Key & Compass presents:
Thorfinn's Realm
by Robert Hall and Roy Main

Thorfinn's Realm is a Z-machine interactive fiction game written with Inform 6 and is © 1999 by Robert Hall and Roy Main. It was an entry in IF Comp 1999 where it took 28th place.

In this old-school adventure game, you play as a Timejumping Adventurer's Club initiation candidate, sent back in time to 950 AD Normandy to bring back all the treasures there are to find there. Besides the challenges TAC has set up for you, you will also need to deal with some random elements such as Thorfinn Skullsplitter, the local Viking.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 101 of the game.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


Map 1: Woods, Plains, and Beach

Beach Beach Beach plains Woods plains plains plains Woods Woods The TimeMachine Edge ofCliff plains Woods(mauso-leum) Clearing Woods Mauso-leum Woods(well) Woods Bay Bridge in u u Hut PizzaHut Tunnel Well push start out d d TAC Head-quarters

Map 2: Castle

GuestBedroom SecretVault King'sBedroom Treasury Library Ante-chamber Garrison Chapel GreatHall(west end) GreatHall GreatHall(east end) Kitchen 20-footChasm Dungeon Store-room d d jump d u d d d u u WestRoof EastRoof CastleEntry Bridge plains u u u d d u u u d d

Map 3: Ocean, Island, and Tomb

Beach(middle) Ocean Bay Island Beach Beach u u s d d Waterfall StoneBuilding OuterHall RobertHall River CentralHall Riverside NarrowHall Chasm Cavern LargeRock Lagoon ThroneRoom d d u u u d


The Time Machine

> verbose. notify on.

> take flashlight. x it.

> x panel. x gauges. x fuel gauge. x screen.

> open hatch. out.


> x machine. x compartment. x chamber.

> x engine. x CPU.

> x urn. open urn. x ashes.

> take urn. (A stairway down is revealed.)

> drop urn. (You don't need the urn anymore.)

> x stone panel. push it.

Ignore the stairway for now; it's a tunnel to the bottom of a well. You'll use it much later in the game for getting back in here since this panel exit is one-way.

> n.

Woods (two locations)

The stone panel has closed behind you.

> nw. w.

plains (three locations) / Bridge

> w. n. n. n.

Castle Entry

> x carcass. (Vest has "T.A.C.")

> n.

Darkness / Great Hall (middle)

> turn on flashlight. (+10)

> x tapestries.

> w.

Great Hall (west end)

> x fireplace. x logs. x grate.

> u. n.

King's Bedroom

> x portrait. look in pocket. take keys. (+15)

> x cabinet. open it. (locked)

> unlock cabinet with keys. open it.

> take batteries.

Note: You can't put the batteries into the flashlight while the current batteries are still good. Once the batteries are in the flashlight, you no longer have access to them.

> turn valve. (There's a clicking sound. It unlocks a trapdoor in the Treasury.)

> u.

Guest Bedroom

> x bed. x manacles. x candles.

> u.

West Roof

> x range. x plains.

Head back to the middle of the Great Hall and go north from there:

> d. d. s. d. e. n.


> x weapons. d.


If you turned the valve in the king's bedroom earlier, this trapdoor should be unlocked.

> x rug. take rug. (trapdoor revealed)

> drop rug.

> x trapdoor. open it.

CAUTION: Going down from here is a one-way trip where you'll acquire a necklace. If you have more than three items in your inventory, you won't be able to take it! Also, you can only safely make this trip once!

> d. (+10)

Secret Vault

There is a good chance that Thorfinn will steal your treasure from you. If he does, that's okay; you can get it from him later.

> take necklace. (+15)

> x it. x chasm.

> jump.

20-foot Chasm

You land safely on a sponge this time. But note that if you try to jump from the vault a second time, you'll learn that Thorfinn has taken the sponge away just before you die from the fall.

> x sponge. s.


By now, your flashlight probably needs the batteries.

> put batteries in flashlight.

> x bag. take bag. (This will help you carry more stuff.)

> x keg. look in keg. x crate. ("Humpty Dumpty Crate Co.")

> open crate. (can't)

Perhaps Humpty should have a great fall.

> u.


> open cabinet. take flask. (+15)

> d.


CAUTION: Don't drink the wine; it's for someone else. Also, drinking the wine makes you drunk, and you go random or semi-random directions when you try to go anywhere until the drunkenness wears off.

> put wine in flask. take crate.

> u. u.

