Key & Compass presents:
The Tiny House
by Dan Doyle III

The Tiny House is a Glulx interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is Β© 2010 by Dan Doyle III.

In this sprawling fantasy game, you play as Christine Doyle, a young teacher. You come home from work to discover your husband and son are missing. If you search your home, you'll find a spellbook, some scrolls, and eventually learn your son was stolen by David Bowie?! Wasn't that just in a movie?

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on "Version 5" (Release 1 / Serial number 100425) of the game. Please make sure you play version 5 of the game; earlier versions have a bug preventing you from using the Swallow spell.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


Map 1: Your House

Cave Glacier Side ofHouse Backyard HiddenCrawl-space MasterBedroom Kitchen InsideShed ComputerRoom TheHallway Bathroom West ofHouse LivingRoom ReverseWorld Danny'sBedroom HiddenBasementRoom Basement Forestpath Nexus Land ofSocks πŸŒ€ πŸŒ€ sw ne in in u πŸŒ€ πŸŒ€ out out d d u πŸŒ€ πŸŒ€

Map 2: Fairytale Land

LivingRoom InsideGingerb'dHouse InsideGrandma'sHouse OutsideGingerb'dHouse OutsideGrandma'sHouse Path ofCrumbs In theClouds InsideGiant'sCastle GrazingLands TrollBridge ForestPath BuildingSite Bottomof Hill LunchSpot Meadow Top ofHill πŸŒ€ u d u d (path ofdropped items) in out πŸŒ€

Map 3: Nexus and Goblin King's Castle

NorthTower ThroneRoom Dungeon WestTower Courtyard EastTower CastleDraw-bridge SouthTower OutsideLabyrinth Maze (future) Nexus Basement (present) HiddenBasementRoom (past) d d u d d d drink purple potion πŸŒ€ πŸŒ€ πŸŒ€ πŸŒ€ πŸŒ€

Note that the doors for the walkways between the towers are locked, and you never find a key that opens them.



Living Room

IMPORTANT: You must find a jar of pennies and be outside with it by turn 50, or you won't be able to win the game. So ignore the living room for now; there'll be plenty of time to fully explore later.

> verbose. notify on.

> x me. i. x clothes.

> ne.

The Hallway

There's two dogs and a cat wandering around. Feel free to examine and pet them when you encounter them. They won't be important until much later in the game.

> x thermostat. (Set to 65, the highest Dan likes it.)

> u.

Master Bedroom

> x dresser. open dresser. (Several outfits!)

None of your outfits in your dresser have any useful descriptions, so don't waste your time examining them.

> x computer. ("Consult wikipedia about ...")

> consult Wikipedia about Dan. (You get the author's email address.)

> consult Wikipedia about universe.

> consult Wikipedia about earth.

> consult Wikipedia about xyzzy.

> take computer. g.

> x bed. look under bed. x rifle. (unloaded)

> x footlocker. (Dial goes from 0 to 40)

> move footlocker. (Crawlspace door revealed.)

> x small door. open it. in.

Hidden Crawlspace

> take jar and bullets.

> x jar. count pennies. (69,105, of course.)

> x bullets. load rifle. (You put a bullet in.)

> out. d. sw. w.

West of House

> x mailbox. open mailbox. take leaflet. read it.

> z. (Repeat waiting until salesman arrives.)

At turn 50, a salesman approaches you, offering a Super Snuggy for $691.05. If you don't buy it in the next four turns, he leaves and you've lost your chance.

> x salesman. buy snuggy. (+10, using the jar of pennies)

> x snuggy.

Now that you have the Snuggy, relax and search your home, taking your time, and picking up things that may help you later.

> e.

Living Room

You don't need the sword or lantern.

> x toys. x sword. x lantern.

> x carpet. x door.

> x couch. look under couch. x remote.

> x center. x TV. turn on TV. watch TV.

> x case. (You have no treasures.)

> x chair. x stains. x window.

> x closet. open closet. x cleaner.

> ne. w.

Computer Room

> x bed. x cage. x guinea pig.

> x machine. turn on machine. (A fabric scroll is printed.)

> take fabric. read it.

> x desk. x craft desk. open it.

> x Bible. read Bible. (Noah's Ark is the "combination".)

> x tape. take tape.

