Key & Compass presents:
Under the Bed
by Dan Doyle III

Under the Bed is a Z-machine interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2012 by Dan Doyle III.

In this small game, you play as a young kid who's been afraid of the monster under your bed for seven years. But now your baby brother Danny and his crib have been moved into your room, and he's now the monster's new target. Tonight, you plan to kill the monster.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.


(to rest of house) LaundryRoom YourBedroom Hallway


Note: The game begins at 7:30 pm. You have until midnight before the monster arrives, so there's plenty of time to examine things and make preparations.

Your Bedroom

> x Danny. x sword. x duck.

> x under the bed. x closet.

> push crib. (Donald approves.)

Feel free to ask Donald about some topics, for example:

> ask Donald about Danny. ask Donald about monster.

> ask Donald about closet. ask Donald about sword.

> ask Donald about mom.

But enough of that. Let's move on:

> take sword. (Danny won't let go.)

> give Donald to Danny. take sword.

> sw.


> open closet. take sheet. close closet.

> s. (can't: you'd be grounded)

> nw.

Laundry Room

> x washer. x dryer. x tub.

> x blacklight. x detergent.

> take all from shelves.

> se. ne.

Your Bedroom

> put detergent on sword. turn on blacklight.

> x sword. (It now glows in the dark!)

> x sheet. put sheet under bed. (to prevent the monster escaping that way)

> turn off blacklight.

For the trap to work, the room must be dark when the monster enters the room.

> wait. wait. (It's now midnight.)

> look. (The monster arrives. Ick.)

> turn on blacklight. (The monster panics.)

> kill monster. (It fails to escape via the closet.)

> kill monster. again.

*** You have achieved the HERO ending! ***

> amusing



The response to AMUSING, after achieving the Hero ending:

Have you tried:




The response to CREDITS:

Thanks to Andrew Schultz, Omar Filmersson, Joel Webster, and Tristano for playtesting and offering suggestions!



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