Key & Compass presents:
The Sleeping Princess
by Molly, Alex, and Mark Engelberg

The Sleeping Princess is a TADS 3 interactive fiction game and is © 2008 by Molly, Alex, and Mark Engelberg. It was an entry in IFBeginnersComp where it took 2nd place.

You play as a pageboy in the kingdom of Mandarinia, mopping the castle floors including the floor in the princess's bedchamber. Princess Keisha has been sleeping for a year ever since a witch cast a sleeping spell on her. It'd be great if you could wake her. You'd never have to mop a floor again.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Version 1.1 of the game.


u (to anotherwing ofthe castle) d Princess'sBed-chamber North Endof Hallway DustyBedroom SecretRoom Gym South Endof Hallway

> about. (Tells you some useful commands and that the game cannot be made "unwinnable". I'd add that the game uses a typo-correction feature which can be turned off with the TYPO command.)


Princess's Bedchamber

> i. x bucket. x mop.

> x bed. x princess. x gown. x slippers.

> x portrait. (An image is shown instead of text describing it.)

> wake princess. (But how?)

> move princess. yell.

> mop floor. (+1. You find a coin and take it.)

> x coin. take bucket. s.

North End of Hallway

> x east door. x boards. x nails.

> x floor. mop floor. take bucket.

> s.

South End of Hallway

> x floor. mop floor. take bucket.

> e. (No, you can't leave this wing of the castle.)

> w.


> x sign. (Ad for strength training.)

> x man. (Must be Willy Armitage, as per the sign.)

> x treadmills.

At this point, the man asks if you're here to clean the floors.

> yes

The game now suggests that you can show your inventory items to him, or ask him about various topics.

> ask willy about himself. ask willy about hobbies. (He collects coins.)

> ask willy about coin collection.

> ask willy about cost of training.

> show coin to willy.

He'll train you for free for that! Then he gives you a plate of pickled mushrooms to eat.

> x plate. ask willy about plate.

> eat mushrooms. (+2. You're now much stronger.)

> x barbells. ask willy about barbells.

> ask willy about treadmills.

> ask willy about princess.

> ask willy about witch. (They boarded up her room and banished her.)

> mop floor. (+1)

> take bucket. e. n.

North End of Hallway

> pull boards. (+1) e.

Dusty Bedroom

> x dust. mop floor. (+3)

> x bed. x dresser. open drawer.

> take journal. x it. read it. (+1. You find a key and learn more about the witch.)

> x key. x trapdoor. unlock trapdoor with key.

You'll need your hands free to go down.

> drop all. d.

Secret Room

> x book. take it. read it. (+3. You learn the counterspell.)

> drop book. x tube. x goo. x table. x sofa.

You'll need free hands to get back up again too.

> push sofa. stand on sofa. u. w. n.

Princess's Bedchamber

> abracadabra kalamazoo. (+3. She wakes.)

*** YOU HAVE WON ***

> credits



Present in-game:




In several moves, you have scored your-score of a possible 15 points. Your score consists of:

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