Key & Compass presents:
Tex Bonaventure and the Temple of the Water of Life
by Jim Warrenfeltz

Tex Bonaventure and the Temple of the Water of Life is a Glulx interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2013 by Jim Warrenfeltz (writing as "Truthcraze"). It was an entry in IF Comp 2013 where it took 5th place.

In this homage to Indiana Jones, you play as Tex Bonaventure, an adventurer and treasure hunter. After three days of exploring the deep dark swamps of the Everglades, you've finally found your destination. You've found what the natives call Cukovcatv Em Oheskatv Vhesaketv, the Temple of the Water of Life.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1, Serial number 131007 of the game.


bathe in water The Apexof theTemple A Bar, ThreeDays Ago An EvilBathroom NormalRoom Top ofBottom-less Pit Dirty/SootyChamber BatCountry Bottom-less Pit OutsideTemple EntryHall TwistyMazeMouth Squishy-MakingRoom TwistyMazeStomach (any dir,using twine) (any dirbut west) u d u d u u


  1. For this map, I have abbreviated several of the game's room names.
  2. Where you go from the stomach depends on what you tied the twine to, the statue or the white "rocks".


Outside a Foreboding Stone Temple

The keystone inscription translates to: "Watch out for the hidden traps! The labyrinth is not a labyrinth. - Juan"

> x me. i. x whip. x gun. x swamp. x snake.

> x arch. x keystone. read keystone.

> x temple. x idols. x discs.

> shoot snake. (+5)

> x snake. take snake. (+1)

> x trees. x leaves. count leaves. (+1)

> e. (+1)

The Entry Hall of the Temple

> listen. x statue. x head. x arms. x walls.

> x water. x spout. x base.

> s.

Bare Room with Lots of Flat Objects / Oh, It's One of THOSE Temple Rooms - then You Know, the Squishy-Making Ones

The spiked ceiling starts descending two turns after you enter.

> search flat things. (You take an arm bone.)

> x poles. x gaps. x glimmer. (It's a switch.)

> turn off switch with bone. (It won't slide through!)

> grease bone. turn off switch with bone. (+5)

With the trap off, you can look around a bit more.

> x things. x ceiling. x stains.

> x spikes. x gauntlet. take it. (It's too high up.)

Although you can turn the trap back on again and get the gauntlet when the ceiling's low, it's better to use your whip.

> whip gauntlet. (+1)

> take gauntlet. (+1)

> x gauntlet. n.

The Entry Hall of the Temple

> wear gauntlet. put hand in hole. (+5; gain twine.)

> x twine. tie twine to statue. e.

A Twisty Maze of Passages, All Alike

Not to alarm you, but you're inside a maze beast's mouth. The floor is the tongue, and the white rocks are the teeth.

> x floor. x pebbles. x white rocks.

> e. (+5)

A Twisty Maze of Passages, All Alike - Except This One is Secreting Stomach Acid

> take hook. (+1)

> w.

The Entry Hall of the Temple

> untie twine from statue. x hook.

> n.

The Bottomless Pit - Well, *A* Bottomless Pit

> listen. x wind. x pit.

> x ledge. x marks. climb ledge.

> x handholds. climb handholds. u. (+5)

The Top of a Bottomless Pit (Not a Topless Pit, Obviously)

> x gargoyle. x wings. x wood. x marks. x pit.

> talk to gargoyle. 1. 1.

The lowercase letters in the gargoyle's riddle spell out "push it".

> push gargoyle. (+5)

> x door. x arch.

> s.

An Extremely Dirty Chamber / An Extremely Sooty Chamber

> x discs. x dirt. x fluid.

> open sarcophagus. x sticks.

> take stick. (+1)

> enter sarcophagus. (+1)

I'm not sure how you're supposed to guess this optional bit of cookery:

> put snake on stick. z. z. z. z. z. z. z. z.

There should be fire in the room now.

> cook snake. (+1)

> x snake. z. z. z. z.

The fire goes out and the doors unlock.

> out. x soot. e.

Bat Country

> x bats. x window. x that rope.

> drop snake.

One of the bats reveals a treasure if the snake is cooked.

> take treasure. (+1)

> u. (+5)

A Completely Normal (If Paleolithic Evil Temples Can Be Normal) Room

> x treasure. x window. x jungle. x pipes.

> x walls. x floor.

> w.

An Evil Bathroom

> x door. x glyph.

> x tub. x water. x drain.

> x mirror. x sigils.

> x toilet. flush toilet. x sink. x blood.

> x floor. x hinge.

> pull tub. open drain. pull tub. (+5)

An Extremely Sooty Chamber

> u.

An Evil Bathroom

Note: A bug in release 1, version 130928, prevents the door from ever actually opening.

> put hook in hole.

You can simply open the door, but using the whip gains you an extra point.

> whip door. (+6)

> u. (+25)

The Apex of the Temple

> close trapdoor. (+1; however, one bat gets in.)

> x bat. put gun in water. (+1)

> shoot bat. (+5)

> drink water. (+1)

Might as well look around a little before we go.

> x beam. x crystal.

> sing. (+1)

> xyzzy. (+1)

> bathe in water. (+50)

A Bar, Three Days Ago, On the Outskirts of the Everglades


*** You braved the Temple of the Water of Life and emerged victorious. Congratulations, adventurer! ***

> amusing



The game has a menu of game locations where you can do amusing actions.

  1. Anywhere
    Did you try...
    • ...xyzzy?
    • ...singing?
    • ...sleeping?
    • ...examining pretty much everything (I'm rather pleased with some of the descriptions once you get a few layers deep)?
    • ...typing "win" or "win the game"?
  2. Jungle
    Did you try...
    • ...attacking the snake (and then answering the rhetorical question)?
    • ...counting the leaves (blame Zork for the crude joke)?
  3. Bottom of the Bottomless Pit
    Did you try...
    • ...examining the wind?
    • ...shouting?
    • ...throwing anything into the pit?
    • ...listening?
    • ...jumping?
  4. In the mouth of the maze
    Did you try...
    • ...touching the teeth? (You can get out again by whipping them afterward)
  5. Bat Country
    • Did you try examining "collective noun"?
  6. The Normal Room
    • Did you try using the machinery?
  7. The Bathroom
    Did you try...
    • ...using the toilet?
    • ...reading the sigils (multiple times)?

I'll add:





Score and Congratulationments®

You have so far scored your-score out of a possible 142, in several turns.

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