Key & Compass presents:
Too Much Exercise
by Robert Street

Too Much Exercise is an ADRIFT 4 text adventure game and is © 2006 by Robert Street. This game was entered in the ADRIFT Writing Challenges Comp where it took 2nd place.

You play as an overweight man who is somehow in a valley where the nearby cottage is labelled as "BUBBLE 3927". You're hungry and you don't like exercise.

This solution is by David Welbourn.


Top ofa hill Insidethe cave Thevalley Inside thecottage roll down hill in (end) u w out

The valley

> x me. x cottage. x sign.

> x hill. x tree.

> x cave. x boulders.

> in. (Note: "enter cottage" doesn't work.)

Inside the cottage

> x bed. x fireplace. x suitcase.

> open suitcase. look in suitcase.

> take wallet. x wallet. (Holds money.)

> out. w.

Inside the cave

> x altar. x monitor. x door.

> put coin in slot. (You're instructed to dance.)

> dance. (You obtain raw meat, then rest on your bed.)

Inside the cottage

You need wood to cook the meat.

> x meat.

> drop all. (You don't want to burden yourself for the climb.)

> out. u.

Top of a hill

> x wall. x tree. x bushes. x axe.

> take axe. chop tree.

After pushing any key twice, the tree will be felled.

> drop axe.

> push tree. (It rolls down the hill.)

> roll down hill. (You take another rest break.)

Inside the cottage

Time to cook the meat.

> out.

The valley

> x stick. take stick.

> x branches. take branches.

> in.

Inside the cottage

> take meat.

> put branches in fireplace.

You eat your meal. An announcement instructs you to go to the nearest exit with all your stuff.

> take all. (Suitcase and wallet.)

> out.

The valley

The boulders have shifted; the gap into the cave is too small.

> move boulders. (Using the stick.)

> w. w.

*** You have won ***

The epilogue helpfully explains that you were a passenger on an interstellar spaceship who chose the Weight Loss habitat option. You'll not be choosing that option again.

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