Key & Compass presents:
Whitefield Academy of Witchcraft
by Steph Cherrywell

Whitefield Academy of Witchcraft is a Quest 5 text adventure game and is © 2014 by Steph Cherrywell.

You play as Page LeBlanc, a teenage witch who arrives a day late for classes and finds the school in more disarray than usual—everyone is missing or enchanted—and it's up to you to put everything right. And you get to eat a lot of gingerbread.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Beta version of the game.


Map 1: Ground Level and Underwater

d d in in out AbyssalZone Void mermaphro me u u out in out Laboratory Office ofHead-mistressHannigan DisusedClassroom NorthWing MathemagicClassroom DeerPath Lost AndFound Admin-istrativeOffices TheNorthwestHall The NorthHall Dock ForestPath Fountain A Foyer Rotunda The WestHall Courtyard The EastHall Dojo SunlightZone Under theDock Battle-ground DiningHall TheSouthwestHall The SouthHall TheSoutheastHall LockerRoom BenthicZone Green-house VegetableGarden FrostedForest A FamiliarRoom SouthWing A Schizo-phrenicRoom SportsField ToolShed Grisle-woodKitchen AnAromaticRoom ResidentBathroom An Infuria-ting Room Stables An Inescap-able Cage Cooler

Map 2: Upper Level and Pluto

out TheAtomicYank PlutovianSteamCliffs EarthbaseThreeSigma Inside theAtomicYank PlutovianJungle Library UpperRotunda DelicateChinaNook in

Map 3: Endgame: Underground and Cottage

SecretTunnel A CosyKitchen Office ofHead-mistressHannigan ColossalCaveSystem A RootCellar LivingRoom Beach d u u d


First, some general tips for playing this game:


First thing, check out yourself and your inventory. Note that you're ravenous, so eat any food you find. Note that you only have one spell in your spellbook: AURALE, which lets you examine things for their magical properties. Also, it's completely up to you whether you wear your civvies or your school uniform; the game doesn't care either way.

> x me. x wand. x spellbook. x id. x parcel.

> open parcel. wear uniform. x civvies. x sandwich. eat it.

> x knapsack. e. n.

Deer Trail

> x bushes. take blackberries. eat blackberries.

> s. e.


> x fountain. x nymph. x gnome. x key. take key. ☹️ e. ☹️

> s.


> x craters. s.

Vegetable Garden

> x greenhouse. w. ☹️ x vegetables. x shed. in.

Tool Shed

> x manual. read it.

★ You have learned CRYOGLAZE! ★

> out. n. n.


> cryoglaze fountain. take key. use key on door. e.

A Foyer

This mirror isn't too helpful, and in the beta version, seems to only know the students by their first names, and doesn't know the staff at all.

Known mirror topics: school, mirror, academics, athletics, me, mary jane, tally, renee, gwen, traudel, jenny, and yeggle.

> x mirror. ask mirror about mirror. e.


Although the punchbowl and banner are takeable, you don't need them.

> x punchbowl. x banner. x Gwen. x puddles.

> aurale punchbowl. aurale puddles. aurale Gwen.

> x gingerbread. aurale gingerbread. s. ☹️

> e. n. e.

The North Hall

> x vines. n. e.

Mathemagic Classroom

There's nothing in the Disused Classroom west of North Wing, but this classroom to the east has a couple things of interest.

> x bookmarks. take bookmarks.

> x vandalized. open it. take crackerjack. x it. eat it.

> x dirty desk. open it. x stinky desk. open it.

> x blackboard. read it. w. n.


> x terranium. x textbook. aurale it. take it. ☹️

> use bookmarks on textbook. take textbook. read it.

★ You have learned ENVIVE! ★

> drop textbook. x jar. read jar. x faeries. take jar.

> s. s. w. s. w. n.

Administrative Offices

Your former self in your student ID isn't very chatty, but she knows one very important topic.

> read yeggle. x id. envive id. ask id about yeggle.

★ You have learned YEGGLE! ★

> x id. x basket. eat basket. n.

Office of Headmistress Hannigan

Don't worry about the painting too much for now. The cabinet files can be skipped if you hate reading, but at least read the Marx file to learn about the sock grenade. Take everything from the locked desk drawer.

> x painting. aurale painting. x cabinet. open cabinet.

> read brandt. read finch. read grislewood. read leblanc. read marx.

> read mcbride. read minsky. read potts. read sotherby. read yoshida.