> x other desk.

> open closet. x crate. open crate. (Can't without tools.)

> e. u.

Master Bedroom

> consult Wikipedia about Noah's Ark. (Genesis 6-8:22)

> turn dial to 6. turn dial to 8. turn dial to 22.

> open footlocker. take spellbook.

> x it. read it. filfre.

> consult Wikipedia about spells. ("COPY scroll")

> copy fabric scroll. (+5)

There are six future visions you can get. Many are useful hints, but the one vision you must see is the one about the shed door combination: 0-4-2.

> gopscot. g. g. g. g. g. (Repeat until you've seen the combo.)

> d. e.


> x toilet. x closet. x shower.

> read shower. ("Ma Loves DA")

> x mirror. read mirror. (notes of love)

> use toilet. (Oo, rant.)

> turn on shower. w.

The Hallway

One of the visions hinted about mist in the bathroom.

> set thermostat to 59. (At 59, the house is "annoyingly cold".)

> e.


When the house is cold, the shower produces mist. If neceassry, WAIT until a word forms in the mist on the mirror.

> z. z.

> read mirror. ("Celuxed: open hidden magical portals")

> copy mirror. (+5; the mirror disappears!)

> read spellbook. (The Celuxed spell is now there.)

> turn off shower. w.

The Hallway

> set thermostat to 65. (The cold messages stop.)

> ne.


None of the food in the fridge or freezer have any descriptions, so don't bother examining them all. But take the cottage cheese.

> x fridge. open it. take cheese. close fridge.

> x freezer. open it. close freezer.

> x sink. x dishes.

> n. e.


Did you cast Gopscot and see a vision about the shed's combination? By the way, if you cast Postcog here, you can learn the combo that way too.

> x grass. x shed. (Has a 3-digit lock; dial one at a time.)

> set dial to 0. set dial to 4. set dial to 2.

> open door. in.

Inside Shed

> x grill. x mower. x table. x junk.

> x box. open box. x marijuana. x lighter.

> x hammer.

> take box and hammer.

> consult Wikipedia on marijuana. (Trolls prefer it.)

> consult Wikipedia on trolls. (They are friendlier when stoned and can be destroyed with milk.)

> out. w. s. sw. w.

Computer Room

You don't need the manifesto or any grue stuff. The other stuff is useful.

> open crate (with the hammer). look in crate.

> x grue suit. x repellent. x treats.

> x manifesto. read it. x fish. take it.

> x red scroll. read it. take it. copy it. (+5)

> read spellbook. (The Drunak spell is now there.)

> consult Wikipedia on communism.

> consult Wikipedia on grue.

> e. ne. d.


> x junk. x washing. (See loose block in west wall.)

> x block. push block. (Secret doorway west!)

> w.

Hidden Basement Room

> x pencil. (You don't need a worn-out pencil.)

> e.


> x stairs. look under stairs. (Acquire the black scroll!)

> read black scroll. copy it. (+5; "Managra")

> x dryer. open it.

There's a way to learn what to cast Celuxed at by looking into a crystal ball, but you haven't found that yet, and it's a bit faster to just use info from previous play-sessions or from a walkthrough. The dryer needs to be open for its portal.

> celuxed dryer. (A portal appears!)

> enter tunnel.

Land of Socks

> x socks. take sock. x it. (Spell on it, but backwards.)

> enter tunnel. u. sw. se.

Danny's Bedroom

Note that you can put things in front of the mirror.

> x crib. open closet. x mirror. x toys. x toy box.

> celuxed mirror.

> put sock in front of mirror. enter tunnel.

Reverse World

You can read the reversed sock.

> take sock. read sock. ("Wallows")

> copy sock. read spellbook. (The Wallows spell is now there.)

> enter tunnel. nw. ne.


> open freezer. celuxed freezer. enter tunnel.


Yikes, it's freezing! Go back and change into something warmer:

> enter tunnel. sw. u.

Master Bedroom

> wear winter.

> d. ne. enter tunnel.


Winter clothes help, but you can't stay here forever.

> x eskimo. shoot wolf. (Don't bother; only shoot living things.)

The eskimo sees the wolf and rubs orange powder on a fish.

> ask eskimo about powder. ("Poison. Makes wolf sick.")

