Key & Compass presents:
Ultimate Escape Room: IF City
by Mark Stahl

Ultimate Escape Room: IF City is a Glulx interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2017 by Mark Stahl. It was an entry in IF Comp 2017 where it took 47th place.

You play as someone who is playing a real life "escape the room" game. This one is called "The Wizard's Rainbow". You start in a white room containing a white chair and no obvious exits.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.


BlackRoom BlueRoom u d Not ARoom PinkRoom VioletRoom OrangeRoom YellowRoom TealRoom EscapeRoomLobby RedRoom GreenRoom WhiteRoom Bedroom (to White Room) n/w/e d

Note that the Black Room is called Pitch Darkness while you're wearing the sunglasses.


White Room

> x chair. x floor. x walls. x ceiling.

> sit on chair. stand. take chair. (Can't.)

> look under chair. (Arrow points north.)

> n.

You go through a secret door to...

Black Room

> x floor. x ceiling. x walls. touch walls.

> listen. smell.

> n. (Stumble over black furniture.)

> x furniture. sit on ottoman. stand.

> look under ottoman. push ottoman.

> x hole. d.

Red Room

> x flask. take it. x redroom.

> n.

Yellow Room

> e. (Trip on something.)

> s. s.

Blue Room

> x water. fill flask. n. e.

Green Room

> x ferns. x planters.

> pour water on ferns. x glittering. (nope.)

> search ferns. x lever.

> push lever. look under planters.

> x compartment. take sunglasses.

> x glasses. wear glasses. w. n.

Yellow Room

With the sunglasses on, you can see the room's details.

> x walls. w.

Orange Room

> x sand. x statue. e. s. s.

Blue Room

> fill flask. n. n. w.

Orange Room

> pour water on statue. (Voice: "Look behind the black futon!")

> e. e.

Teal Room

> x pad. x door. u.

Violet Room

> x stars. w.

Pink Room

> remove glasses. s.

Black Room

> x futon. look behind futon. (You take a blank piece of paper.)

> d. n. wear glasses. e. u.

Violet Room

> x paper. (You now can "enter" the code.)

> d.

Teal Room

> enter code. e.

Escape Room Lobby

> x boy. x counter. n. n.

Not A Room

> x secret code.

You've seen everything. You might as well go home.

> s. s.


> answer phone.

Someone asks if you're ready to go to the escape room.

*** THE END ***




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