory and win the game.

> sit on stool. (The End.)

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