> ask eskimo about fish. ("Kipper. Type of herring.")

> x hole. x shack. x rack. x igloo.

> ask eskimo about cold. (He needs warmer clothes.)

> give snuggy to eskimo. (+10. He gives you a vial.)

> enter tunnel. sw. u. in.

Hidden Crawlspace

> x vial.

> celuxed attic. enter tunnel.


> x dragon. x golden box. x treasure. x torches.

> consult Wikipedia about dragon. (They love snacks and are immune to poison.)

> ask dragon about box.

The dragon won't talk to you unless you look like a medieval warrior princess?!

> enter tunnel. out.

Master Bedroom

> wear bikini.

> in. enter tunnel.


If you're wearing the chainmail bikini, the dragon will talk to you.

> ask dragon about dragon. (His name is Murray.)

> ask dragon about treasure. ask dragon about box.

> ask dragon about heart.

Worry about the dragon later.

> enter tunnel. out.

Master Bedroom

> wear teaching.

> d. sw.

Living Room

At this point, I want you to use the Postcog spell in several locations to see visions of the past. What? Oh right, I haven't told you about Postcog yet.

If you cast Managra on your spellbook, all of your spells are anagrammed into a second set of spells. Cast Anagram on your spellbook to revert them back.

> managra spellbook. read spellbook.

> postcog. (You see Dan getting frustrated with Danny.)

> ne.


> postcog. (You see Dan take Danny into his room, then David Bowie carrying Danny, persued by Dan.)

> se.

Danny's Bedroom

> postcog. (You see Dan accidentally summoning David Bowie, who steals Danny.)

> consult Wikipedia about goblin king.

> nw. ne.


> postcog. (You see Dan attacking David. They tumble down the stairs; another goblin carries Danny after them.)

> d.


> postcog. (You see David create a portal with a crystal. Then Dan uses a magic wand to cast FROBOZZLE at the portal before everyone disappears inside it. The crystal falls behind the stairs.)

> look. take crystal. x it. look in it.

Hm. Looking in the crystal reveals all possible portals in the current room.

> x light.

> w.

Hidden Basement Room

> postcog. (You see yourself enter via a portal, take a pencil, erase the spellbook, then drop both with a magic wand, then leave. Then a young Dan enters and takes the spellbook and wand.)

> e. u. sw. sw.

Living Room

If the TV is off, turn it on with the tunnel.

> look in crystal. anagram spellbook. celuxed TV.

Before entering, drop off a few things you don't need any more.

> drop leaflet, remote, hammer, ball.

> enter tunnel.

Forest Path

The north path is dangerous; avoid that way for now.

> read sign.

> consult Wikipedia about fairy tales.

> consult Wikipedia about boy who cried wolf.

> consult Wikipedia about three little pigs.

> consult Wikipedia about Little Red Riding Hood.

> consult Wikipedia about Little Miss Muffet.

> consult Wikipedia about giant. (Take their heart and break it.)

> consult Wikipedia about Jack and Jill.

> consult Wikipedia about Hansel and Gretel.

> consult Wikipedia about witch.

> consult Wikipedia about woman who swallowed a fly.

IMPORTANT: While you're in the land of fairy tales, you may at random times hear someone cry "Wolf!". When that happens, head to the Meadow southeast from here as soon as possible.

If there's no wolf there, return back to whatever you were doing.

But if there is a wolf there, you must quickly do the following before any cows are eaten:

> put powder on fish. give fish to wolf. (+15. Boy gives you a cow!)

Start with Grandma's House:

> nw.

Outside Grandma's House

> x bucket. take it. in.

Inside Grandma's House

> shoot wolf. (+15. Little Red gives you a cake.)

> x Hood. ask Hood about wolf.

> x wolf's corpse. x cake. ask Hood about cake.

> load rifle.

> out. se. w.

Troll Bridge

> x troll. w. (She won't let you pass.)

> give marijuana to troll. (Now she wants a light.)

> give lighter to troll. (She lets you cross.)

> drop pencil box.

> w.

Grazing Lands

> x goat. x hole. take dirty scroll.

> read it. copy it. (+5; "Digest")

> e. e. sw.

Bottom of Hill

Note: How you're dressed affects how Jack and Jill react to you. If you look attractive, Jill blocks Jack from talking to you, and she won't answer any questions either.

