Key & Compass presents:
by G. C. Ewing

Unity! is an ALAN 2 interactive fiction game and is © 1998 by G. C. Ewing. It was a participant in the ChickenComp event.

In this game strongly-inspired by Infocom's Trinity, you play as someone who—thanks to an oddly-helpful chicken—travels to other places and times to prevent disasters in the fast-food cold war between a major hamburger franchise and its competition in the fried chicken business.

This solution is by David Welbourn.


Map 1: Cathedral Square

enter booth dial 3874623 s On aGrassyPlain NorthwestCornerof Square NortheastCornerof Square Wizard'sCorner Centreof Square OutsidetheCathedral SouthwestCornerof Square SouthSide ofSquare SoutheastCornerof Square Insidethe PhoneBooth

Map 2: Hamburgerworld

(with canteen) put gem in altar enter door u d enter door d enter door u enter mirror Junctionof Roads RuinedTemple In aCrowd StoneCircle Northwestof Plain Edge ofthe Desert InsideLift(0 m) InsideLift(350 m) BehindtheCottage OutsideaCottage On aGrassyPlain Base ofTower Up aValley Restaurant InsidetheCottage ForestClearing Insidethe Shed Top ofthe Tower West EndofCorridor East EndofCorridor Top ofthe Tower(reversed) PlaneBerth On theTarmac StoreRoom Labor-atory

Returning from a scene reached by entering a hamburger building varies:

Map 3: The Desert

enter door u s d Insidethe Hut Up theLadder GroundZero On aRoad Bedroom BackPorch DesertedTown EntranceHall LivingRoom AssemblyRoom Junctionof Roads OutsideHouse


Note that UNDO is not supported in this game.

South Side of Square

The first part of the game takes place in Cathedral Square, ChristChurch, New Zealand. Feel free to explore, but you'll find little to do except notice a chicken who, over the course of several turns, makes its way here if you try to chase it. Then it wants you to get inside the phone booth. Feel free to explore, but your first goal is to approach the chicken until it's at this location.

(In the analogous opening scene of Trinity, there's no phone booth, you're in Kensington Square, London, England, and the bird in question is a roadrunner.)

> x booth.

> n.

Outside the Cathredral

> x cathedral. x centre. enter centre. (Too dull.)

> n. (You're not a fan of the music.)

> ne.

Northeast Corner of Square

> x chicken. w.

Northwest Corner of Square

> s.

Southwest Corner of Square

By this time, the chicken has reached Centre of Square.

> ne.

Centre of Square

> x chicken. (It's gone to the phone booth you started at.)

> s.

South Side of Square

> z. (The chicken gestures at the booth.)

> enter booth.

Inside the Phone Booth

> x graffiti. ("3874623")

> x book. x phone. x display. x chicken. i.

About this time, the chicken gives you a PhoneCard.

> x phonecard. put card in slot.

> dial 3874623. (You learn that foom and kratz are hyper-directions.)

You go kratz to...

On a Grassy Plain

> foom. kratz. w.

Outside a Cottage

This cottage and everything in it is an optional puzzle that seems to have nothing to do with the rest of the game.

> x cottage. enter cottage.

Inside the Cottage

> x cauldron. x piece of paper. read note.

> x rod. ("Frobozz Dip-It-Yourself Wand Blank")

> take paper. take rod.

> x floorboard. take sachet. x it.

> put sachet in cauldron. x cauldron.

> dip rod in cauldron. x rod.

> n. w.

Behind the Cottage

> x toad. wave rod at toad. (The toad is now normal-sized.)

> x toad.

And that's all the rod is good for. There's no score in this game, but pretend you earned a Last Lousy Point for shrinking the toad.

> e. e. e.

Base of Tower

The yellow double archway suggests the Golden Arches of a McDonald's restaurant.

> x archway. x shed. s.

Inside the Shed

> x tool. take screwdriver. n. n.

Inside Lift

> x attendant. x display. (0 metres)

> u. x display. (350 metres)

> s.


> x diners. x counter. x menu.

> u.

Top of the Tower

> x mirror. pull lever. (Locked in place with a left handed screw.)

> x hand. x lever.

> enter mirror.

Top of the Tower (reversed)

Here, the mirror is to the north.

> d. (You can't seem to navigate the stairs here.)

> pull lever. unscrew screw.

