Key & Compass presents:
Toxin X
by Sam Schrag

Toxin X is a Z-machine interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2011 by Sam Schrag.

In this very incomplete game, you play as a homeowner in a town where a toxin is turning the people into zombies. A note from Fritz tells you that survivors have set up a camp deep in the forest, but they need food and supplies.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.


FrontDoor ? ? Clifftop The Under-groundroom Forest livingroom hallway bathroom Table dresser Bedroom


This game was released with the debug flag still set, so it's easy to use a TREE command to show how little is actually implemented in this game/story.


> w.


> x wallet. x gun. x blue-key. (Nothing special about any of them.)

> take all. e. n. w. s.


> x note. (Fritz says the toxin has spread; survivors deep in forest and need food and supplies.)

> n. n.

Front Door

Zombies swarm in and kill you. "The game ends." Except no, this is just coded as a dead end, ha ha.

> s. e. e.


> x trapdoor. n. (locked)

> unlock trapdoor with blue-key. n.

The Underground room

> close trapdoor. lock it with blue-key.

> n. (Hm. That doorway wasn't implemented.)

> e.


There is no actual ladder; the suggested command to climb the ladder does not work.

> e. (Hm. Can't go that way either.)

> n.

Cliff top

Nothing to do here. But there's also nowhere else to go.

> quit.





There aren't any.

Well, sorta. If you go to your front door, zombies kill you and the game says "The game ends", but it doesn't enforce that. You can continue playing regardless of your "death".

There is definitely no winning ending in Release 1. You just play until you quit.


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