Key & Compass presents:
by Dave Lebling

Spellbreaker is a Z-machine commercial interactive fiction game written with ZIL and is © 1985 Infocom, Inc.. It was written by Dave Lebling. The game is the third part of Infocom's Enchanter Trilogy, and on rare occasions, its banner line says Mage instead of Spellbreaker. The game's feelies included the Frobozz Magic Magic Equipment Catalog and six trading cards featuring famous enchanters of Zork; the text on these cards includes the copy protection information that players will need halfway through the game. Spellbreaker was later republished in the Lost Treasures of Infocom and Masterpieces of Infocom collections.

You play as the young enchanter from the previous games Enchanter and Sorcerer, but more powerful and respected than before. An unexpected crisis with magic itself leads you on a quest into hidden parts of the land of Zork to find the legendary Cubes of Foundation, powerful items which can alter the laws of reality. And what if you succeed? Will you be known as the Mage who restored magic or as the Spellbreaker?

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 87 of the game. This version of the game was available on the Masterpieces of Infocom CD. SPELLBREAKER is a trademark of Infocom, Inc.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of a commercial interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


Map 1: Borphee, Boneyard, Nondescript Room

CouncilChamber GuildHall BelwitSquare Boneyard Non-descriptRoom blorple"death" (gold boxlocation) blorplenon-cube (go back topreviouslocation)

Map 2: Packed Earth

d PackedEarth blorple"earth" (gold boxlocation) CaveEntrance Hall ofStone Midair CliffMiddle

Map 3: Temple Ruins, Oubliette, and Dungeon

Midair PackedEarth WaterRoom Temple North ofSerpent GuardTower DungeonCell SmoothRoom Dungeon DungeonEast End Hall ofStone RuinsRoom Oubliette RuinedPipe In Pipe In Pipe InChannel (die) d d d out out u u u enter pipe enter channel

Map 4: Mountain (Ogre and Hermit)

u d u d u d u d u u d d u d FireRoom PackedEarth StoneHut MountainTop Boulder Boulder Boulder CliffTop Cave CliffMiddle OgreLair CaveEntrance CliffBottom

Map 5: Soft Room, Meadow, Magic Room, and Castle

u SoftRoom Meadow MagicRoom Castle blorple"life" (gold boxlocation) blorple"magic" In ThickClouds (gold boxlocation)

Map 6: Water Room

blorple"water" Oubliette (gold boxlocation) WaterRoom OpenOcean Mid-Ocean OpenOcean OceanFloor d u

Map 7: Air Room

Glacier AirRoom Bazaar Emporium In ThickClouds blorple"air" (gold boxlocation) Midair u u d

Map 8: Changing Room and Octagonal Rooms

blorple"change" (gold boxlocation) OctagonalRoom OctagonalRoom OctagonalRoom OctagonalRoom OctagonalRoom OctagonalRoom Octagonalroom OctagonalRoom OctagonalRoom BareRoom CarvingRoom ChangingRoom

Map 9: Midair and Roc Nest

In ThickClouds Midair In RocNest Wilderness PackedEarth AirRoom Enchanters'Retreat Meadow Bazaar Cliff Top/Middle/Bottom CaveEntrance Glacier GuardTower u u u u d s d d d random orlesoch (die)

Map 10: String Room and Enchanters' Retreat

blorple"fate" (gold boxlocation) StringRoom Enchanters'Retreat

Map 11: Light Room

blorple"light" (gold boxlocation) VolcanoBase LightRoom

Map 12: No Place, the Plain, and the Vaults

blorple"mind" (gold boxlocation) OuterVault No Place InnerVault Plain(A2) Plain(A3) Plain(A4) Plain(B1) Plain(B2) Plain(B3) Plain(B4) Plain(C1) Plain(C2) Plain(C3) Plain(C4) Plain(D1) Plain(D2) Plain(D3) Plain(D4)

Map 13: Dark Room and Grue Caves

u u d climb pillar u d d d DarkRoom DarkCave GrueCave On Pillar LightPool blorple"dark" (gold boxlocation)

Map 14: Fire Room

throw blorple"fire" (gold boxlocation) CliffTop Out-cropping Volcano FireRoom

Map 15: Sand Room

u d RuinsRoom(past) SandRoom DungeonCell(past) blorple"time"