> x desk. yeggle drawer. read hannigan file. take it. x apple. take it.

> x monkey. aurale monkey. take monkey. s. w.

Lost And Found

You can ignore the moose and trashy novel if you're in a hurry.

> x socks. aurale socks. x grenade. take grenade.

> x moose. envive moose. x moose.

> x trashy. read trashy. aurale trashy.

> e. s. w. w.


Sadly, neither the sock grenade nor the Envive spell can help you with freeing the garden gnome from the frozen fountain.

> envive nymph. ☹️ envive gnome. ☹️ use sock on fountain. ☹️

> s. s.

Vegetable Garden

> yeggle greenhouse. w.


Use the jar of faeries to rescue Jenny. You can usually ask any student about any of the students, including yourself and themselves. You can also ask Jenny about most of the temporal oil potion ingredients.

Also, zooming in from left field, Jenny makes a great apple pie.

> x bedding. x uniform. take it.

> x horror. aurale horror. open jar.

★ You rescued Jenny! ★

> drop jar. x notepaper. ask Jenny about notepaper.

> give apple to Jenny. x pie. eat pie.

> x textbook. read textbook. x set.

> ask Jenny about Gwen. ask Jenny about Mary Jane. ask Jenny about Renee.

> ask Jenny about Traudel. ask Jenny about Tally. ask Jenny about Hannigan.

> ask Jenny about Potts. ask Jenny about Jenny. ask Jenny about me.

> ask Jenny about silver. ask Jenny about gold. ask Jenny about bread.

> ask Jenny about plant.

> e. n. n. e. e. e. s.

The Southwest Hall

> x barricade. use sock on barricade. ☹️

> kiss notepaper. drop notepaper. e. s. w.

From the South Wing, we'll be visiting the rooms in counter-clockwise order.

A Familiar Room

The fantasy novel is a library book that you'll need to return.

> x fantasy. read it. take it. x lurid. read it. e. sw.

An Aromatic Room

> x red flag. take it. ne. s.

Resident Bathroom

> x dispenser. open cabinet. take tweezers. take sponge. x it. n. se.

An Infuriating Room

We don't need the letter. I assume the signature "A. R." is Ayn Rand.

> x letter. read letter. nw. e.

A Schizophrenic Room

There's nothing here, but I knew you wouldn't want to skip it.

> w. n. e. n.

The East Hall

I want to skip past the Courtyard for now. The east side of campus beckons.

> x window. e. s.

Locker Room

> x washing machine. open it. x raven. envive raven.

> put flag in machine. close machine. pull lever.

> open machine. take flag. x flag. se. s.


> x Princess. x cabinet. open it. x jodhpurs.

> x extractor. take it. n. nw. n. w. s. w. w. n. w.. w. w.


> use extractor on gnome. drop extractor. envive gnome. take gnome.

> e. e. e. s. e. e. n.

The East Hall

Alas, poor sock, I hardly knew it.

> use sock on window. w.


Tally will stay shrunken in size for the entire game. You can carry her around everywhere and ask her about other students, but otherwise, Tally mostly ignores you.

> x Tally. x silverback. x gnomes. x mound.

> drop garden gnome.

★ You (more or less) rescued Tally! ★

> take Tally. x shovel. take it. e. s. w. w. n. w. u. s.

Delicate China Nook

You just know this china isn't gonna stay intact for long, right?

> x china. n. n.


The automat will only let you check out one book at a time, and you must first return the fantasy book from your room; all the other books you've seen aren't library books. Also, the automat lists books by their titles, but your inventory lists them by other phrases like "ripping yarn" or "embarrassing book". It can be a little confusing.

> x automat. talk to automat. give fantasy to automat.

> ask automat about poseidon's. read yarn.

★ You have learned MERMAPHRO! ★

> give yarn to automat. ask automat about mother.

> read embarrassing. give it to automat.

> ask automat about pluto. read sci-fi.

Plutovian Jungle

Don't worry. You're not trapped in the book. The exit is south.

> x trees. n. w.

Plutovian Steam Cliffs

> w. ☹️ wave flag. w.

The Atomic Yank

> x Jack. talk to Jack. kiss Jack. x Jack. in.

Inside the Atomic Yank

★ You rescued Renee! ★

Renee immediately returns to "A Familar Room", the room she shares with you. She'll be absorbed in another book, though, and won't be very chatty.

The food pill dispenser is, of course, one of the most wonderful tributes to the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy game that I've ever seen.

