Key & Compass presents:
Will The Real Marjorie Hopkirk Please Stand Up?
by Neil James Brown

Will The Real Marjorie Hopkirk Please Stand Up? is a Hugo interactive fiction game and is © 1998 by Neil James Brown (as "Steve Parsons for TextFire, Inc."). It is one of the participants in the Textfire 12-pack.

In this demo game, you play as an assassin hired to kill Mrs. Marjorie Hopkirk. Unfortunately, she's cloned herself ninety-nine times which means you're going to have to kill her one hundred times to get the job done. (Note: This demo game ends after five assassinations.)

This solution is by David Welbourn.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


ConferenceHall Backstage

> yes

Conference Hall

> about.

> x Marjorie. x seats. x door.

> x me. i. x gun.

> shoot Marjorie. (+1)

> hit Marjorie. (+1)

> hit Marjorie. (No, you can't repeat yourself.)

> throw gun at Marjorie. (+1)

> take gun. s.


> x match. take it.

> x window. break it. x shard. take it.

> n.

Conference Hall

> cut Marjorie. (+1)

> light match. burn Marjorie. (+1)

You have completed this demo - congratulations!

Press any key to quit





This is the response to ABOUT or INFO:

The demo version of Will The Real Marjorie Hopkirk Please Stand Up? was written by Steve Parsons for TextFire, Inc.

About the author:

Steve's parents tell him that he was the result of a power cut in 1970, and his conception can certainly be blamed for the shotgun wedding that soon followed. Growing into a deceitful and cruel young man, it seemed only logical that he would end up joining the police, and join he did, but only so that he could send photos of himself in uniform to desperate young women over the internet, and make them sweat with anticipation before mysteriously vanishing from their lives. For Steve is evil, and delights in hurting people.

This is not Steve Parsons, however. For he is someone quite different.

A little about us:

TextFire, Inc. is a partnership of authors formed for the purpose of providing quality works of interactive fiction to a worldwide community of players, hobbyists, and enthusiasts. Help support our efforts to keep interactive fiction alive!



This is the response to SCORE:

You have killed a total of your-score out of 100 Marjories, giving you the rank of ranking.

Points are awarded as follows:


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