Map 16: Puzzle hierarchy

START: spell book, burin, knife,blorple, bread, fish, earth cube zipper,1st girgol caskly throck gold coin life cube weed espnis,gold box,water cube liskon air cube changecube beautifulblue carpet tinsot compassrose fate cube death cube,snavig mind cube wroughtiron key light cube lavafragment dark cube fire cube magic cube time cube vellumscroll 2nd girgol THE END

Summary of the Walkthrough


Before we begin, please note:

Council Chamber

The game begins with various guildmasters presenting their complaints about recent failures of magic. They do this for four turns, just long enough for you to check out your inventory:

> i. examine spell book. examine knife. examine burin.

In the middle of Ardis's presentation, everyone changes into amphibians! That is, everyone except you and a cloaked figure who slips quietly out the door. Chase them!

> s. s.

Belwit Square

The figure disappears in a cloud of orange smoke. And you seem unable to find your way out of the smoke.

> examine smoke. read book. (+15. The blorple spell is new.)

> spells. (Gnusto, rezrov, and frotz are yours forever; no other spells memorized.)

> learn blorple. blorple burin.

Nondescript Room

It's dark, but we can easily fix that:

> frotz knife. (Your knife will now be a light source for the rest of the game.)

This location is where "blorple" takes you when cast on any normal object. This location isn't very useful.

> s.

Belwit Square

The burin reappears in your hand. If the smoke is still here, you could either bunder around for several turns, and the smoke will dissipate on its own. But you have another option:

> learn lesoch. lesoch.

Assuming your spell didn't randomly fail, the wind blows the smoke away and you find a cube. If the spell did fail. re-learn and re-cast the spell until it does work.

> take cube. (+25)

> examine cube. n.

Guild Hall

> take all. (Fish and bread taken.)

> verbose. n.

Council Chamber

> learn yomin. yomin Sneffle.

The transformed guildmasters aren't thinking human thoughts at the moment and aren't going to be helpful.

> s. s.

Belwit Square

> w. e. (Going west or east is unhelpful.)

> s. (Your way is blocked by a guard.)

> examine guard. ask guard about manse. (He ignores you. Idiot.)

So, it comes down to this. The blorple spell is new. The cube is new. What happens if you blorple the cube?

> learn blorple. blorple cube.

Packed Earth

> look in hole. (You see clouds!)

> n. (Can't go through that exit?)

> e.

Hall of Stone

You get the cube back. Since the cube took you to Packed Earth, do this, using the burin:

> write "earth" on cube.

You'll be finding more cubes later, and writing words on them will help you tell them apart. And since it's my walkthrough, I get to choose which words to write on the cubes, okay?

> examine blocks. smell.

> s.

Ruins Room

The zipper is a bag of holding. Curiously, we can enter it while holding it.

> examine statues.

> take zipper. examine it. open it. look in it. (It's dark.)

> enter zipper. look. (You see the flimsy scroll.)

> take scroll. (+10)

> read it. (girgol: stop time. It's complicated.)

> leave zipper.

> gnusto girgol. (This spell is too complicated to record with gnusto.)

> put fish and bread in zipper.

> n. n.

Smooth Room

> examine serpent. learn yomin. yomin serpent.

Hm. We'll deal with the serpent later.

> learn blorple. blorple "earth".

Packed Earth

There's a chance you might randomly die during this next bit of business, so please save first.

> save.

> d. (You hesitate.)

> d. (Go for it!)


You will fall for a couple turns and luckily be caught by a giant roc, who will then carry you to her nest. You can't do anything much during either the fall or the flight except wait.

> z. (Repeat waiting until you die or reach the nest.)

If you are unlucky, you'll just die when you crash into the ground. If that happens you'll be resurrected into an odd place called the Boneyard. Head north into Belwit Square and blorple the "earth" cube from there and try this stunt again. Or just restore from your save point.

In Roc Nest

At long as you don't threaten the roc or the egg, you'll be fine.

However, if you start to get tired, learn blorple and blorple the "earth" cube immediately. You don't want to get too tired to learn the spell, and you definitely don't want to sleep here!

> examine bird. examine egg. (Will hatch soon.)

> take scroll. (+10)

> examine it. ("caskly spell: cause perfection")

> gnusto caskly.

> take cube. (The roc won't let you near it.)

