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by Phlegethon

Underground is a Z-machine and Glulx interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2019 by Phlegethon.

In this lighthearted cave exploration game, you play as someone who was sleeping in their bed at home and woke up in a cave and carrying a rucksack. And there's a lantern nearby. You've had dreams about a cave like this. You should go explore it.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 2 of the game.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


u u d u u u d u u 🌱 🌳 🌳 🐎 d d u d d d u d d West endof hallway East endof hallway End ofthe steeppath Foyer Sittingroom Steeppath Bedroom North endof hallway Chamber Colorfulroom Westhallway South endof hallway End ofmuddypassage Mud filledpassage Whitestonecave Rockycrawl End ofthe sandpath Muddypassage Sand path Stonepath Centercavepassage Inside ofcottage End ofstonepath Streamside Road Under-groundcity Concreteroom Uneventunnel Cavepassage North endof iron hall Hellishpath Bottomof pit Iron hall Edgeof pit Low crawl Dimly litroom


dimly lit room

> verbose. x me. i. x rucksack.

> take lantern. (+3)

> x it. turn it on.

> n.

Low Crawl

> x rocks. d. d.

Bottom of pit

> x sword. x rocks. x boulder.

> take sword. (+10)

> n. n.

Stream side

> x horse. x bucket. x stream. x grass.

> take bucket. (+1)

> fill bucket. x bucket.

You don't need to ride the horse anywhere, but it's pleasant and you can take the horse everywhere, so why not?

> ride horse.

> n. nw. d. n.


> x coins. take coins. (+10)

> s. e.

Mud filled passage

> x candle. take it. e.

White stone cave

> x plant. x key. take it. (+3)

> w. w. u. sw. d.

End of Stone path

Unfortunately, the game fails to mention that you can travel down from here.

> x tree. d. d.

Hellish path

> x golden key. take it. (+5)

This location is a dead end. Head all the way back to the bottom of the pit and go down from there:

> u. u. u. ne. se. s. s. s. d.

Iron Hall

> x mirror. (which?)

> x south mirror. x east mirror.

> x west mirror. x north mirror.

> n.

North end of Iron Hall

> x iron key. take it. (+5)

> x mirror.

Although it's suggested that a magic word can activate this mirror, I don't think that any such word was implemented.

> nw.

Concrete room

The description of the door as a "golden grate" is incorrect; the golden grate is elsewhere in the game.

The shadows seem to hint at some hidden meaning, but if there is one, it remains a mystery.

> x door. x torch. x shadows.

> unlock door with red key. w.

Underground city

You don't need to obey the sign unless you want to. Feel free to leave the door open and unlocked.

> x sign.

> w. n.

Inside of Cottage

> x diamonds. take diamonds. (+10)

> x statue.

> x paper. turn paper. take it.

> x apples. take apples.

> eat apples. (Horse wouldn't like that...)

> give apples to horse. (... but horse isn't interested?)

> x blue candle. take it.

Head back to the "Center Cave Passage" and continue northeast from there:

> s. e. e. se. s. u. n. n. n. ne.

sand path

> x tree. ne.

End of the sand path

> unlock door with iron key. w.

rocky crawl

> x rocks. ne.

The Colorful Room

> take all stone. (+25; five points per stone)

> d.

steep path

> x rails. d.

end of the steep path

> x grate. unlock grate with golden key.

> nw. e.

East end of Hallway

> x door. x shelf. x brass torch.

> x brass key. take it. (+3)

> unlock door with brass key. s.


> x painting. e.

Sitting Room

> x table. x chair. sit on chair. (can't!)

> take all candle. s.

North end of Hallway

> x holder. x candles. x bolts. take bolts.

> s. w.

West Hallway

> x holder. x wax candle. x shelf.

> x white key. take it. (+3)

> unlock door with white key. nw.


> x bed. x silver blanket. x blue blanket.

> take silver blanket. (+3)

> take blue blanket. (+1)

Let's put candles on stones for no reason except that the colors match.

> put white candle on white stone.

> put black candle on black stone.

> put brown candle on brown stone.

> put green candle on green stone.

> put blue candle on blue stone. (+96)

Finally, here's how the game ends:

> get on bed. sleep. (+15)

*** Well done! You won. You exhausted yourself to sleep. safe and sound back at your home in your bed. Resuming your life before you found yourself in that dimly lit room. ***



For completeness's sake:


The response to INFO is:

This is the second release to Underground. The art is done by: ReapersHorror. The intro track which can be heard while playing on Windows Glulx, in the .glorb file is composed by: Phlegethon. If you have any suggestions, or would like to report an error in the game. Feel free to contact me at: email redacted



Put each candle onto the stone with the same color, but only putting the blue candle on the blue stone earns you any points.


All the stones are in the Colorful Room. Put the appropriate candles on the stones.


Just pick up the treasures and keep them. You don't need to put them anywhere special.

Other items


The response to SCORE is:

You have so far scored your-score out of a possible 193, in several turns.

Points are awarded as follows:

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