Key & Compass presents:
by Andrew Schultz

Uxmulbrufyuz is a Z-machine interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2017 by Andrew Schultz. It was an entry in Ectocomp 2017's La Petite Mort (English) division where it took 10th place.

In this small wordplay game, your nightmares have taken you to Uxmulbrufyuz where everything starts with U and U is the only vowel (not counting Y). Ugh. Do U have it within U to upset undue ugliness? Evict every extreme? Improve inferior instincts? And alter angsty attitudes?

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.


(to Odosto) E I U A Ebekelmenc Igwivriqi Uxmulbrufyuz Aphafaja Yuyoyiea (via exhaustivetraversal) (to Odosto) Uxmulbrufyuz (anywhere) (to Odosto) Aphafaja Ebekelmenc (to Odosto) Igwiviqi



All U-words here.

> x me. (You only need one-word commands.)

> i. (nothing)

> understand. (Almost, but not quite.)

> xyzzy. (Use compass directions, THINK, empty command. Use WAKE to quit.)

> n.


All E-words here.

> x me. e.


All I-words here.

> x me. s.


All A-words here.

> x me.

Okay, solve this thing by using the magic words we have to guess at. Each magic word starts with the obvious letter for its room, and it doesn't use any other vowels either. THINK gives us a clue too.

> think. adapt. (Aphafaja crumbles.)

> e.


> think. eject. (Ebekelmenc crumbles.)

> e.


> think. indict. (Igwivriqi crumbles.)

> n.


> think. usurp. (Uxmulbrufyuz crumbles.)

You learn a new command: FLYBY, which solves whatever room you walk into.

Try again? y

We did AEIU. How about AEUI?

> flyby. e. e. s. s.

You learn a new command: SCRYTRY or SCRY to show you the combos you've done.

Try again? y

> scry.

There's, uh 24 possible traversals, so 22 more to go. And I'm gonna do them in alphabetical order for you:

AIEU > e. n. w. s. y

AIUE > e. n. n. n. y

AUEI > e. w. n. e. y

AUIE > e. w. s. w. y

EAIU > n. w. n. n. y

EAUI > n. w. w. s. y

EIAU > n. e. s. w. y

EIUA > n. e. n. e. y

EUAI > n. s. e. n. y

EUIA > n. s. s. s. y

IAEU > s. s. e. s. y

IAUE > s. s. w. n. y

IEAU > s. w. w. w. y

IEUA > s. w. s. e. y

IUAE > s. n. e. e. y

IUEA > s. n. n. w. y

UAEI > z. e. e. e. y

UAIE > z. e. n. w. y

UEAI > z. n. w. n. y

UEIA > z. n. e. s. y

UIAE > z. s. s. e. y

UIEA > z. s. w. w.


Hope that was worth it.

*** More challenges ***



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