> x Jack. x Jill.

> ask Jack about Jill. ask Jack about hill.

> ask Jack about crown. (Protects against hostile magic.)

> ask Jack about leg. (It's hurt, so he can't go back up.)

> ask Jill about Jack. ask Jill about hill.

> ask Jill about crown.

> u. (It's too steep.)

> consult Wikipedia about climbing hills.

> ne. s.

Lunch Spot

> x tuffet. x miss.

> ask miss about tuffet. ask miss about lunch.

> ask miss about spider.

> give cheese to miss. (A spider yells. Muffet drops the cheese and runs around a bit before sitting down again. The spider leaves.)

> take cheese.

> n. se.


> x boy. x cows. x wall.

I couldn't find a topic that the boy responds to. Deal with him later.

> nw. e.

Building Site

> x straw house. x stick house. x brick house.

> x straw pig. ask straw pig for scroll. (Has top of a scroll.)

> x stick pig. ask stick pig for scroll. (Has middle of scroll.)

> x brick pig. ask brick pig for scroll. (Has bottom of scroll.)

> enter straw house. open it. (It's locked; they're all locked.)

> w. u. e.

Inside Giant's Castle

> x giant. x egg. x machine.

> x paintings. g. g.

> x harp. x goose. x eggs.

> take egg.

> enter machine. (Giant stops you: "Stay off of my weather machine!")

> ask giant about machine.

The giant won't answer any questions unless you're attractively dressed.

> w. d. enter tunnel. ne. u.

Master Bedroom

> wear gown.

> d. sw. enter tunnel. u. e.

Inside Giant's Castle

> ask giant about machine. ask giant about himself.

> ask giant about harp. ask giant about goose.

> ask giant about egg. (You can have it.)

> ask giant about horn. ask giant about heart.

> w. d. n.

Path of Crumbs

> x birds. s.

Forest Path

By this time, the boy should have cried wolf and you've fed the wolf a poisoned fish and received a cow as a reward. If that hasn't happened yet, waste time waiting here until you hear him call, and respond as appropriate in the Meadow. If there's no wolf, return here and wait some more. Otherwise:

> put powder on fish. give fish to wolf. (+15)

I will now assume that you have the cow.

Now about that cake you got from Little Red Riding Hood. If you ever tried eating the cake, or giving the cake to the dragon, you learned that whoever eats the cake turns into a fly. There's really no way to learn that fact except by doing it and then using UNDO or restoring your game from a save file to get the cake back.

To deal with the dragon, you will need to act out the woman who swallowed a fly story.

Yes, you will need to swallow a fly, a spider, a bird, a cat, a dog, a goat, a cow, and a horse. You need the Swallow spell from your spellbook to do this. Whenever you swallow a creature, your health will decrease by 1 every turn from 20 until you swallow the next creature or die, so you can't dilly-dally too much.

Head for the dragon; the cow will stay in fairy tale land:

> enter tunnel. ne. u. in. enter tunnel.


> managra spellbook. read spellbook. (You should see Swallow listed.)

> save.

> give cake to dragon. (He eats it and becomes a fly!)

> swallow fly.

Head for the Lunch Spot:

> enter tunnel. out. d. sw. enter tunnel. s.

Lunch Spot

> sit on tuffet. eat cheese. swallow spider. (+2)

> stand. n. n.

Path of Crumbs

> throw egg at birds. swallow bird. (+2)

> s. enter tunnel. ne. ne.


While carrying any food (such as the cottage cheese), your pets will usually follow you, but not always. I'm assuming they're all here; if they're not, look for them.

> swallow Jeeba. (+2)

> swallow Lunaorswallow Ravi. (+2)

> sw. sw. enter tunnel. w. w.

Grazing Lands

> swallow goat. (+2)

> swallow cow. (+2)

> e. e. enter tunnel. ne. e.


> open toilet. g. g.

> stiged poop. (The horse goes to the hallway!)

> w.

The Hallway

> swallow horse.

> anagram spellbook.

> digest me. (+10. You run back to the bathroom.)


> save. (That ordeal is over.)

> w. u. in. enter tunnel.


> open golden box. x heart. take it.

> enter tunnel. out. d. sw. enter tunnel. u. e.

