Key & Compass presents:
Wisher, Theurgist, Fatalist
by Xavid

Wisher, Theurgist, Fatalist is a Glulx interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2016 by Xavid. The author describes this game, in part, as fanfic of the tabletop RPG of the same name by Jenna Katerin Moran.

You play as a Wisher, someone with the power of Harmony. You can transfer virtue between objects and your words can inspire and persuade the reluctant. You wish to quest for the Jewel of All Desiring and command that sleeping god into shaping how the World should be. But you dare not begin your journey without the blessing of the Queen of Raif.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 4 of the game.


(need royalblessing) (blessed) (imprisoned) FinalVoid Cross-roads DustyRoad MuddyRoad OutsideGate Cobble-stoneRoad InsideTavern Dump FountainSquare MoatBank PalaceSteps PalaceGarden ThroneRoom Cell DungeonPassage SecretPassage ride leaf beith back



> help. (To learn which commands this game uses.)

> x me. i. (carrying nothing)

> x signpost.

> w. (Not without a royal blessing.)

> beith. (Not without any companions.)

> s.

Dusty Road

> x gate. s.

Outside Gate

> x gate. x guard. s.

> ask guard about gate. ask guard about herself.

One way past the gate is to lie about yourself:

Or you may bend her mind to your will:

Whichever solution you choose, the guard dutifully opens the gate.

By the way, if you used mind tricks to get her to open the gate and have endangered her life, you might further try to get the guard to leave:

> s. e.

Inside Tavern

> x man. x parchment. x pen.

> ask man about himself. (He is Froderick, a Fatalist.)

> man, I am a wisher. (Prove it.)

Hm, let's quickly get a couple things and return here.

> w. s.

Fountain Square

> x fountain. take valence from fountain.

> x fountain. x valence.

> w.


> x mound. x bone. x moat.

> take bone. e. n. e.

Inside Tavern

You may win Froderick's loyalty by showing him an object with high valence:

Or you can bend his mind like you may have already done with city guard:

Froderick explains that he has Knowledge. Ask him about anything.

> ask man about knowledge. ask man about truth.

> ask man about jewel. ask man about virtue.

> w. s. s.

Palace Steps

Note: It's important that you try to enter the palace in order to learn that you need a letter. Don't skip that step.

> x guard. s. (Need a letter from the queen.)

> ask guard about queen. (She can't hear you.)

Those earmuffs effectively stop you from using your Harmony powers against her. You'll need to find another tactic.

> n. n. n. n. n. b.

Muddy Road

> x sword. x anvil.

> ask man about angel. ask man about blood.

Okay then. Back to the tavern:

> back. s. s. s. e.

Inside Tavern

> take rag. x rag.

> w. n. n. n. b.

Muddy Road

If you have the bloody rag, you can take the sword easily.

But you don't actually need the rag. Instead, you can ask Froderick to take the truth from the anvil. Then you can take the sword. You just don't get a heavenly chorus this way.

There are two ways past the palace guard. You and Froderick can forge a letter from the queen:

Or you may try to defeat the guard in battle with your new sword.

Regardless, return to the palace:

> back. s. s. s. s. s.

Palace Steps

If you have the forged letter enhanced with truth, just walk right in.

However, if you'd prefer to fight your way in:

In this case, no one dies, but you don't win the battle either. Instead, you're knocked out and wake in a cell.

Throne Room

> x queen. (or do anything else)

The queen imprisons you. She says you are unworthy and have no signs of prophecy.


> i. (You're carrying nothing.)

> x walls. x bars. x woman.

> ask woman about herself. (She's Theresa, a Theurgist with guilt.)

> ask woman about guilt.

> ask man about theurgist. ask man about pramana. ask man about prameya.

> ask man about weaver. ask man about mimamsa. ask man about danda.

> Theresa, make door open. (She won't do it.)

> ask woman about corrupt insight.

> ask man about insight. ask man about corrupt insight.

This is all very interesting, but we need to escape this cell.

First, point out to Theresa that even if she is guilty of her crimes, you aren't guilty. You should not be imprisoned.

> Theresa, I am not guilty.

Second, invite Theresa to follow you. She'll agree that your needs for her theurgy overrules her need for penance:

> Theresa, follow me.

Third, there's two ways out of this cell. The simplest way is to have Theresa open the door.

Or you can use the secret passage:

Palace Garden

> x leaf. take it.

> x topiaries. x statues. x railing. (Has support)

> e.

Throne Room

The queen seems bored with your return, but does mention prophecy and your failure to give proper tribute.

> x queen. x guards. x archer.

> ask man about prophecy. ask man about Ketu.

> ask man about tribute. (golden jeweled treasure, normally)

> w.

Palace Garden

> Theresa, take support from railing.

> n.

Moat Bank

> Theresa, give support to leaf.

> ride leaf.


> Froderick, take truth. (Assuming it's here or in the letter.)

> take all. e.

Fountain Square

If you want to make a tribute item or make a queen-killing sword, keep the valence. But if you're done with the valence:

This is also your chance to go put the truth back in the anvil if you really want to, but I don't think it matters much. If you think you're done with the sword, you can return that too, but you're probably not done with it:

All done?

> w. ride leaf. s.

Palace Garden

> drop leaf.

> Theresa, take support from leaf.

> Theresa, give support to railing.

It's time to decide how you want to obtain a royal blessing. There are four ways to do it! You may wish to save here, just so you can try them all out.

If you want to fulfil the signs of the prophecy:

Or, if you just wish to be worthy:

Or, you can create something as tribute to give to the queen:

Or, you can change the sword so it's possible to kill the queen with it and live afterwards:

Ready? Return to the queen:

> e.

Throne Room

If Theresa has made you worthy:

Or if you want to give tribute (such as a golden valenced bone):

Or if you have the sword enhanced with both valence and support, you can kill the queen:

Otherwise, if you are green, carry a lightning sword, and have something invisible, the queen will recognize the signs of prophecy immediately and give you her blessing.

With a royal blessing, you and your companions have a long adventure, eventually arriving at...

Final Void

> x jewel. i. wish.

You must now answer ten questions about your actions in the game. You should probably answer honestly, but it really is up to you.

? yesorno.

? yesorno.

? yesorno.

? yesorno.

? yesorno.

? yesorno.

? yesorno.

? yesorno.

? yesorno.

? yesorno.

*** You have created the world. ***




Mentioned in your long journey:



Your own inventory:

Note also that Theresa can give new properties to items as you direct. In particular, she can make things green, invisible, lightning, golden, and jeweled; these adjectives get prepended to the object's name. However, I could not find any way to direct Theresa to remove any of these properties from objects to make them normal again.

Items held only by your companions:

Final void inventory (all of which you may ignore):


Prior to the game's end, the response to SCORE is:

It is not for me to judge your soul.

However, when the game ends, you learn:

You have scored your-score out of a possible 10 points.

In the final void, you are asked ten questions. You gain a point for each question you answer yes to; it's as simple as that.

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