Chapel / Darkness

> x pulpit. x windows. x window.

> u.

Library / Darkness

> take book. x book. (You don't read Latin.)

> u.

East Roof

You'd think a simple "throw crate" would work too, but no.

> throw crate off roof.

> d. d. d. w. w. w. d.


> x remains. x shackles. x rack.

> x maiden. open maiden. x skeleton. take glasses. (+15)

> x glasses. wear glasses. read book. (+25)

You learn several things that you wish you knew from the very start:

When and where Thorfinn shows up is pretty random. If he doesn't immediately take all your treasure, you can try to run from him, but that doesn't always work. If you try to run and he kills you, UNDO, and either try again or give him a treasure. Giving treasure to Thorfinn always saves your life.

> drop book.

> u. e. s. s.


There's now a sail and a busted crate here.

> turn off flashlight.

> x sail. take sail.

> s. s. w. sw.

Edge of Cliff

NOTE: You cannot safely climb down or jump from here.

> x building.

> ne. nw.

Beach (middle)

For now, avoid the huts at each end of the beach. We'll visit them late in the game.

> x sign. ("Warning: Dangerous current when sign present.")

> x skiff. x rowboat. x sailboat. x mast.

> take mast. (It comes free!)

> x mast.

> look under rowboat. take oars.

> enter skiff. x skiff.

> put mast in socket.

> attach sail to mast.

Assuming you're still in the skiff:

> w. w. s.

Beach (of island)

> out. w. w.

Darkness / Stone Building

> turn on flashlight.

> x goblets. take goblets.

Again, Thorfinn might immediately take your treasure from you and leave.

> turn off flashlight. e. e.

Beach (of island)

> enter skiff. e. e. s.

Beach (at base of cliff)

> out.

> x boulders. x cliff. x cavity.

> turn on flashlight. e. (+10) u.

Narrow Hall

> x holders.

> u. u. u.

Robert Hall

> x pictographs. open door. (locked)

> unlock door with keys. open door.

> u. s. s. d. s.

Throne Room

> x sarcophagus. x torque. x buckle. x chalise. x crown.

Don't use TAKE ALL; you won't get the points that way.

> take torque. (+15)

> take buckle. (+15)

> take chalise. (+15)

> take crown. (+15)

Return to the skiff. But since you can't return up the chasm, you need to find another way back to Robert Hall:

> n. w. s.


> x stalactites.

> s. d. d. s. d. d. w.

Beach (at base of cliff)

> turn off flashlight.

> enter skiff. take oars.

> n. e. e.

Beach (middle)

You need to ditch the oars and keys; you need the inventory space.

> drop oars. take keys. drop keys.

> out. s.

Beach (south end, by square hut)

> x hut. s.

Darkness / Pizza Hut

> turn on flashlight.

> x pizza. take it. (+15)

> n. n. n.

Beach (north end, by smelly hut)

> x hut. smell hut. n.


Thorfinn will be here if he took any treasures from you. You should be directly holding the pizza.

> give pizza to Thorfinn. (+100. He accepts it, drops all his treasure, and leaves.)

> take all. (+15) x rope. x bones.

> turn off flashlight.

> s. s. se. e. e. sw. s. (+10)


> x stones. x shelter.

Ruadh Rofhessa, the Druid, appears with club and pendant.

> give flask to druid. (+100. He offers pendant.)

> x druid. x club. x pendant.

> take pendant. (+15. Druid leaves when you take it.)

> n. ne. e. se. s. sw.

Woods (by well)

> x well. x stone wall. x spike.

> tie rope to spike. (+25)

> turn on flashlight.

> d.


> x clouds.

> ne. u.


> turn off flashlight.

> put pendant in chamber. (+25)

> enter machine.

The Time Machine

> close hatch.

> x fuel gauge.

> push start button.

TAC Headquarters

*** You have won ***





From the INFO menu "Acknowledgements":

Thanks to Eric Harston for the primo beta testing. Also thanks to Scott Robey and Jeff Mugleston for a couple of bug finds.


Note that darkness itself isn't dangerous in this game, which is refreshing. Most of the time, you can safely wander in dark locations without falling into a pit; you just won't see what's there.


You have an inventory limit of four items, at least until you find the flour bag.


The response to SCORE is:

You have so far scored your-score out of a possible 600, in several turns, you earned the rank of: ranking

Points are awarded as follows:

The rankings are:

There seems to be a bug where the points for taking the rope aren't always awarded. I'm not sure why that is.

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