Key & Compass presents:
This Is The Toaster
by Anonymous

This Is The Toaster is a TADS 2 interactive fiction game and is © 2000 by Anonymous. It was a ToasterComp participant.

In this small and rather surreal game, you play as one of several characters that live on or in a gigantic toaster. If you visit the Future Plane, Aunt Krull will tell you what needs to be done: acquire the Amulet of Rotund Quickness and give it to Os Esker.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Version alpha 1.0 of the game.


Plidi'scavern westernslot Slots Clebb'shome Lever Dial FuturePlane eastern seaboardof the Future plane (to easternslot) (to fissure) u u pull lever d d pull lever


It begins with a warning about half-cooked imagery and graphically absurd scenes.



Let's just look around a bit before we pull the lever and get down to business.

> x me. i. x lever. d.


The dial's setting seems to be ignored by the game.

> x dial. x gecko. take gecko. (Can't)

> u. u. w. nw.

Plidi's cavern

> x Plidi. x staff.

> ask Plidi for staff. (She wants a square for her daughter.)

> nw. sw.

Clebb's home

> push button. (Toast is ready!)

*** You have won ***

But the game is hardly over.

> sw. e. d.


> pull lever. ENTER

Future Plane

Here, TADS gets to show off its ability to easily change all its responses from present tense to future tense. Normally, a change to past tense is more useful.

Soon after arriving, Aunt Krull will tell you that Os Esker needs you to obtain, then give, the Amulet of Rotund Quickness to him.

> e.

eastern seaboard of the Future plane

> x plant. w.

Future Plane

> pull lever. ENTER


> u. w.

western slot

Wait for Os Esker to arrive.

> ask Os for square. (Os gives it.)

> x square. nw.

Plidi's cavern

> give square to Plidi. ask Plidi for staff. (She gives it.)

> nw.

western slot

Clebb and Os Esker constantly wander, but they both pass through here. You'll need to wait or z repeatedly as appropriate.

Wait for Clebb to arrive, then:

> give staff to Clebb.

Wait for Clebb to arrive, then:

> ask Clebb for amulet. (He gives it.)

Wait for Os Esker to arrive, then:

> give amulet to Os.

Os Esker grows, goes to the chasm at the end of the Future Plane, jumps over the gap and cuts down the Deity Plant.


With the Deity Plant dead, Plidi will soon reveal a weapon.

The evil god will be killed by his sandwich, before his second slice of toast is done.

This game is over.



Stationary characters:

Wandering characters:

Seen, but you can't interact with them:



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