You can't take the new cube while the roc is here. You'll have to return for it later.

> learn blorple. blorple "earth".

Packed Earth

> s.

Cliff Middle

> take scroll. (+10) read it. gnusto throck.

> u.

Cliff Top

CAUTION: If the rocks start falling on their own early, skip down to where you cast girgol!

> save. (Sometimes the timing of events here can be a bit off and you might need to try again.)

> examine rocks. examine building.

> push rocks. (The rocks should be falling.)

> girgol. (The rocks stop falling and you can use them like a ladder.)

> u.

Boulder (three locations)

Don't dilly-dally; the effect of girgol doesn't last forever.

> u. u. u.

Mountain Top

If you're tired, and you probably are by now, you can safely sleep here.

NOTE: I won't be including explicit instructions when to sleep since random spell failures and other factors make it impossible for me to know exactly when your character is tired.

> take coin. examine it. (500 zorkmids!)

> w.

Stone Hut

CAUTION: Don't malyon the cube here; the hut will collapse and you'll die.

> examine hermit. examine cube.

> take cube. (The hermit claims it's the hut's keystone and stops you.)

> ask hermit about hermit. ask hermit for cube. (He won't do it.)

> learn yomin. yomin hermit. (He's suspicious. He thinks you'll rob him.)

> learn caskly. caskly hut. (The cube is no longer needed in the wall.)

> take cube. write "life" on cube.

> learn blorple. blorple "life".

Soft Room

This is also a fine place to sleep.

> s.


You don't need the shears and you don't want to use them. Just pull the weed twice.

> put "life" in zipper.

> examine weed. (It's ragweed.) examine shears.

> take weed. again. (It comes out with a ball of earth.)

> learn blorple. blorple "earth".

Packed Earth

> w. n.


The ogre blocks your way down.

> examine ogre. learn yomin. yomin ogre. (He's got hay fever.)

> plant weed. learn throck. throck weed. (The ogre is overcome with sneezing.)

> d.

Ogre Lair

Be quick, grab his stuff, and get out of there. Examine your new treasures elsewhere. The ogre will kill you if he recovers and finds you in his lair.

> take box. (+10) take scroll. (+10)

> learn blorple. blorple "earth".

Packed Earth

> read scroll. gnusto espnis.

> examine box. (Decorated with dolphins.)

> open box. take cube. (+25)

> write "water" on cube.

> e.

Hall of Stone

Pause a moment to fiddle with the gold box:

> put "earth" in box. (The box now displays moles.)

> take "earth".

> take "life". put "life" in box. (Now it's rabbits.)

> put "life" in zipper.

> put coin in box. (It won't go in. Huh.)

Seems only cubes go into the box, and every cube has its own representative creatures. Moving on.

> learn blorple. blorple "water".

Water Room

Okay, you're about to head south into the middle of the ocean, and the only way you know that and what you need to do is by learning through failure. And that's not fair, but that's how games used to be written. So just let me tell you outright what you need to do.

First, falling into the ocean is going to destroy your spell book. You need to either leave the book here and come back for it later or put it into something waterproof. As it happens, the zipper when closed will keep everything inside it perfectly dry.

Second, if you don't have your spell book available, you better pre-learn any spells you're likely to need. And you will need blorple to get back, so learn that spell first.

Third, there's a big hungry fish called a grouper in the bit of ocean we're about to visit, and it will help if we have a morsel of food for him. So take the smoked fish out of the zipper. And take your frotzed knife so you've got light to see by.

Got all that? So let's do this:

> learn blorple. put all in zipper.

> take fish and knife. close zipper.

> save. (Just in case you make a mistake, eh?)

> s.


You drop the "water" cube here on entry. The danger here is that the grouper will swallow either the cube or the bottle and you need both. Make sure you throw the smoked fish at the cube and not at the grouper or anything else. Also note that "take all" does not work as you'd hope in this location.

> throw smoked fish at cube. (Grouper swallows the fish and leaves.)

> take "water". take bottle.

> blorple "water".

Water Room

> open bottle. take damp scroll. (+10)

> read it. ("liskon spell: shrink a living thing")

> open zipper. take book. gnusto liskon.

> put bottle in zipper. n.


> examine channel. examine inflow. examine outflow. examine opening.

