Key & Compass presents:
The Untold Story
by Michael Pavano

The Untold Story is a Glulx interactive fiction story written with Inform 7 and is © 2019 by Michael Pavano. It was an entry in IF Comp 2019 where it took 73rd place.

In this odd fantasy game, you play as young man who lives alone in a forest cabin. Your beloved brother, who saw himself as a Warrior, died nearly a year ago. You define yourself by your Faith in your Lord. Today, you discover five of your chess pieces are missing. And who was that outside your window? It can't be him!

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the story.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction story. Please make an honest effort to play the story before reading this walkthrough.


(fall) Watcher'sRoom Entranceroom Cliff Field Nature'sHut Meadow Houseof theDwarf UndertheForest UndertheForest MysteriousForest Bear'sDen TheCave Heart ofForest Wizard'sStudy Cabin UpperBranches Treetop u d u d u in out u d d MysteriousForest in out out in u

Note: When wearing the amulet, the Wizard's Study occupies the same place on the map where The Cave was.



> x me. (You're smaller than your brother was and you like to PRAY.)

> x chest. open it. (locked)

> x chess set. (something's wrong)

> x pieces. (+2; a figure is outside the window)

> g. g. g. (+2) g.

> x window. (The figure has vanished.)

> x table. (has Faith Carving on right leg, Warrior's Carving on left, chess set on top, and a drawer.)

> x faith. (+1; your carving is a lion)

> x warrior. (+1; your brother's carving is Chinese symbol for warrior)

> open drawer. (birdcall and silver key)

> x birdcall. ("use the birdcall" to produce bird songs)

> x key. take key and birdcall.

> x bookcase. (Untold Story and a Bible)

> x Story. take it. read it. (+1)

> x Bible. take it. read it.

> unlock chest with key. open chest.

> x bow. ("shoot something with bow")

> x quiver. take bow. (+1) take quiver.

> x arrows. (unlimited)

> out.

The Heart of the Forest

> x lantern. take it. (already lit)

> x dirt. take coin. (+1)

> x coin. (One side is a beer keg; the other, a Dwarf!)

> listen. (You can hear the beast but can't identify it.)

> climb tree.

Upper Branches

> x caterpillar. x nest. x rook. x egg.

> take rook. (A falcon grabs it first and flies north.)

> take egg. (+2)

> x leaves. x red leaf. take it. (+1; you fall; you don't have it)

The Heart of the Forest

> u.

Upper Branches

> take leaf. (+1; you fall again; laughter this time)

The Heart of the Forest

> u.

Upper Branches

> take leaf. (taken!)

> x vine. u.


> x flower. take flower. (+2)

> x tower. (It's to the north and west.)

> listen. (You again hear the beast.)

> d. d. n.

You fall into a hole to...

Under the Forest (east end)

> x dwarf. x beard. x chess piece. (It's the pawn.)

> x green eye. x blue eye.

> ask dwarf about beard. (+2; he hits you!)

> ask dwarf about the Dwarven City. (New topics: sights, purposes.)

> ask dwarf about pawn. (New topic: treasures.)

He'll trade it for a way into his secret room. Agree?

> yes. (+2)

> ask dwarf about sights. (New topics: tavern, bar, keg.)

> ask dwarf about tavern.

> ask dwarf about bar. (New topics: pipe, mugs.)

> ask dwarf about keg.

> ask dwarf about pipe. ask dwarf about mugs.

> ask dwarf about treasures. (+2. New topic: secret room.)

> ask dwarf about secret room. (New topics: wall, way.)

> ask dwarf about wall. ask dwarf about way.

> ask dwarf about purposes. (New topics: Dwarven cave rocks, special doors.)

> ask dwarf about Dwarven cave rock. (Shine it on things. New topic: things)

> ask dwarf about things.

> ask dwarf about secret doors. (New topics: house, fall of the City.)

> ask dwarf about house.

> ask dwarf about fall of the city. (New topic: giant.)

> ask dwarf about giant. (New tell topic: my brother.)

> tell dwarf about my brother.

> pray. (+2)

> w. (The dwarf follows you.)

Under the Forest (west end)

> x stone. x image. (+3)

The image is of you and your brother playing chess. He has symbol for strength; you have "John 3:16" : For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

> x image. (Re-examining the image shows that your brother doesn't have a king but something else. It's dark.)

> x crack. x crescent key. take it. (+2)

> w.

The House of the Dwarf

> x wall. (treasure behind it)

> x cave rock. x table. x beef jerky.

> take rock. shine rock on wall. (+2. New topic/item: indentation.)

> x indentation. (Symbol of keg with circle aroudnd it.)

> ask dwarf about indentation. ask dwarf about coin.

> put coin in indentation. (+2)

The dwarf enters his secret room, dropping your pawn, and closes the door behind him.

