Speed-IF 5th Anniversary Special


Speed-IF 5th Anniversary Special was run on September 28th, 2003 by David Cornelson. The solutions below (or on linked pages) are by David Welbourn.


A Brain in the Rain

CAUTION: You must be wearing both the cloak and the hat when you leave, else you'll die of hypothermia.

>x me. x table. x tile. x wall. x window. x keyhole. x rain.

>x stick. take it. x cloak. take it. wear it.

>x hat. x rose. take hat. wear it.

>x fishbowl. x brain. x candy. take it.

>kill brain with stick. x brain. take candy. (eat candy. undo.)

>x box. put candy in box. close box. open it. x key. take it.

>unlock window. open it. out.

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(end) Casino
Alley behind

Cough Cough

CAUTION: If you wait too long in the Casino, you will be automatically moved to the Alley, but in such a way so you can never leave the Alley. This is a bug. Very likely, the author coded this as  move player to Alley  instead of  PlayerTo(Alley).

>x mates. x door. x table. x people. x hat. sw.

>x rain. x door. x boxes. x knife. take it.

>x lump. take cloak. x body. open door. xyzzy. n.

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It Could Only Happen To You

>i. x candy. x sign. x banner. x elevator. n.

After the shot has been heard, you can do this to reach the first losing ending:

>n. yes.

Otherwise, continue as follows:


*** TODO ***

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