Key & Compass presents:
Stuff of Legend
by Lance Campbell

Stuff of Legend is a Glulx interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2020 by Lance Campbell. It was an entry in IF Comp 2020 where it tied for 8th place.

In this pleasant comedy, you play as Ichabod Stuff, and after a very bad day, you are now the former village idiot of Swineford. Dejected, you walk home to the Jackson farm. You need to find a new job. After discussing some ideas with Annabelle, you decide to become a knight.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 2 of the game.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


Lost intheForest SecludedGlade LeavingtheForest ForestClearing In anEnglishOak Edge ofForest SparseForest JacksonFarm Loft StreamBank Hillside VillageRoad Front ofFarmhouse Back ofFarmhouse Barnyard Barn Workshop Stall (followingSassy'sdirections) out u u out d d (followingcaterwauling) (any directionpost-battle)


Are you playing this game on a mobile device? Please type in "yes" or "no".

> yesorno (as appropriate)


> x me. x sackcloth.

> x village. x church. x manor. x villagers. x homes.

> x farms. x village green.

> x forest. x stream. x road. x hill. x sky.

> e.

Village Road

> x farm.

> e.

Jackson Farm

> x farmhouse. x barn. x workshop. x fields. x livestock.

Farmer Jackson is in his workshop. Go this way:

> se.


> x Horace. x blanket. (thick, light, and durable; hint hint)

> climb fence. (You won't do that.)

> e.


> x Minnie. x bucket. take bucket. (Minnie almost kicks you instead.)

> x stalls. x barrels. x equipment.

Hm. How to calm Minnie down?

> pet cow. milk cow.

Neither of those ideas worked. Deal with Minnie later.

> e.


> x Farmer. x projects. x forge. x cage.

> talk to Farmer.

> 1. (about job loss)

> 1. (about work: talk to Clara)

> 2. (about tree: multi-fruit tree only produces coconuts)

> 3. (about squirrels)

> 4. (end chat)

Clara's inside the farmhouse. Go talk to her next.

> w. w. nw. e.

Front of Farmhouse

> x table. x benches. x oven. (You take a catnip toy.)

> x toy. x firewood. e.

Back of Farmhouse

> x Clara. x bed. x table. x chairs. x chest.

> talk to Clara.

> 1. (about job loss; She says to talk to Annabelle.)

> 2. (end chat)

Annabelle's upstairs in the loft.

> w. u.


> x Annabelle. x Sassy. x bed. x books. x shelf.

> x trunk. (You take a leather ball.)

> x clothes. x ball.

> talk to Annabelle.

> 1. (about job loss)

> 1. (about idea)

> 1. (about another idea)

> 1. (about yet another idea)

> 1. (about still another idea)

> 1. (about last idea: knight.)

Unfortunately, you step on the cat's tail, and they both leave.

> d. e.

Back of Farmhouse

> talk to Clara.

> 1. (about knight)

> 1. (about quest: You need armor, helmet, and a weapon.)

> 1. (about armor)

> 2. (about helmet)

> 3. (about weapon: She gives you some shears.)

> 3. (end chat)

> x shears.

> w. w. ne.

Edge of Forest

> x tree. x faint trail.

> talk to Annabelle.

> 1. (about what's wrong)

> 1. (about rescue ideas: You need a bird lure and a disguise.)

> 2. (about bird lure: You need mud, straw, and a fake bird.)

> 3. (about disguise)

> 4. (end chat)

> sw. se.


To deal with Horace, you need to make horse noises.

> whinny. (Horace trots nearer.)

> take blanket. (No, he needs to be friendly first.)

> neigh. (He snorts, pauses, then neighs.)

Is a snort the proper response to a neigh? Try it:

> snort. (He moves closer. Then he nickers.)

> whinny. (He moves closer. Then he snorts.)

> nicker. (He moves closer. Then he whinnies.)

> neigh. (He is now quite friendly.)

> pet Horace. take blanket.

> cut blanket with shears. wear blanket.

The blanket is now your "armor". Bonus: You now smell like a horse.

> e.


If horse noises worked with Horace, will cow noises work with Minnie?

> moo. (You start a conversation with Minnie; see note below.)

> 1to3. (Repeat until Minnie is calm.)

> 1 (end chat)

NOTE: When mooing with Minnie, your conversational choices are randomly generated. One will be calming, one will be agitating, and one will have no effect.

