[Key and Compass] Speed-IF Gruff

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About Speed-IF Gruff

January 20, 2006
Emily Short
Premise is fractured fairy tale: the whole story or a single scene, redone in whatever funny/creepy/weird/etc. variation you would like. No hard deadline, but don't spend more than 2 hours. Sign here when done.
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West of

This is the game that I wrote

by David Welbourn

Note: This walkthrough will eventually move to plover.net/~davidw/sol/t/thisi06.html .

>x me. i. x house. x door. open door.

>look. x matt. ask matt about house. look under matt. again.

>x key. unlock door with key. open door. e.

>x belle. ask belle about nose. push button. again.

>x ring. take ring. wear ring. give ring to belle. ring belle.

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