You can't reach the trap door in the ceiling just yet, but you can use your new shrinking spell to enter the channel. Zip up the spell book again to waterproof it and I suggest learning liskon twice in case it fails the first time:

> learn liskon. again. put all in zipper.

> take knife. close zipper. save.

> liskon me. enter channel. w. w.

In Pipe (western)

You won't stay shrunken forever, so just grab the cube and go.

> take cube. (+25)

> w.

Ruined Pipe

CAUTION: Going west from here is deadly.

> out.

Ruins Room

Huh. Back here again? That's handy.

> open zipper. take box, burin, book.

> put cube in box. (Butterflies.)

> take cube. write "change" on cube. put "change" in zipper.

> n. n.

Smooth Room

> learn liskon. liskon snake.

> learn yomin. yomin snake. (It's much happier now.)

> n.

North of Serpent

> w. (You follow a circle, ending up back here.)

> n.


> examine idol. examine eye. examine mouth.

> climb idol. examine mouth. (Cube on its tongue.)

> examine fangs. examine eye. (It's an opal.)

> pry eye with knife. take opal. put opal in zipper. d.

> learn malyon. learn espnis.

There's a danger in bringing the idol to life. Don't attract its attention; it will kill you if it finds you. Also there's careful timing on this. If you espnis the idol too soon, he'll sleep with his mouth closed. And you might have to try this twice if either of your spells fail because, y'know, magic is failing.

> malyon idol. z. espnis idol. z.

> climb idol. take cube. (+25) d.

> put cube in box. (Eagles.)

> take cube. write "air" on cube.

> learn blorple. blorple "air".

Air Room

> n.


CAUTION: Walking any direction is fatal; you walk into a crevasse. You can also freeze if you stay here too long.

> take scroll. (+10.) read scroll. ("tinsot spell: freeze")

> gnusto tinsot. learn blorple. blorple "air".

Air Room

> w.


> put "air" in zipper. e.


Asking the merchant about either carpet gives the same answer. You want the blue one.

> examine blue carpet. examine red carpet. take coin.

> buy blue carpet. (He says the cost is 800 zm. Time to haggle.)

> offer 200 zm. (His counteroffer is 700 zm.)

> offer 300 zm. (His counteroffer is 600 zm.)

> offer 400 zm. (His counteroffer is 500 zm.)

> give coin to merchant. (He gives you a carpet but it's the red one!)

> take blue carpet. (+10. Finally, you have it.)

> w.


> turn carpet over. read label. put carpet in zipper.

Sorry, but don't try to use the carpet right away. There's nowhere to fly to except to the roc nest, and you're not ready for that yet.

> learn blorple. take "change". blorple "change".

Changing Room

> n.

Bare Room

> examine compass rose. take it. (+10.)

> learn blorple. blorple "change".

Changing Room

> w.

Carving Room

> put "change" in zipper.

> examine carving. put rose in carving. (Hole opens north; also north arm of the rose dulls.)

> take rose. n.

The hole disappears when you go through. If you mess this up and need to return through this way, take the rose and reinsert it to re-open the hole. This will also reset the rose itself.

Octagonal Room (southeastern)

So, uh, this is a mini-maze of octagonal rooms, and you use the compass rose as a key to open holes in the walls to go through.

The main difficulty is figuring out that touching a rune with the rose is useful. You only get an opening when the rune is silver and the corresponding arm on the compass rose is also silver. And since the corresponding arm dulls whenever a hole appears, this means you can only use each direction of the compass at most once.

There are actually three ways through this mini-maze, but you're not missing anything if you just use the route I tell you.

> put rose on west rune. w.

Octagonal Room (southern)

> put rose on northwest rune. nw.

Octagonal Room (western)

> put rose on northeast rune. ne.

Octagonal Room (northern)

> rezrov plug. (The alabaster plug disappears, leaving the hole west.)

> w.

Octagonal Room (northwestern)

> put rose in zipper. take cube. (+25)

> put cube in box. (Owls.)

> take cube. write "mind" on cube.

> put "mind" in zipper. take "water"

> learn blorple. blorple "water".

Water Room

> n.


You can't use the carpet to reach the trap door. Since we're about to flood this room with water and float to the top, make sure your book is safe inside the closed zipper. Also, keep the frotzed knife outside the zipper so you can see what you're doing.