> enter mirror.

Top of the Tower

You can now use this lever normally. To stop the mirror's rotation, pull the lever. To restart it, push the lever.

> z. (Repeat waiting until the hand is at the east position.)

> pull lever. x disc.

> d. n. d. s. e.

Up a Valley

> x building. x roof. x sheets.

Are those sheets lettuce and cheese? Is this a huge hamburger?

By the way, the only way to open the doors for these hamburger buildings is to have the mirror's beam point at them.

> x hamburger. (Yes, that's a synonym for the building.)

> x door. enter building.

East End of Corridor

You are now in the "Laboratory" section of the game where you need to obtain a card.

> s.


> x man. n. w.

West End of Corridor

> x box. tighten screws. e. s.


> z. (The lock opens, but an alarm rings.)

> z. (Two guards enter. Guns fire. The intruder falls.)

> x intruder. (The guards take him away.)

> look. take folder. take card.

You return to the valley.

Up a Valley

> read file. (Blueprint for a MegaMac Device.)

> x card.

Return to the tower mirror:

> w. n. u. s. u.

Top of the Tower

> push lever.

> z. (Repeat waiting until the hand is at the south position.)

> pull lever. x disc.

> d. n. d. s. w. s.

Forest Clearing

Another hamburger building is here. Its door is open when the mirror is facing south.

> enter building.

On the Tarmac

You are now in the "Tarmac" section of the game where you need to obtain a bomb.

> e.

Store Room

> take earmuffs. take spanner. x earmuffs. x spanner.

A vehicle arrives carrying a cargo container bearing the Colonel's face.

> w.

On the Tarmac

You need to wear the earmuffs to enter the plane.

> wear earmuffs. w.

Plane Berth

> open trapdoor. (using the spanner)

> x object. (Looks like a bomb to me.)

> x display. x wires. x switch.

> turn off switch. take bomb.

> e.

On the Tarmac

Just continue to wait several turns until the plane is well and gone.

Note: There's some bugginess where the plane never takes off under some circumstances. I recommend waiting here, on the tarmac, instead of in the store room. If nothing seems to be happening no matter how long you wait, turn on the switch and wait for the bomb to explode instead. You'll return to the forest clearing, alive, but without the bomb and you can try again.

> z. (Repeat waiting. A lot.)

Eventually, a voice will say "Well done" and return you to the clearing.

Forest Clearing

Return to the tower mirror:

> n. e. n. u. s. u.

Top of the Tower

> push lever.

> z. (Continue to wait until the hand is at the northwest position.)

> pull lever.

> d. n. d. s. w. nw.

Northwest of Plain

The door to this building is open when the mirror's beam is pointing northwest.

> enter building.

In a Crowd

> x crowd. x stage. x ribbon. x banner. x scissors.

About now, someone who looks like Colonel Sanders gets on stage.

> x man.

> z. (Repeat waiting until you notice a shady-looking character.)

> x character. z. z. z. (He draws at gun and points it at the speaker.)

It's not necessary to actually have the scissors to throw them at this time.

> throw scissors at shady man. (He shoots but misses. He is tackled.)

> z. (The gunman is taken away.)

> z. (The speaker gives you something before the scene ends.)

Northwest of Plain

> i. x gemstone. z.

A few turns after solving all three scenes (Laboratory, Tarmac, and Crowd), the chicken visits briefly to drop a canteen.

> take canteen. x it.

> se. n.

Edge of the Desert

You need the canteen to be able to go north from here.

> n.

Stone Circle

> x stones. n.

Ruined Temple

> x altar. put gem in altar. (Red light transports you to...)

Junction of Roads

> n.

Deserted Town

> x buildings. x pen. (Filled with chickens!)

> s. e. n. n.


> x mongoose. x cage. take cage.

> s. e. e.

Assembly Room

> x tableorx tray.

> n. n.

On a Road

> x snake.

> open cage. (The mongoose and the rattlesnake have a chat.)

> n. u.

Up the Ladder

> x door. put card in slot.

> open door. enter door.

Inside the Hut

> x hamburger. (This is the "MegaMac" described by the file.)

> drop bomb. turn on switch. s. d. s.

On a Road

> z. (Continue to wait until the explosion.)

A voice tells you you've saved the chicken species. You are transported one last time to...

Your Living Room

*** The End ***





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