T2 03 SwashComp The Legend of Lady Magaidh by Daniel Freas [W]
z5 03 SwashComp Sea Captains by Lyssa Penn [W]

SwashComp games were released in September 2003. The solutions below are by David Welbourn. See also the SwashComp homepage.

The Legend of Lady Magaidh

This game is quite linear and short, as the author himself readily admits. There's only four locations in the game, and the word or phrase on the right end of the status bar shows you your current status in the story.

The opening status is "Captured". On turn three, the Captain will arrive. After he offers his deal, kiss the Captain to progress to the next stage. If you refuse to kiss the Captain, you will die a few turns later.

>info. x pirate. w. talk to pirate. x captain. kiss captain.

Status is now: "Awaiting Rescue". To progress to the next stage, you must first talk to the Captain at Aftward, then go to his quarters and attempt to leave.

>x sea. x ship. x deck. x flag. x sail. x rigging. x pirates. x door. u.

>x telescope. talk to captain. d. e.

>x maps. x table. x bed. w. w.

Status is now: "Outruning the Navy". Find the telescope, look through it, then go back down to On Deck to progress. (There seems to be no way to refer to the navy ship.)

>u. take telescope. look through it. d.

Status is now: "Preparing for Battle". Wherever you go, in three turns, a pistol is dropped. Take it and shoot the officer to win. If you delay too long or shoot Captain John, the officer kills you. (Also, it doesn't help to run away. The events of the battle follow you, even if the Captain and the officer themselves do not.)

>w. z. z. take pistol. x pistol. x officer. shoot officer with pistol.

By the way, the winning status is "Sailing Free". The losing status is "Dead".

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Sea Captains

This game tells a pair of stories, but somewhat awkwardly. You start off as Nanny Jenny, and you've brought two children in your care, John and Wendy, to Kensington Park. (However, this is not immediately obvious, even after examining all three people.) Talking to the children appears to be optional, but you might as well, since after you enter the gate, the game continues with either Wendy or John in the leading role. If you talk to John first, you'll play as John. Otherwise, you'll play as Wendy. Unfortunately, this viewpoint transition isn't made explicit.

>about. help. x me. x john. x wendy. x gate.

>talk to john. 2. g. 2. g. 1. g. 1. g. 1.

>talk to wendy. 2. g. 1. g. 1. g. 1. g. 1.


You are now John at Tipi Camp. There's not much to do here. (If you play as Wendy, you'll be at The Mermaid Fountain instead, and John will block the entrance to the ship. Either way, talking with your sibling long enough will trigger Anya's entrance.)

>x me. x tipi. in. sit. stand. out. s.

>x fountains. play. e.

>x nanny. x cabin. talk to nanny. 1. g. 1. g. 1. n.

>x ship. board ship.

>talk to wendy. 1. g. 1. g. 1. g. 2. g. 1. g. 1.

>g. 1. g. 2. g. 3. (Someone new arrives.)

>x lady. talk to lady. 1. g. 1. (She leaves.)

>talk to wendy. 2. g. 1. g. 1. n.

>u. talk to anya. 1. sit.

Another viewpoint change. You are now Princess Alfhind, within the first story. (If you agree to marry Alf, the children will complain that that's not how the story goes, and you'll have to play through that part again. Also, the beach south of the ship is endless, should you decide to pass it by.)

>x me. x alf. x snake. x viper. x furs. x window.

>talk to alf. 2. g. 1. g. 1. g. 2.

>x window. x ladder. d. s. s. x ship. board ship.

Back as John (or Wendy, if you were Wendy before) for one more story.

>talk to anya. 1. g. 1.

Now you are either Mary Read (if you were John) or Anne Bonney (if you were Wendy), within the second story. This story, unfortunately, progresses on its own no matter what you do.

>x me. x jack. x crew. x anne (or mary).

>talk to anne (or mary). 1. g. 1.

>x ship. x mast. x nest. x enemy. kill enemy.

Back as one of the children for the final comments.

>talk to anya. 1. g. 1. g. 1.

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