> learn tinsot. learn tinsot. learn tinsot.

> rezrov door. put all in zipper.

> take knife. close zipper.

> tinsot outflow. tinsot outflow.

> tinsot water. get on floe. z. u.


> take cube. (+25)

> open zipper. take box. put cube in box. (Worms.)

> take cube. take burin. write "death" on cube.

> put "death" in zipper.

> take spell book.

> e. n.

Dungeon Cell

> examine cabinet. rezrov cabinet.

> examine moldy book. take it. (+10)

> learn caskly. caskly moldy book. (+15)

> read it. (One spell left: "snavig spell: shape change")

> gnusto snavig.

> s. w.


Before heading upstairs, prepare blorple and have the carpet directly in hand.

> learn blorple. take carpet.

> u.

Guard Tower

Act quickly before the roc can grab you!

> drop carpet. sit on carpet. u. (The roc flies away.)

Midair, on the beautiful blue carpet

> w. w. w. w. d.

In Roc Nest

Don't wait around; the egg will hatch and the baby roc will eat you.

> stand. take carpet. take cube. (+25) blorple cube.

String Room

> put carpet in zipper.

> s.

Enchanters' Retreat

> examine Belboz. ask Belboz about Belboz.

He is suspicious since he's seen an impostor of you, so he asks you to prove yourself by answering a question. This is the copy protection portion of the game; you're meant to look up the answer on the trading cards that came with the game.

If he is satisfied with your answer, he gives you a wrought iron key and is open to questioning (+25). Incidentally, it's curious that he thinks you'd need a key when you have the rezrov spell, isn't it?

> ask Belboz about cubes. ask Belboz about key. ask Belboz about figure.

> learn yomin. yomin Belboz.

Guess that's all you can do here.

> put key in zipper.

> put cube in box. (Spiders.) take cube.

> write "fate" on cube. put "fate" in zipper.

> take "water". learn blorple. blorple "water".

Water Room

Prepare to turn into a grouper. Pre-learn the spells you need and leave everything you don't need here. You don't want to get your spell book wet and you can't carry anything when you're a fish anyway.

> learn blorple. learn snavig. learn snavig.

> take bread. drop all but bread.

> save.

> s.


If your first attempt to snavig grouper fails, try again. That's why I had you learn the spell twice.

> throw bread at cubeortake cube. (Don't let the grouper eat the cube!)

> snavig grouper. (You'll drop the cube if you were holding it.)

> d.

Ocean Floor

Don't be tempted into eating a cube just because the grouper does it. You'll just lose the cube and gain a tummyache.

> z. (Continue to wait until you return to human form.)

> take "water". take cube. (+25) u.


> blorple "water".

Water Room

> take all.

> put cube in box. (Fireflies.)

> take cube. write "light" on cube.

> n.


> put "water" in zipper.

> learn blorple. blorple "light".

Light Room

> w.

Volcano Base

> put "light" in zipper.

After one turn here, a fragment of lava lands beside you.

> learn tinsot. tinsot fragment. take it. examine it.

> take "mind". learn blorple. blorple "mind".

No Place

> s.

Plain (several locations, beginning at B2 on my map)

> put "mind" in zipper.

> examine green rock. e. (You can't walk on this too-smooth surface.)

> learn yomin. yomin green rock. (It fails like a burst balloon; the rock talks.)

Virtually all spells except blorple will fail miserably here. The flying carpet doesn't work here either. You can't even walk. You must play by the local rules.

> green rock, hello. (It would like some crunchy food.)

> give fragment to green rock. get on green rock.

> examine lines. ask green rock about brown rock.

Direct the green rock around, going through the diagonal at the northwest corner of the plain once, then head directly to the brown rock. Coordinates are not in the game; see Map 12 to understand what I mean by "A2" or "C4".

> Green, n. (Green now at A2; Brown now at C4.)

> Green, sw. (Green now at B1; Brown now at D4.)

> Green, e. (Green now at B2; Brown now at C4 or D3.)

There is some randomness in how the brown-eyed rock moves:

Brown probably reversed its previous move and is back at D4. Move green into C3:

Brown moved either north to C4 or west to D3. Go directly to whichever it's at:

When the both rocks are together:

> jump to brown rock. take cube. (+25)

> put cube in box. (Grues are displayed.)

