Key & Compass presents:
Within a Wreath of Dewdrops or, A Poisoned Zenith
by Sam Kabo Ashwell and Jacqueline Lott

Within a Wreath of Dewdrops or, A Poisoned Zenith is a Z-machine interactive fiction game written with Inform 6 and is © 2005 by Sam Kabo Ashwell and Jacqueline Lott (writing together as "Alphonse de l'Entaille"). It was a participant in the Third 24 Hours of Inform event.

In this small game, you are the only actor onstage in Within a Wreath of Dewdrops, a historical opus which has entered its final act. Using just four pathetic props, can you act as the hero, the heroine, and the evil wizard, and save a burning Paris from the Spaniards?

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 (Serial number 050115) of the game.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


Stage Backstage Beneath the Stagein a Darkand Spooky Place bs u os d

Stage (A German Forest)

> x me. i. x audience. x chorus.

> x mountains. x eagle.

> bs.


First, figure out how all the props and costumes work.

> x flyer. x curtains. x ropes. x props.

> x cloth. x petticoat. x stick. x board.

> take cloth. wear it. x me. (You're now "Maurice".)

> remove cloth.

> wear petticoat. x me. (You're now "Elise".)

> tie cloth to stick. (It's now a flag on a pole.)

> x flag. remove cloth.

> wear cloth. (+1)

> x me. (You're now "McFaud".)

Start with Maurice, carrying his sword and shield:

> remove petticoat. (You're now "Maurice".)

> look. take sword. take shield.

> os.

Stage (A German Forest)

> drop shield. (The board becomes a trapdoor.)

> x trapdoor.

> d. (+1)

Beneath the Stage in a Dark and Spooky Place

> x demon. (It's Lord Bikhrir.)

> x sandbag.

> cut sandbag with sword. (+1)

You're pulled back to...

Stage (A German Forest)

Maurice can no longer go down now.

> bs.


> wear petticoat. os.

Stage (A German Forest)

> d. (+1)

As McFaud, you banish Bikhrir, the backdrop changes, and the trapdoor vanishes.

Stage (The Walls of Paris)

> look. x tower. x cyclist. x flags.

> bs.


You now want to be Elise with a flag:

> remove cloth. tie cloth to stick. os.

Stage (The Walls of Paris)

> wave flag. (+1)

*** You have won ***

> amusing



This is the response to AMUSING

Did you...

Did you try these in each role...




To see the credits, select "Acknowledgements" from the ABOUT menu:


Gracious thanks goes to David Welbourn, sole beta tester (shame on the author for not having more time, but, well, it is a compressed time competition, after all). He suggested many wonderful things, all of which I have attempted to include. Any failings in that regard are my own, and not at all his. Many thanks indeed, Mr. Welbourn.

Thanks to Kevan Davis for creating the 24 Hours of Inform contest, which inspired this game. Additionally, I would be totally remiss were I to not mention Graham Nelson for Inform, and Irene Callaci for this hint menu, among other things.



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