Key & Compass presents:
by Simon Deimel

Tower is a Z-machine text adventure game written with Inform 7 and is © 2014 by Simon Deimel. It was entered in IF Comp 2014 where it took 21st place.

In this surreal game, you play as someone unsure of who you are or where you are: a tower with a prophecy you must fulfil.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.


u d x painting u d u d platform chamber samegangway gangway gallery upperlanding monolithplace lowerlanding museumroom outdoors bottom squareroom



Unsure of who you are or where you are, examine everything to try to find answers. Also, both exits are locked, so you'll need to find a key.

> x me. x clothes. x desk. open drawer. (☹ locked)

> x figurine. x pedestal. take figurine. (You don't need it, but still.)

> x mirror. (Blunt hint that the mirror can be talked to.)

> x painting. g. g. (Note the colours of the paintings: blue, white, red.)

> x bed. x pillow. move pillow. take bronze key. x it. look under bed.

> x table. x parchment. take it. (You can't read the parchment yet.)

> x mug. x chair. x case. open case.

> unlock drawer with key. open drawer. take silver key. x it.

> x hatch. x ladder. open hatch. (☹ locked)

> x door. open door. unlock door with silver key. open door.

> ask mirror about mirror. ask mirror about painting.

> ask mirror about artist. ask mirror about tower.

> ask mirror about sword. ask mirror about parchment.

> ask mirror about beast. ask mirror about fight.

> s.

upper landing

> x walls. touch walls. d.

lower landing

> x plate. x door. x work. open door. (☹ locked)

> d.


Both doors here are locked and without keyholes. This game loves locked doors, doesn't it?

> x desk. open drawer. hit drawer. open drawer. take golden key. x it.

> x candle. take it.

> x plain door. open it. (☹ locked)

> x ornamented door. open it. (☹ locked)

> u.

lower landing

> unlock door with golden key. open door. meditate. n.


Figure out what colours the paintings are, then place the appropriate ones on the hooks to duplicate what the gallery looks like in the painting upstairs.

> x neon. (Anachronistic, if you ask me.)

> x castle. (A castle in fog; I'd guess gray.)

> x dragon. x cave. x smoke. ("Reddish scales" suggests red.)

> x ship. x flag. x harbor. (No colour mentioned, but water is usually blue.)

> x dungeon. (No colour mentioned, but probably dark colours.)

> x moon. (A full moon would be white or silver.)

> x flower. x pot. (Yellow flower in brown pot.)

We're looking for blue-white-red, so I guess that corresponds to ship-moon-dragon.

> put ship on left. put moon on middle. put dragon on right.

Yay, that unlocks the gate.

> x gate. open it. w.


> x red door. x doorknob. open door. w.

same gangway

Arriving here has triggered two things: you can now read the parchment and the plain metal door at "bottom" has unlocked itself. Why? I dunno. Also the red door is now locked, so you must continue west.

> x door. open it. x parchment. w.


Yes, it's a bit confusing how we got back here. Perhaps our internal compass got flipped and we never went through the red door at all? Ehn, don't worry about it.

> s. d.


> open plain door. e.

square room

When the black key is visible on the vase, the hatch in the uppermost chamber is unlocked.

> x chest. open chest. read note.

> x globe. turn globe.

> x block. x vase. turn vase. x black key.

> w. u. u. n.


We still need our sword. The parchment tells us how to get it.

> take case. s. d. d.


> drop case. close it. open it. take sword. x it.

> u. u. n.


Last chance to converse with the mirror. After the battle, the mirror is silent. (Yes, I know we haven't seen any monolith yet. But it's ask now or never.)

> ask mirror about vasa hatch. ask mirror about vase.

> ask mirror about red door. ask mirror about monolith.

> open hatch. u.


You'll act on automatic for a couple turns here.

> x beast. kill beast. z. z.

You've dropped everything but the sword. And "take all" isn't permitted.

> look. x coin. take it.

> x moon. take it. x rail. climb rail.

> x landscape. x lump. x path. xyzzy.

> d. s. d. d.


There's a scrap of paper on the ornamented door that wasn't there before.

> x paper. knock ornamented door. open it. n.


> x tower. x hill. x grassland. x path. x monolith. n.

monolith place

Any interaction with the painting triggers your return to the museum.

> climb monolith. take it. x painting.

museum room

You come to your senses in front of a painting of the tower. It's called "The Red Door" by V. Hatch.


Note: The ending will change slightly if you don't have the coin.




Note that it's not possible to die by, say, visiting the dragon without the sword. The game won't let you open the hatch unless you're carrying the sword, and it assumes you still have the sword when you go up onto the platform.


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