Key & Compass presents:
Weird City Interloper
by C.E.J. Pacian

Weird City Interloper is a Z-machine interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2014 by C.E.J. Pacian. At the 2014 XYZZY Awards, this game was a finalist in the Best NPCs category.

In this game driven exclusively by topics of conversation, you play as a hooded stranger visiting the city of Zendon. Orz, the city gate barnacle, wants to know if you're here for [trade] or [worship].

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


Orz theCity GateBarnacle LissaRat-daughter Xarthinethe Shadow-smith Archnecro-bishop Tir PrincessArotha ZookSpiral-house HighSlimepriestSalyndo Jolo Lurk Slab KnightGrokSteelthew (Here Lies)Isa ofthe Mist Nodroth Orz bye Tir bye Zook bye Jolo bye Isa bye bye Xarthine bye Arotha bye Salyndo bye Grok bye Nodroth


In this game, you'll be collecting topics to ask people about, including the names of people.

Orz the City Gate Barnacle

You begin with Orz and the topics trade and worship.

> trade. (new topic: Archnecrobiship Tir)

> Tir. farewell.

Lissa Ratdaughter

> Tir.

Archnecrobishop Tir

New topics: Zendon, Nodroth, puppetguard, stenchworks, and underslums.

> Zendon.

> Nodroth. (new topics: ex gods, High Slimepriest Salyndo)

> ex gods. Salyndo. (new topic: heretics)

> heretics. (new topic: Zook Spiralhouse)

> Zook. puppetguard. stenchworks. underslums.

> trade. worship. Tir. Orz. Lissa.

> farewell.

Lissa Ratdaughter

> Zook.

Zook Spiralhouse

New topic: Ironkings.

> Ironkings. heretics. Salyndo. Nodroth.

> ex gods. puppetguard.

> stenchworks. (new topic: Jolo Lurk)

> Jolo. underslums. Zendon.

> Orz. Tir. Lissa. trade. worship.

> farewell.

Lissa Ratdaughter

> Jolo.

Jolo Lurk

New topic: smokelord.

Jolo is totally uncooperative at first, and has the same reply to every topic.

> smokelord. Jolo.

> farewell.

Lissa Ratdaughter

> smokelord. ex gods. Tir.

Archnecrobishop Tir

> smokelord. (new topic: Isa of the Mist)

> Isa. farewell.

Lissa Ratdaughter

> Isa.

Here Lies Isa of the Mist

Since Isa is dead, she makes no reply to your topics.

> smokelord. farewell.

Lissa Ratdaughter

> Orz.

Orz the City Gate Barnacle

> Isa. Ironkings. smokelord. Zendon.

> Nodroth. Salyndo. Jolo. Zook. Lissa. Orz.

> heretics. (new topic: lingomancy)

> ex gods. lingomancy. bye.

Lissa Ratdaughter

> Zook.

Zook Spiralhouse

> Isa. smokelord.

> lingomancy. (new topic: Xarthine the Shadowsmith)

> Xarthine. bye.

Lissa Ratdaughter

> Xarthine.

Xarthine the Shadowsmith

> Xarthine. trade.

> lingomancy. (new spell: Xi yelandi zoc zocen yi)

> xi yelandi zoc zocen yi.

> xyzzy. (can't abbreviate it!)

> ex gods. Nodroth. Ironkings. stenchworks.

> underslums. Salyndo. Isa.

> farewell.

Lissa Ratdaughter

> Isa.

Here Lies Isa of the Mist

> xi yelandi zoc zocen yi. (Isa's ghost arrives.)

Isa of the Mist

> Isa. Ironkings. ex gods. lingomancy.

> Xarthine. trade. worship. Nodroth. Salyndo.

> smokelord. (new topic: ethernaut)

> ethernaut. heretics. Zendon.

> Orz. Tir. Lissa. Zook. Jolo. puppetguard.

> farewell.

Lissa Ratdaughter

> Jolo.

Jolo Lurk

> ethernaut. (He will now talk to you.)

> Jolo. trade. stenchworks.

> worship. Nodroth.

> ex gods. (new topic: Princess Arotha)

> Princess. Ironkings. Tir. Isa. Zook.

> underslums. puppetguard. Salyndo.

> farewell.

Lissa Ratdaughter

> Princess.

Princess Arotha

> Arotha. trade. ex gods. Zendon. Nodroth.

> Salyndo. (new topic: godharness)

> godharness. ethernaut. Isa. Ironkings.

> Orz. Tir. Lissa. Zook. Jolo. Xarthine.

> puppetguard. underslums. stenchworks.

> farewell.

Lissa Ratdaughter

> Xarthine.

Xarthine the Shadowsmith

> Princess. godharness. (needs a huge power supply)

> ethernaut. farewell.

Lissa Ratdaughter

> Nodroth. (new topic: hanging sanctum)

Slab Knight Grok Steelthew

> Grok. trade. worship. Nodroth. Salyndo.

> hanging sanctum. Zendon. ex gods. Ironkings.

> godharness. (Grok will no long stop you.)

> Nodroth. Salyndo. bye.

Lissa Ratdaughter

> Nodroth. (This time, Grok lets you go past.)


> Nodroth. Zendon. Salyndo.

> godharness. (New spell: pi lonzo unagno ge huk)

> pi lonzo unagno ge huk.

> lingomancy. Orz. Tir. Isa. Lissa. Zook. Jolo.

> Princess. Xarthine. Grok. smokelord. ethernaut.

> trade. worship.

> puppetguard. stenchworks. underslums.

> bye.

Lissa Ratdaughter

> Salyndo. yes.

High Slimepriest Salyndo

CAUTION: Visiting Salyndo is optional and very risky. If you spend six turns with him, he will recognize you and order his guards to kill you.

So why are we doing it? To get the 26th and last topic, "skymaids".

> Salyndo. (he ignores your question)

> Zendon. (Ignores you again. new topic: skymaids)

> skymaids. bye.

Lissa Ratdaughter

> Jolo.

Jolo Lurk

> pi lonzo unagno ge huk.

The machinery goes out of control. Nodroth is freed. The hanging sanctum falls. Salyndo is neutralized. Lissa bids you farewell.

*** Farewell ***

> credits

> Grok





The response to CREDITS is:

(Weird City Interloper
An interactive tale of strange conspiracy by C.E.J. Pacian
Release 1 / Serial number 140613 / Inform 7 build 6G60 (I6/v6.32 lib 6/12N)
Special thanks to George Oliver, Emily Boegheim and Konstantinos "Gnome" Dimopoulos for beta testing.)



There are a total of 26 names, topics, and phrases you can learn about. The right-hand side of the status bar shows how many you've learned. The empty command (push ENTER without typing anything else) lists the topics you know.

Ask everybody about every topic. Some person/topic combos unlock new topics. When you ask Lissa about a person, she will take you to them if she can.

Salyndo will ignore anything you say and prattle about what he wants to talk about.

People you've learned of:

Some topics of interest:

You have also learned the lingomantic phrase:

And the godwords:

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