Key & Compass presents:
by Adam G. Crutchlow

Vindaloo is a Z-machine version 5 interactive fiction game written with Inform 5 and is © 1996 by Adam G. Crutchlow.

You play as someone who wakes up with the desire to make their famous vindaloo curry today. You just need to find the ingredients first.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.


Alley Alley YourBackGarden SmallBathroom Kitchen Closet Bedroom TheHallway Garage Front ofHouse IndianShop BuildingSite Bend inroad Road Road Road RoadOutsideShop RoadWorks Fruitand Veg'Stall The Park The Park


I should warn you from the start that this is a fairly dull game. It's not a difficult game, but several locations don't list all their exits which is annoying. The non-player characters are almost totally unresponsive, which also adds to the dreariness. Oh, and there's an inventory limit, too. So yeah, it's not as fun as it could be. But you get a cooked meal at the end, and darn it, I like a cooked meal.

So, maybe the game has some cozy nostalgia value? Food preparation is almost a game genre now, and this game was one of the earliest ones to do it.


We begin in bed, carrying nothing.

Because the game never tells us what the recipe for vindaloo is, I'm going to tell you now: put chopped chicken, chopped onion, chopped tomatoes, and spices in a frying pan and cook it on a stove. Simple enough, yes?

> stand. x bed. x table.

> search bed. x coin.

> w.


The "clothes" aren't portable, so a scarf is all we're wearing. If you want to wear it at all. It's up to you.

> x clothes. search clothes.

> take scarf. x it. wear it.

> e. n.

Small Bathroom

Nothing in here. Why bother creating this room?

> s. e.

The Hallway

> x table. (+1; found a key.) x key.

> n.


> x sink. x drawer. open drawer. (It's jammed shut.)

> x table. x cupboard. open it. take pan. x pan.

> x stove. put pan on stove.

> open back door. n.

Your Back Garden

> x weeds. search weeds. (+1; found an onion.)

> x onion. ne. n.

Alley (north end)

> x rubbish. search rubbish. x hat. wear hat.

> s. sw. s.


> put onion on table.

> s.

The Hallway

> open front door. s.

Front of House

A gust of wind slams the door shut!

> open door. (It's locked. Fine; we have our key.)

I'm going to skip the garage for now; I'll return to it later.

> s. w. w. s.

Fruit and Veg' Stall

I can't seem to ask Bill about any obvious topics like Bill, stall, fruit, or veg.

> x Bill. x stall.

> give hat to Bill. (You get some tomatoes. Yes, you had no way of knowing that was Bill's hat.)

> x tomatoes. nw.

Building Site

> x bricks. search bricks. x crowbar.

Ignore any chickens you see on the road for now.

> e. e. e. e. e.

Road Outside Shop

> n.

Indian Shop

I can ask Raj about two topics. I like Raj much more than I like Bill.

> x Raj. x shelves.

> ask Raj about spices. ask Raj about money.

> buy spices. (+2) x spices.

> s. e.

Road Works

> x cone. (You don't need the cone.)

> w. w. w. n.

Front of House

> unlock door with key. open door. n. n.


> put tomatoes on table. put spices on table.

> open drawer with crowbar. (+2) drop crowbar.

> look in drawer. take knife. put knife on table.

> s. s. w.


> take spade. x it. e. s. s.

The Park (west)

> dig ground. (+1; you found a worm)

> drop spade. take worm. x it.

> e.

The Park (east)

> x ball. (You don't need the ball, so leave it.)

> n.

Road (three locations)

The chicken wanders, so go look for it.

> w. (Repeat until you find the chicken.)

> x chicken.

> give worm to chicken. (+1; it's following you now.)

Return to your front door.

> (Go east, if necessary.) n.

Front of House

> unlock door with key. open door. n. n.


You must kill the chicken in your kitchen. You just can't kill it anywhere.

> kill chicken. (+1) x chicken. take it.

> pluck chicken. (+1)

> take knife. cut chicken. (+1) put chicken in pan.

> cut onion. (+1) take onion. put onion in pan.

> cut tomatoes. (+1) take tomatoes. put tomatoes in pan.

> take spices. put spices in pan.

> turn on stove. (+3)

*** You have won ***



The game doesn't provide its own AMUSING response, but have you tried:





You have scored total-points out of a possible 18, in turn-total turns.

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