Key & Compass presents:
The Tower of Beef
by Ricardo Signes

The Tower of Beef is a Z-machine interactive fiction game written with Inform 6 and is © 2003 by Ricardo Signes. It was a participant in the Speed-IF Jacket 2 event.

In this short game against the clock, you play as a beef courier who wants to destroy Mr. McBeefy's Beef Imporium from within before the Beef Flu finally destroys you from within. You don't have much time left. Free the cows!

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 (Serial number 030412) of the game.


d d u d u u d u out BreedingRoom Decontamin-ation Room ManagementOffice GrinderRoom East-WestPassage The Dispos-atorium BeefProcessing Mr. McBeefy'sBeefEmporium SupplyRoom


Mr. McBeefy's Beef Imporium

Alas, you're dying very quickly from the start of the game, so you can't waste too much time.

> reviews. feelies. i. x syringe. x kids. hit kids. e.

Supply Room

> x chuck. take it. (+5) w. u.

East-West Passage

> x sign. w.

Grinder Room

> x Peters. x grinder. put chuck in grinder.

> throw chuck at grinder. (+5) push Peters. (+5)

> down.

Beef Processing

> x pile. search it. (+5) x key. u. e. u.

Decontamination Room

> unlock door with key. open door. w.

Breeding Room

> x buck. inject buck with syringe. (+10) e. d. d. out. (+5)

*** You have won ***







In that game you scored your-score out of a possible 35, in some turns.

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