> write "dark" on cube. take "dark".

> put box and burin in zipper.

> learn blorple. blorple "dark".

Dark Room

> d.

Dark Cave

Frotz isn't working well here.

> examine pile.

> learn snavig. learn blorple. drop knife.

> save.

> d.

Grue Cave

Don't stop to admire the scenery; turn into a grue immediately and hurry with your task before it wears off.

> snavig grue. (Your view of the Grue Cave changes too.)

> d.

Light Pool / On Pillar

> climb pillar. take cube. (+25)

> d. u. u.

Dark Cave

> take knife.

> z. z. (Wait until you're human again; grues can't say spells.)

> blorple cube.

Fire Room

> put "dark" in zipper.

> n.


The outcropping is too far away to jump to.

> examine outcropping. examine lava.

> take box. put cube in box. (Salamanders.)

> take cube. take burin. write "fire" on cube.

CAUTION: It's important that the box currently depicts salamanders. This opens the Fire Room's east exit to the gold box's location.

> throw box at outcropping.

> learn blorple. blorple "fire".

Fire Room

> e.


> take box. take cube. (You are blasted with magical power.)

> put cube in box. take cube. write "magic" on cube.

> take "mind"

> learn blorple. blorple "mind".

No Place

> e.

Inner Vault

Prepare for the challenge ahead:

> put "mind" and "fire" in zipper.

> learn blorple. (So you can make a quick getaway.)

> learn jindak. g. g.

> save.

You must have previously picked up the "magic" cube and increased your power in order for this usage of rezrov to work.

> rezrov door. (The door opens.)

> n. (The door slams shut behind you.)

Outer Vault

CAUTION: If you rezrov the iron door open, an alarm sounds and guards race towards you. If they reach you, you're dead.

CAUTION: SAVE doesn't work in this room!

CAUTION: Three applications of magic is all you get before an alarm fairy sounds the alarm. This includes using the gold box, which doesn't help anyway since all of these cubes make the box display turtles.

CAUTION: If you try to blorple while carrying more than one of these X cubes, you'll have none of them at your destination. You can't cheat this puzzle that way.

This setup is a classic "three weighings puzzle"; I easily found this Ask Dr Math page that gives several ways to solve this puzzle; I'll borrow the general solution suggested by Lars Prins. But instead of using scales and checking which plate is heavier or lighter, you'll use the jindak spell to see which pile glows brighter than the other. (Cubes not in either pile still glow, just not in any way that helps you.)

For each "weighing", record which pile glows brighter: 1 for the first pile, 2 for the second pile, or 0 if they glow the same.

For the first weighing, arrange the cubes so first pile is [x1, x2, x7, x10], second is [x3, x4, x6, x9].

> take x3. put it in second.

> take x4. put it in second.

> take x5. drop it.

> take x6. put it in second.

> take x7. put it in first.

> take x8. drop it.

> take x10. put it in first.

> take x11. drop it.

> take x12. drop it.

> look. jindak.

For the second weighing, first pile is [x1, x3, x8, x11], second is [x2, x5, x6, x7].

> take x2. put it in second.

> take x3. put it in first.

> take x4. drop it.

> take x5. put it in second.

> take x7. put it in second.

> take x8. put it in first.

> take x9. drop it.

> take x10. drop it.

> take x11. put it in first.

> look. jindak.

For the third weighing, first pile is [x2, x3, x9, x12], second is [x1, x4, x5, x8].

> take x1. put it in second.

> take x2. put it in first.

> take x4. put it in second.

> take x6. drop it.

> take x7. drop it.

> take x8. put it in second.

> take x9. put it in first.

> take x11. drop it.

> take x12. put it in first.

> look. jindak.

With this third use of magic, the alarm fairy appears and sounds the alarm. Look up your code in this table, and quickly grab the correct cube and blorple out of there!

Sand Room

> d.

Dungeon Cell (in the past)

You're back in time! The horrible truth is that you must leave this place the way you originally found it, with your spell book locked inside the cabinet!

> unlock cabinet with key. open cabinet. take vellum. examine it.

> learn blorple. learn blorple.

> put spell book in cabinet. close cabinet. lock cabinet with key.

> rezrov door. blorple "x5" (or whichever one it was)

Sand Room

You should still have the "magic" cube directly in hand, but if not, take it now.