Inside Giant's Castle

> show heart to giant. break heart. (+10)

> ask harp about giant. ask harp about machine.

> enter machineorget on machine.

> x machine. (Monitor and 12 buttons.)

> x monitor.

> x blue spiral. (suggests a tornado)

> x blue circle. (cloud with stars)

> x orange circle. (sun)

> x orange semi-circle. (sun behind clouds)

> x gray square. (rain)

> x red circle. (hot and sunny, I think)

> x gray cloud-shaped. (cloudy)

> x white star. (hail)

> x white square. (no markings; it's for white fog)

> x black square. (no markings; it's for darkness)

> x yellow. (lightning)

Give the pigs some bad weather:

> push gray square. x monitor. (Rain knocks over the straw house.)

> push yellow. x monitor. (Lightning burns the sticks house.)

> push blue circle. x monitor. (Cold and snowing.)

Detour to master bedroom to wear the winter clothing:

> stand. w. d. enter tunnel. ne. u.

Master Bedroom

> wear winter.

> d. sw. enter tunnel. e.

Building Site

> z. (+10. Repeat waiting, as long as necessary, until a big bad wolf arrives, fails to blow down the brick house, and then climbs into the chimney and dies. The pigs leave. Their front door is now open.)

> enter house.

> take all scroll.

> repair top. (+5; using the tape)

> read fixed scroll. copy it. (+5; "Stairs")

Let's wear your original clothes for the rest of the game:

> out. w. enter tunnel. ne. u.

Master Bedroom

> wear teaching.

> d. sw. enter tunnel. sw.

Bottom of Hill

> stairs. u.

Top of Hill

You can also get water from the Troll Bridge, Bathroom, and Kitchen.

> x well. get water. (using bucket)

> x crown. take it. (+5)

> wear crown. d. ne. n. n.

Outside Gingerbread House

CAUTION: The witch inside the house casts a deadly spell at you as soon as you enter. You must be wearing the crown to survive her attack!

> eat house. n.

Inside Gingerbread House

The witch casts a spell at you with her wand, but the crown protects you.

> shoot witchorthrow water at witch. (+15)

> load rifle. (if you shot her)

> take wand.

> read arcane book. read nature of magic.

> read source of magic. read types of magic.

> read powers of wand. (CHANT a magic word beginning with F. The word "Frobozzle" opens closed portals.)

> x oven. open it. x pies. ("Hansel" and "Gretel")

> x potion box. take it.

> x purple potion. ("Potion of Limited Flight")

> x green potion. ("Prevents Shapechanging")

> x blue potion. ("Transforms a goblin to human and vice versa")

> x yellow potion. ("Strong Laxative")

> x orange potion. ("Temporary Invisibility")

> x red potion. ("Causes creatures to attack you singlemindedly")

> s. s. s. enter tunnel.

Living Room

Before heading for the goblin realm, you probably should close up all the other portals. I assume you don't want them open forever, yes?

> managra spellbook. exclude tunnel.

> ne. u. in.

Hidden Crawlspace

> exclude tunnel.

> out. d. ne.


> exclude tunnel. close freezer.

> d.


> exclude tunnel.

> point wand at light. chant frobozzle. (+10)

> enter portal.


CAUTION: Going into the future immediately is fatal. You must first establish the past.

> se.

Hidden Basement Room

Unhappily, you now need to do what you saw yourself do in this room's postcog vision. The wand you got from the witch must become the wand that Dan used to cast Frobozzle.

> take new pencil. x it.

> erase spellbook.

> drop pencil. drop spellbook. drop wand.

> enter portal. (+5)


The past portal is now closed.

> ne. (+5)

Outside Labyrinth

That portal closes too.

> x clock. e.


> drink purple potion. (+10. You fly all the way to...)

Castle Drawbridge

CAUTION: The soldiers will kill you if they see you.

> x bridge. x soldiers. x moat.

> drink orange potion. ne.


The north door is locked; the other doors are just closed.

> open east door. e.

East Tower

CAUTION: The big goblin will kill you if you don't throw the yellow potion at him immediately. Don't hesitate!

> throw yellow potion at goblin. (The goblin flees.)

> take iron key.

> x window. (You see magical energy in North Tower; mirrors in South Tower.)

> d. ne.

Throne Room

> x throne. move throne.