> x dispenser. push button. x specimen. take it. out.

The Atomic Yank

I'm fiddling with the food pill out here to avoid ambiguity awkwardness with the food pill dispenser.

> x pill. use tweezers on pill. x pill. eat it. drop tweezers.

> e. e. s. s.


You don't have to return the sci-fi book if you've read all the other books. I'm just being tidy.

> give sci-fi to automat. s. d. w. w. w. w.


> mermaphro me.

Under the Dock

Going underwater is the only time I noticed Tally (if she's in your inventory) taking any interest in what you're doing. Yay, air pockets. Also, going underwater won't damage anything else you're carrying either. Lucky us.

For extra fun, try dropping Tally while underwater.

> w. d.

Benthic Zone

After eating the salmon, you should now be so stuffed to the gills that you can't possibly eat anything else. (This will become relevant.)

(Oddly, you can't take the salmon. Just eat it.)

> x salmon. eat it. d. in.


The darkness description seems like another Hitchhiker's game tribute. This is also the only place in the game where AURALE is actually required.

> x darkness. aurale darkness. x sarcophagus. open it. ☹️

> cryoglaze sarcophagus. out. u. u. e.

Under the Dock

To morph back into human shape, just reapply the spell.

> mermaphro me.


> e. e. e. e. u. s.

Delicate China Nook

Yep. All that fancy china is now just dust. Damn.

> x dust. x sarcophagus. open it. x coffin. yeggle it.

> x mummy. unwrap mummy.

★ You rescued Traudel! ★

Traudel immediately returns to her room, "An Aromatic Room", to smoke a cigarette. If you like, you can go find her and ask her about herself and the other students.

> x gold. take it. n. d.


Pause for a moment to soak up some of the puddles with your sponge; it's spellbase.

Assuming you've been eating every bit of food available—sandwich, berries, gingerbread, crackerjack, apple pie, basket, pill, salmon—you should now be so stuffed that the gingerbread door can no longer tempt your gluttony.

> use sponge on puddles. s. s. s.

An Inescapable Cage

Logically, the miniature Tally should easily be able to help you here, but attempts to "use Tally on canister", for example, aren't supported. You'll have to find another way to get it.

> x Mary Jane. x shelves.

> x trophy. x juice. x canister. read it.

> envive trophy. x trophy. x punch. cryoglaze punch.

> take canister. eat canister. out.

Grislewood Kitchen

The exit north is blocked, and no, you can't stab the Grizz with the knife. Try it if you must.

> x baba. push baba. ☹️ x knife. take it. s.


You don't need the cigarettes, but feel free to try giving them to the other students.

> x pumpkins. take pumpkin. use knife on pumpkin. x jack. envive jack.

> x purse. open it. x prescription.

> x lucky strikes. take lucky. x pills. take pills. n.

Grislewood Kitchen

> put pills in jack. give jack to baba.

★ You rescued Mary Jane! ★

Mrs. Grislewood breaks down the north barrier and leaves for parts unknown. Mary Jane also leaves and heads to the Greenhouse. Jack O'Lantern somehow remains in your inventory. Grab the rye bread and head to the Greenhouse yourself.

> take rye.

Yay unexpected Return to Zork quote.

> n. n. n. w. w. s. s. w.


If you skipped the rest of the walkthrough just to read this part, note that the sponge must be used on the puddles in Rotunda first to soak up some Spellbase.

> give sponge to Jenny. give shovel to Jenny. give foil to Jenny.

> give rye to Jenny. give specimen to Jenny. x oil. e. n. n. e. e.


> use oil on Gwen.

★ You rescued Gwem! ★

We're entering endgame territory, now. Last chance to ask everyone about various topics or try giving them things.

> give monkey to Gwen. x glasses. n. n.

Office of Headmistress Hannigan

The painting is gone, and a door in the floor is in its place. Although you can't actually interact with the door directly.

> d. se. e.

A Root Cellar

> x preserves. aurale preserves.

★ You can't be bothered to learn CUCUMBRO! ★

> u.

A Cosy Kitchen

> x cereal. read it. aurale it. eat it. ☹️ s.

Living Room

> x Henrietta. x radio. turn on radio.

> give Hannigan file to Henrietta. e.


By the way, if you haven't guessed yet, the cottage depicted on the Headmistress's painting is probably this very cottage where she's been keeping Henrietta.

> x Packard. x headmistress. cryoglaze headmistress.

> envive shield. mermaphro me. yeggle Packard.


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