Swineback Ridge


Swineback Ridge was written in Inform and is copyright 2006 by Eric Eve. This solution is by David Welbourn, based on release 1 of the game.

Ledge Below
At the Foot
of the Path
a Cave
West End
of Ridge
Top of
East End
of Ridge
Inside the
Inside the
a hut
the hut

Dusty Path

>x me. i. x sword. x plate. xyzzy. n. n.

Top of Swineback Ridge

>x ballista. x lever. x handle.

>x valley. x enemy. x tent. x river. x moon. w. s.

Inside the Command Tent

The lamp is particularly important as your portable source of light and fire.

>x body. take dagger. clean it. search body. x key.

>x lamp. take lamp.

>x table. x note. x box. unlock box with key. open box. [+1 point]

>take all from box. x bottle. x liquid. smell liquid.

>x papers. x report.

>n. e. e. s.

Inside the Supply Tent

Note: You need the lamp in order to see here. You can only take one shaft at a time from the pile.

>x bag. take it. x pile. take shaft. n. w.

Top of Swineback Ridge

>load ballista with shaft. pour liquid on shaft. turn handle.

>light shaft with lamp. pull lever. [+5 points]

>s. s. e.

Outside a hut

>x hut. x door. open door. unlock door with dagger. open door. s.

Inside the hut

The game will not let you kill yourself by eating the powder.

>x sack. x powder. smell it. x rat. take sack. fill bag with powder.

>n. w. n. n. e. s.

Inside the Supply Tent

We'll need a second shaft.

>take shaft. n.

East End of Ridge

>ne. x bush. cut bush with sword. burn bush with lamp.

>put papers in bush. burn papers with lamp. cut bush with sword. [+2 points]


Steep Path

If you hadn't started the fire in the enemy camp, you'll spot an enemy picket if you try to go further northeast. However, the picket is off helping battle the fire, and you can continue.

>x waterfall. x fissure. ne. w.

Ledge Below Fissure

You need both the shaft and the sword in the hole to make a sturdy-enough handhold.

>x rocks. x hole. u. put shaft in hole. u. put sword in hole. u.

Inside a Cave

The game will not let you kill yourself by drinking the water after you add the powder.

>x pool. drink water. put powder in pool. [+5 points]

The game will end on its own soon after you leave the cave.

>d. e.