> u.

Ruins Room (in the past)

The area is flooding; you can't go north. You've gone back in time!

Again, you must leave this place the way you originally found it, with the closed zipper containing the flimsy scroll.

> take sack. open it. (It has the flimsy scroll in it.)

> empty zipper into sack.

> enter zipper. close zipper. (Remember, the zipper is waterproof, and we need to leave the zipper here anyway. Unfortunately, we still need to work quickly, since the cold of the water can kill us too.)

> take flimsy scroll.

> copy girgol on vellum. (You need the boost by holding the "magic" cube.)

> drop flimsy. blorple "magic".

Magic Room

> e.


It's important to attack the shadow relatively early, so it freezes you early too. You need the time for its immobility spell to wear off so you're able to cast girgol when the shadow makes its jump.

Also, it should go without saying that you mustn't do anything that would tip the shadow off that its spell is wearing off. If you try to take a cube too soon, for example, the shadow will simply freeze you a second time.

> examine throne. examine figure. attack figure. (It freezes you.)

> z. (The figure removes its hood)

> z. (It takes "earth".)

> z. (It makes a square.)

> z. (It makes a cube.)

> z. (It makes another cube.)

The freeze has worn off.

> z. (It starts putting the cubes together.)

> z. (It's about to jump into the hypercube!)

> girgol. (The shadow freezes in mid-leap!)

> take "magic".

> put key in hypercube.

Time resumes and the shadow completes its leap into the altered hypercube. Shadow, hypercube, the "magic" cube all vanish.

Then you're back in Belwit Square where Belboz declares that the age of magic is over.

Your score is 600 of a possible 600, in several moves. This puts you in the class of Scientist.



Other creatures


This is Appendix G from the printed manual that was included with the game:

Appendix G

About the Author

Dave Lebling was born in Washington, D.C. and grew up in suburban Maryland. He attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and worked at MIT's Laboratory for Computer Science, where he developed an interest in computer entertainments. He was a co-author of the original mainframe ZORK. He has co-authored ZORK I, ZORK II, ZORK III, and ENCHANTER, and written STARCROSS, SUSPECT, and SPELLBREAKER on his own. He is married and lives in a suburb of Boston, where his appetite for the printed word is restrained only by the volume of his house.


There are many ways your character can die from which you may be resurrected:

There are also final deaths from which you are not resurrected:

You win the game by defeating your shadow self in the Castle and, in the process, end the age of magic.


Cubes of Foundation

Each cube is styled as a featureless white cube until you write something on it with the burin. In other games set in Zork, these are also called the Cubes of Foundation. If you ask Belboz about the cubes, he'll tell you a legend about how during the foundation of the world, fundamental forces of nature were bound with cubes, and he speculates that anyone who could control the cubes would have the power to alter reality itself.

Each cube has a distinct blorple destination or foundational space, that is, the location you're transported to when you cast blorple on the cube; these destinations exist outside of normal reality. Or possibly these destinations are inside the cube; when you blorple a cube, the cube disappears, but it returns to you when you leave these foundational spaces. (Although the "death" cube can be inside the Boneyard if you're carrying that cube when you die, a bizarre exception to the rule.)

Each cube also has representative creatures that are displayed on the gold box when you put the cube into the box. Furthermore, Spellbreaker has secret two-letter names for each of the cubes where the second letter is Q; so there's AQ (the A Qube), BQ (the B Qube), and so on.

I'm listing the cubes in the order we acquire them in my walkthrough:

By the way, Spellbreaker does not officially tell us what the foundational forces of Zork are; it only hints at them, so my names for the cubes are just my best guesses. Most of the cubes' natures are clear, but there is some disagreement about what the "fate" and "mind" cubes actually represent.


Each scroll has at most one spell on it. When possible, gnusto these scroll spells in order to copy them into your spell book so you can use these new spells more than once. Casting a spell directly from a scroll or successfully gnusto-ing a scroll's spell destroys that scroll.

Other Magical Items
Mundane Items


The response to SCORE is:

Your score is your-score of a possible 600, in several moves. This puts you in the class of ranking.

Points are awarded as follows:

The possible rankings are:


Commands for managing your spells:

Other general notes about spellcasting:

The spells you can acquire and use in this game are:

Other spells mentioned by the game:

Some final thoughts

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