Speed-IF Crinkle-Cut


Speed-IF Crinkle-Cut was run on March 23rd, 2002 by Duncas Cross. The solutions below are by David Welbourn.

Dining With the Alien

Getting the cereal is easy enough. But how do I fill up the trash bag when it isn't a container? Or wash the dishes? Or, most importantly, get that coat hanger out of my shirt?

>about. i. x coat hanger. x shirt. remove shirt. drop hanger.

>s. w. e. w. s. x tv. s. e.

>x Xrys. talk to Xrys. ask Xrys about anything.

>x box. take box. x milk. x fork. x toaster. x lever.

>x fridge. open it. x milk carton. x bread. eat bread.

>x mustard. x egg carton. close fridge.

>x sink. x cabinet. open cabinet. x bag. x liquid. x fungus.

>x cupboard. open it. x bone. x pops. open pops.

All right, enough with examining the scenery...

>push lever. z. (Continue waiting. Xrys will get the hint... in the end.)

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z→ Inside
The Will
s→ inside
The Book
of Thel

Dithyrambic Bastards

>about. x books. z. (continue waiting until you see John Donne)

>x me. x Donne. n. s. (oops. Why is the north exit to the south?)

>i. x Love. x pit. look in pit. x Blake. x eagle. x mole. n.

>ask Blake about pit. ask eagle about pit. ask mole about pit.

>x rod. x bowl. n. put Love in bowl. n.

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Glacial Rift of the Dick Cavett

Has some funny dialogue similar to that in a chat room. Uses three simple graphics, one for each of the three characters. Some minor problems with the left margin.

>about. x me. i. x blue page. e. x Dick.

>talk to Dick. g. x ghost. talk to ghost.

>talk to Dick. g.

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The Travels of Fitzwilliam Pound

Travel the globe, in a quest to rid yourself of a cursed marble. In South America, your sidekick catches fire because of the heat.

>s. s. n. n. n. take pole. put marble in hole.

North Pole
Canada Europe  Asia 
Africa/ ———
South Pole

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