I assume if you got this far, you don't want to miss this joke:

> dance. what babe. what power.

> hooodoo. do what.

> you remind me of the babe.

> the babe with the power.

> the power of voodoo. you do.

Getting on with it.

> open trap door. d.


Weirdly, you can't talk to Dan when the cell isn't open.

> x Dan. unlock cell with iron key. (+5)

> give rifle to Dan. (+3)

> give bullets to Dan. (+2)

> ask Dan about wand.

> ask Dan about David Bowie.

> u. sw.


CAUTION: There's a bug if you drink the red potion here and go south. The magical goblins will attack forever.

> open south door. s.

South Tower

This is a very dangerous location. The only way to prevail here is with both the red potion and Dan.

> drink red potion. (+20)

The goblins go mad, attacking all your reflections. Dan shoots them all. Dan grabs the wand.

> d. open west door. w.

West Tower

> x goblin. x symbols. x gold key.

> Dan, point wand at goblin. (+20. "Fire!")

> take gold key. d.


> unlock north door with gold key.

> open north door. n.

North Tower

David Bowie threatens to turn Danny into a goblin.

> x Davidorx Danny.

David does turn Danny into a goblin! Dan blasts David with the wand. David turns into an owl, evading the blast.

> throw green potion at David. (+30)

Dan destroys the owl. You use your last blue potion to restore Danny, and Dan uses the last of the wand's power to open a portal home.

*** You have won ***

My top score is 264 out of 300, but I can only assume that a section of the game involving grues was omitted, and the missing points are associated with that region.



Animals (and anthro-animals)


When you have the spellbook, you can CAST FILFRE to display the game credits:

The Tiny House. Made by Dan Doyle III.

An homage to classic Infocom Interactive fiction games of the past, particularly the Zork and Enchanter series.

Made especially for Christine, a loving wife and mother who would never give up if Dan or her baby were missing.

Version 5 (Release 1 / Serial number 100425) adds playtesting credits:

Playtested by: Katzy


Note: It's possible there's more ways to die than I found.

Note also that it's possible to crash the game if you put the orange powder on the cake, then give the cake to the dragon.


A typical response to DIAGNOSE looks like this:

Your health is 20 out of 20. You will die if this reaches 0.
teaching clothes is not very becoming.

And in earlier versions of the game, you can see a notation like "HP: 20" listed after the room's name in the status bar.

Usually, your health total doesn't matter. If the dragon, witch, or any goblins attack you, and if you have no protection against their attacks, you're dead. The only time your health matters is after you've Swallowed any animals.

After you Swallow the fly, you lose 1 HP every turn until you Swallow a spider. When you Swallow the spider to catch the fly, your HP is restored to 20, but now you'll lose 1 HP every turn until you Swallow a bird, and so on.


You have an carrying capacity limit of 15 items, not counting items you're wearing.


Note that whenever you take an item of clothing from your dresser, you automatically wear it, putting your previous outfit into the dresser.

Your choice of clothing can change who's willing to talk to you:
• The dragon will only talk to you if you're wearing the chainmail bikini.
• The giant will only talk to you if you're wearing something attractive and not socially awkward.
• Jill will only talk to you if you're wearing something not very becoming.
• Jack will only talk to you if you're wearing something not very becoming and not socially awkward.

Food and drinks

When at the Lunch Spot, you must sit on the tuffet and try to eat something to summon the spider. What you try to eat doesn't really matter. You can also give any food you don't want to Little Miss Muffet and she'll try to eat it.

Note also that your pets follow you in the house whenever you have food. This stops them from wandering if you need to eat one or two of them.

Magic items

See readables for the spellbook and scrolls.

Other useful items

You don't need to pick up any of the following items:


The response to SCORE is:

You have so far scored your-score out of a possible 300, in several turns.

Points are awarded as follows:


Whenever you find a spell scroll, COPY that spell into your spellbook. When a spell is in your spellbook, you can CAST that spell. Some spells need to be cast AT something.

The original spells:

The reversed spells:

Wand spells:

Logically, you ought to be able to cast Fire, Freeze, and more with the wand as well, but regretably, you have little opportunity to experiment before you need to drop the wand in the past. And those other F-spells aren't implemented, so don't even bother trying. Fudge.

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