Key & Compass presents:
Turning Point
by Robert Street

Turning Point is a Z-machine interactive fiction game written with Inform 6 and is © 2004 by Robert Street (as "Robert Rafgon"). It took 2nd place in the Commodore 32 Contest, where the storyfile entries could be no larger than 32K in size.

The twenty-year war between Valkon IV and Delmoke X is at a crux. In this small game, you are Athtax, bodyguard and aide to the Valkonian Captain Athta, a tactical genius who will lead the final assault against the Delmokians. You are also his clone. Protect the ship. Protect the Captain.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.


u u d d d (to restof ship) WeaponryHalf Cabin 6 Captain'sPlatform EnginesHalf CabinsCentre Cabin 612


Captain's Platform

> x Athta. (His body regressed to age ten, but his mind is intact, though more whimsical.)

> x chair. x vent. (open, "C23")

The Captain orders you to deal with a disturbance in the weaponry half of engineering.

> i. x blaster. (Cook enemies and food with it.)

> d. (You slide down.)

Engines Half

> n.

Weaponry Half

> x weapons. x vent. ("B34")

> x Ramnork. shoot Ramnork. (You need a non-energy plan.)

> x soldiers. x kloz.

> x panels. (They control the outside weapons, and you may not use them.)

> s.

Engines Half

> x technicians. x engine. x panels. (Environmental controls.)

> x vent. ("A11")

> d. n.

Cabin 6

Feel free to spend some time with the computer:

> x computer. ask computer about vent.

> ask computer about kloz. (Ramnorks are allergic to it.)

> ask computer about jemk. (type of food)

> ask computer about Ramnork.

> ask computer about me. ask computer about captain.

> ask computer about Valkonian.

> ask computer about Delmokian. (Ramnorks, Lengorks, Junlorks)

> ask computer about Lengorks. (Assassins who shrink and leave a residue.)

> ask computer about Junlorks. (The brains of the enemy races.)

> ask computer about rartto. (This food will be mentioned after you save the Captain's life.)

> ask computer about Yelmip. ask computer about Jenriar.

Check out what else is here.

> x cupboard. x bed. x vent. ("D59")

> open fridge. (jemk, trhos, madarelini)

> shoot jemk. (+1. You now have a kloz lump.)

> s. u. n.

Weaponry Half

> throw kloz at Ramnork. (+1; you get key to cabin 612)

> s. d. s.

Cabin 612

> x substance. (+1; there must be another Delmokian on board.)

> x vent. (ruined, "E19")

> n. u.

Engines Half

> close C23. (+1; but the Lengork arrives here!)

> shoot Lengork. (+1)

You have won
You have scored 5 out of 5, in several turns.







You have scored your-score out of 5, in several turns.

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