Key & Compass presents:
A Spliff in Time
by Sam Kabo Ashwell

A Spliff in Time is a TADS 2 interactive fiction game and is © 2002 by Sam Kabo Ashwell (as "George Tall"). It was a participant in the first Speed-IF Jacket event and it also has a much longer title.

In this silly and surreal little game, you play as the anthropomorphic superhero known as Super Skunk. Toking up some choice substances has Unhinged you in Time, so it's time to go on a Mission.

This solution is by David Welbourn.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


The PlanetUranus BrentfordDolphinSanctuary Muhammad'sLarder ExplosionLand n s e s/w n/e n/w s/e w w s n


Explosion Land

Oddly, Super Skunk doesn't know the verb SPRAY.

> x me. x Richard. x Alexander. x Threat. x Justice.

> e.

The Planet Uranus

> x Uranus. x gas. take gas.

> e.

Muhammad's Larder

> x shelves. x cake. take cake. eat cake. x Rizla.

> w.

Brentford Dolphin Sanctuary

> x leaflet. read leaflet. take leaflet. x roach.

> x dolphin. heal dolphin. x bud. roll joint. x tulip.

> s.

Explosion Land

> x flame. light tulip. e.

The Planet Uranus

> light tulip. smoke tulip. w.

Explosion Land

> give tulip to Richard. (or to any of the NPCs)

*** The End ***




Full title

The full title of this game is:

Super Skunk Explodes Magnifecently And Yet Strangely Vituperatively Upon the Already Pretty Explosion-Oriented Regions of that Hot Place you Learnt about in Geography That One Time But You Weren't Paying Attention because you were sitting Opposite that significantly more Hot Chick with the Missing Button on her Blouse
or, A Spliff In Time
or, Marcus Garvey's Ghost is a Spectre Haunting Europe with his Mighty Dub Beats and Impressive Necktie terrifying all Inferior Spectres like it Ain't No God Damn Thang
or, Dude, Where's My Carbine?
or, Jane Austen is a Fuck Puppet
or, Prythee Iffe Thy Drawres Be Down the Faire Gentlewomenfolke shall cry thee a Bumble-Snoggler and Jackabuttflake, thenceafter hurling after thee rancide Rich Tea biscuites and Goat Pornographie, drivinge thee utterlye from the good environns of Cardiff
or, orthography bx/9 (ankles) nefariousness


Jacket quotes

From the game's prologue:

"Quite simply the best masterpiece that modern IF's premiere author, George Tall, has produced yet." -John Cater

"My first thought was: 'Yikes! Waaaaay too much titleage! (Is that a word?) I mean, there's practically more title than story!'" -- Caleb.

"The narrative is outrageously demented and the story it tells is destructive to our shared values. Its magisterial brilliance makes me laugh uproariously each and every time I come across it." -Duchess

"The game only justifies my intense hatred of Swedish furniture." -Duncan Cross

"Yeah, it was a fun game. I'm still trying to figure out if the tulips were a metaphor for something, though. Very confusing." -Jason Love

"A fascinating adventure set in only four rooms." --Atholbrose

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