Key & Compass presents:
The Very Old Witch and the Turnip Girl
by Megan Stevens and Kel Graham

The Very Old Witch and the Turnip Girl is a web browser interactive fiction story written with Squiffy and is © 2017 by Megan Stevens (text) and Kel Graham (artwork). It was an entry in IF Comp 2017 where it tied for 40th place.

In this short story, a very old witch is restless. Her old hobbies of blighting and smiting no longer give her any satisfaction. So the witch creates a child: a doll with a turnip head that she brings to life. Unfortunately, the witch still feels empty inside.

This solution is by David Welbourn.


This story is very linear and has no losing endings. You should have no problem playing through it. I've taken the liberty of grouping the texts to click into rough chapters; these chapter headings don't appear in the story.

The Witch Is Restless

> passersby

The next three links can be chosen in any order:

> tended her garden

> steal newspapers and magazines

> grilled cheese


> quiet life

> blight

> smiting

> restless

> A child

The Witch Makes A Child

The next three links are part of a spin-link:

> a satchet of lavender

> a vial of crushed ogre's bones

> a handful of magic dust and a hickory wand


> she waited

> what was missing

The Turnip Girl Grows Up

Turnip girl asks some questions. Choose either of two branches:

Turnip girl is a little older now. Choose either of two branches:

Turnip girl is now a young adult. Choose either of two branches:

The Turnip Girl Leaves Home, Then Returns

> Four years

> What are these

> meddling

> gave it a squeeze

> Me too

> little less empty inside

There's a picture of a turnip and a basket.

> about

The story ends with these credits:

text by Megan Stevens

artwork by Kel Graham



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