> take pawn. (+5)

> take jerky. eat jerky. (+2)

> u. e. n.

The Mysterious Forest (north of Heart)

This time, you don't fall into the hole.

> x hole. x note. (from Bobbit the Badger)

> take note. (It's now raining.)

> x chest. open it.

> x flute. take it. (Play it near a bear.)

> x bear trap. take it. (To use it, set it.)

> look. x tracks. (They lead south.)

> s.

The Heart of the Forest

> x tracks. (They continue east.)

> e.

The Mysterious Forest (east of Heart)

> x fireflies. x tracks. (They go in.)

> in.

Bear's Den

> x bear. x Babbit. x chains.

> pray. (+2)

> break chains. g. g. g. g. (+3)

Babbit runs. The bear is awake!

> z. (repeat until the Bear is charging.)

> set trap. (+2. The Bear falls.)

You have a choice:

> x bear.

> look. x boulder.

> out.

The Mysterious Forest (east of Heart)

During the rescue quest, the bottle wasn't mentioned.

> x bottle. x water. take bottle. (+2)

> w. n.

The Mysterious Forest (north of Heart)

> look in chest. x blue note. x bishop.

> take blue note. take bishop. (+5)

> n.


Awkwardly, you can't examine the rose or lily while the flower from the treetop is nearby.

> x grave. (Your brother was killed by the bear.)

> pray. (+2)

> x flowers. x tulip. take tulip.

> x spot. (plant something in the golden dirt spot)

> plant flower in spot. (+2)

> water flower with pure water.

It grows into a tree, then opens into a hut to your west. And now you can examine the rose and lily:

> x rose. (+1; wisdom.)

> x lily. (+1; patience.)

> w.

Nature's Hut

> x flora.

> x branch. (Offers king for something to cure this disease.)

> x heart. (Need to pour something on it.)

> x chest. open it. x amulet. take it. (+2)

> wear amulet.

> e. n.


> x feather. take it. x shield. take it.

Assume that the falcon you saw earlier is nearby and use her egg to attract it.

> drop egg. (+2. Falcon with red eyes comes at you.)

> pray. (+2)

You have a choice:

Regardless, the falcon drops the rook which you automatically take.

> s. s. s. w.

The amulet reveals that the cave is actually a wizard's study!

Wizard's Study

> x desk. x tablecloth.

> x symbol.

> take book. i. x tome.

> read tome. g. (Chapter 2 tells you how to brew a potion.)

Learn to brew a potion from Feather, leaf, tulip in Wizard's Studies. It's a healing potion for humans and beings of nature. Poured on a weapon makes it potent for vanishing a wizard.

> x chest. (locked, transparent; has knight and magical bottle)

> x knight. x magical bottle. (Weaken a wizard, then trap the wizard.)

> unlock chest with crescent key.

> open chest. take knight. (+5) take bottle.

> brew. (+5; using leaf, feather, and tulip)

> x potion.

> read tome.

Chapter 3 tells you about the Orbs of Power spell. If your enemy destroys the blue orb, it disappears. If your enemy destroys the red orb, lightning kills him. If your enemy destroys the green orb, the caster is weakened.

> put tome on desk.

> d. e.

Under the Forest (west end)

While wearing the amulet:

> x image. (The dark chess piece is a Wizard.)

> w. u. e. n. n. w.

Nature's Hut

> pour potion on heart. (The hut is cured.)

> x chest. take king. (+5)

> x heart. x branch.

> e. n. w.


> x mountains. x river. x tower. x symbol.

> x door. x bullseye.

> shoot bullseye with bow. (Need a magic weapon.)

> pour potion on bow. (+2)

> pour potion on shield. (+2)

> shoot bullseye with bow. (Now the iron door is unlocked.)

> in.

Entrance room

> x stairs. u.

Watcher's Room

Unfortunately, the wizard doesn't want to talk.

> pray. (+2)

> shoot green orb with bow. (+2)

> trap wizard. (with the magical bottle)

Your brother gives a final goodbye, and you leave the forest.

*** You've won the game! ***



Note that in this game, when a creature's eyes turn red, they are being possessed by an evil influence and are likely about to attack and kill you. While it is permissable to kill evil creatures, it is much better to banish the evilness and restore them to goodness instead.




Chess pieces

Take each chess piece for 5 points. You do not have to do anything else with them.

Magic items
Magic-adjacent items

These items aren't magical themselves, but they are used for magical purposes.

Weapon-adjacent items

These items aren't weapons, per se, but they are used either to begin a combat or during a combat.

Other useful items


The response to SCORE is:

You have so far scored your-score out of a possible 100, in several turns, earning you the rank of ranking.

Points are awarded as follows:

The possible rankings are:

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