Key & Compass presents:
by Doug Jones

Toasterama is a TADS 2 interactive fiction game and is © 2000 by Doug Jones. It was a ToasterComp participant.

In this small game, you play as some guy who wakes up after dreaming about his ex-girlfriend again. Kelly took almost everything with her when she moved out. Shame she didn't also take that damned toaster waiting for you in the kitchen. And it's time for toast.

This solution is by David Welbourn.


Kitchen LivingRoom Bathroom Hallway Bedroom (to outside)


> stand.

> x bed. look under bed. x bread.

> x dresser. x mirror. open dresser. take glove. x it.

> x closet. (empty)

> n. w.


> x sink. x outlet. x toilet. x tub.

> e. n.

Living Room

> x couch. x door.

> w.


> x toaster. x lever. x dial. (set to "insult")

> x fridge. open it. x butter. take it. close fridge.

> x sink. x socket.

> x stove. open stove. take left glove.

When you have both the left glove and right glove, they are replaced with a single item: a pair of gloves.

> wear gloves.

> turn dial. (It's stuck.)

> put bread in toaster. (It spits it back out.)

> unplug toaster. take toaster.

> e. s. w.


> close stopper. put toaster in tub.

> plug toaster. turn on tub faucet. z. z.

Hooray, the toaster is dead. Time for waffles instead.

You win. Thank you for playing.






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