Avoid any mooing containing exclamation marks or capital O's. Any mooing that looks like shouting will upset Minnie.

Choose mooing that contains long strings of lowercase m's and o's. This sort of mooing is the most likely to calm Minnie down.

Examples of calming mooing:

Examples of neutral mooing:

Examples of upsetting mooing:

Now that Minnie is calm:

> take bucket. wear bucket. (No, it stinks.)

> s.


> x mattress. x hole. (You take some straw.)

> n. e.


> x tree. take coconut. x it.

> n.

Stream Bank

> x boulder. x stream. x forest. x mud.

> wash bucket. wear bucket.

Opening the coconut can be a bit tricky.

> break coconut with boulder.

> i. x left half. x right half.

> nw. w. nw.

Forest Clearing

> x nutshells. x trees.

> drop left half. (Squirrels eat all but the shell.)

> take left shell.

> se. e. se.

Stream Bank

Let's make a nest:

> put mud in left shell.

> put straw in left shell.

> put ball in left shell. (This shapes the straw correctly.)

> s.


> talk to Farmer.

> 1. (about squirrels' location: needs a pumping spray device)

> 2. (end chat)

> put left half in forge. (You drop it near instead.)

> z. z. z.

> x straw. (The mud is all dried.)

> take left shell. (You automatically extract the leather ball and nest.)

> put catnip toy in nest.

> n. nw. w. u.

In an English Oak

> x leaves. x branches. meow. (The cat meows back.)

> move leaves. count leaves. (yay)

> cut leaves with shears.

> drop nest. (Sassy moves closer.)

> take Sassy.

You both fall out of the tree, and the cat runs away.

Edge of Forest

Annabelle starts crying and is now too upset to talk to you. Return to the workshop:

> e. se. s.


> talk to Farmer.

> 1. (about completed quest: he asks why cat was in tree)

> 1or2or3. (He asks where the cat is now.)

> 3. (He's finished the antidote sprayer.)

> 2. (He gives the sprayer to you.)

> x sprayer.

> n. nw. w.

Edge of Forest

> nw. (You hear the cat caterwauling to the northwest.)

Forest Clearing

> nw.

Lost in the Forest (three locations)

Try to locate Sassy with cat noises:

> meow. (A louder cat noise is needed.)

> caterwaul. (She's east.)

> e.

> caterwaul. (She's southeast.)

> se.

> caterwaul. (She's northeast.)

> ne.

Secluded Glade

> x squirrels.

> spray squirrels with sprayer. (It's jammed! Hijinks ensue.)

> any key

> any key

> any key (You pick up Sassy automatically.)

> x mist. x squirrels. (They're normal-sized.)

Any compass direction works for leaving the glade.

> s. (The cat yowls.)

Leaving the Forest (five locations)

Sassy as now trying to tell you the way home, using cat noises as compass directions. If you make a mistake, she hisses. If you follow her direction correctly, she purrs.

It turns out that yowl means west.

> w.

Now Sassy caterwauls then yowls. If yowl means west, maybe caterwaul-yowl means northwest.

> nw.

Now Sassy trills. Perhaps trill means south?

> s.

Now Sassy trills then meows. That must mean southeast.

> se.

Now Sassy meows. That means east.

> e.

Forest Clearing

You stumble into the clearing, where all three Jacksons are waiting for you. Clara calls you a true hero.

> any key

> any key

Maybe you shouldn't be a knight. Maybe you should make a career of talking to animals.

*** The End. ***

> amusing



This is the response to AMUSING after you win the game:

Did you try...





This is the text of the "About the Game" menu-item accessed via the ABOUT, CREDITS, or HELPcommands:

About the Game

The only thing worse than being a village idiot is being an unemployed village idiot.

Maybe it's time to change careers. Maybe it's time to be a knight.

Stuff of Legend was written by Lance Campbell, using Inform 7, for the 2020 Interactive Fiction Competition.

I would like to thank my beta-testers, Greg Frost, J. J. Guest, Melanie Leclau and Brian Rushton. They all put up with a lot of bugs, confusing puzzle designs and storycraft problems. They provided the constructive feedback and moral support I needed to get my first game completed on time and submitted to the 2020 competition.

Thanks also to J. J. Guest for providing the fantastic cover art. I was looking for humorous, stylish, eye-catching visuals to complement Ichabod Stuff and his idiotic adventures. J. J. provided exactly what was needed.


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