Key & Compass presents:
Storm Over London
by Juhana Leinonen

Storm Over London is a Hugo interactive fiction story and is © 2014 by Juhana Leinonen. It was a participant in the 7th annual New Year's Minicomp.

In this short story, you play as a young woman driving home in a rainstorm but the GPS is offline and you get lost and then your car stalls in front of an old house. You need to call a tow truck, but your cell phone has no reception. Hopefully whoever lives here will let you use their phone.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the story.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction story. Please make an honest effort to play the story before reading this walkthrough.


Roof Bedroom UpstairsHallway Study Balcony MansionCourtyard,in the car FrontPorch LivingRoom Cellar u in out u d out in out d out in u

Note that there are no compass directions in this story. You navigate with IN, OUT, UP, and DOWN exclusively. Note also that where you are in the story changes the meaning of IN and OUT when upstairs.


Mansion Courtyard, in the car

> about. credits.

> x me. i. x clothes. x phone. x car. x GPS.

> out.

Front Porch

> x rain. x door. knock on door. (A woman answers.)

> tell woman about the car. ask woman about using a phone.

> in.

Living Room

She wants you to change into Elizabeth's clothes. Upstairs. Second door to left.

> u.

Upstairs Hallway

> in.


> x window. x wardrobe. open wardrobe. x dresses.

> remove clothes. (You drop them.)

> take dress. (You wear it.)

> out. d.

Living Room

Woman calls you Elizabeth. Then the lights go out. She gives you a candle and asks you to check on your father.

> tell woman about myself. ask woman about using the telephone.

> ask woman about father. ask woman about electricity.

> x candle.

> u.

Upstairs Hallway

> in. knock on door.

An old man tells you to go down to the cellar and turn on the diesel generator.

> d.

Living Room

> x woman. call tow truck.

> d.


> x generator. turn it on. u.

Living Room

You put the candle on a table.

> u.

Upstairs Hallway

> knock on door.


> save. (In case you want to replay this final scene differently.)

> tell man about myself. tell man about storm.

> ask man about woman.

> x machine. ask man about machine.

> x curtains. open curtains. tell man about London.

He gives you an axe and tells you to cut the roof antenna.

> x axe. out.


> in. (The man has shot himself.)

> u.


CAUTION: When you reach the roof, you have time for only one action.

> cut antenna.

*** THE END ***





This is the response to CREDITS:

Storm Over London was written by Juhana Leinonen, using the Hugo development system by Kent Tessman.

Many thanks to Jonathan Blask for the Roodylib and PastTense libraries and for helping with programming issues.


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