Key & Compass presents:
Six Stories
by Neil K. Guy

Six Stories is a TADS 2 interactive fiction game and is © 1999 by Neil K. Guy. It was an entry in IF Comp 1999 where it took 3rd place. At the 1999 XYZZY Awards, it was a finalist in the Best Use of Medium category.

After losing control of your car during a blizzard in the mountains of British Columbia, you make your way to rundown shack and sleep. You wake up elsewhere and soon encounter a mouse, a pair of drawing compasses, a tin robot, a pirate monkey, and a pocketwatch — all human-sized, alive, drinking tea, and telling stories. They need you to lead them away from the Darkness.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Version 1.0, Serial number 990930-21 of the game.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


Mountainroad Somedistanceup Mountainroad Insideyour car Somedistanceup Stillfurtherdown Furtherdownthe road Down theroad fromyour car Outsideyour car Up theroad fromyour car Furtherupthe road Stillfurtherup Neck ofbottle Cave Outsidederelicthouse Outsideshack Outsideteahouse Aboardship Hallof Time Shack Garden Panelledrooms Kitchen Candlelitroom d d d u u out u d d d d d d in in n/fore in n sleep in left/straight/right u u d in d u u u u u u out in e out in enterbluedoor out n


Please choose an option: sorc

Inside your car

> i. x shirt. x sweater. x jacket. x jeans.

> x boots. x specs. x watch. x gloves. x toque.

> look in jeans. x house keys. x wallet.

> open wallet. x license. x loonie. x bill. x quarter.

> take car key.

> look. take phone. (no signal, retracted antenna)

> x lever. x handbrake. x gearshift. x steering lever. (unattached)

> x glove compartment. open it.

> take flashlight. x tape. x papers. close compartment.

> put wallet and house keys in jeans pocket.

> put cell phone in jacket pocket.

> close jacket. out.

Outside your Car

> close car. x car. x snow. x trees.

> unlock trunk. open trunk. x spare tire. close trunk.

> u. u. u.

Still further up the road from your car

> x gap. in.

Outside Shack

> x shack. x plywood. x bell. in.


> close outer door.

> x lamp. x table. x fireplace. x chair.

> x box. x mouse. x compasses. x robot.

> x monkey. x pocketwatch. (stopped at 2:14)

> in.

In the dark / Kitchen

> turn on flashlight.

> x oven. open it. (empty)

> x sink. x cupboard. open it. (empty)

> turn off flashlight. out.


> sit on chair. sleep.

Panelled Room

> forward. left. right.

Candlelit room

> sit. yes. x mouse. x my teacup. x teapot. x Fugit.

Fugit tells a story, then gives you a stone.

> x stone. x Alethea.

Alethea tells a story, then gives you a wineglass.

> x wineglass. x monkey. drink tea.

Croatoan tells a story, then gives you a canteen.

> x canteen. x Taro.

Taro tells a story, then gives you a sewing needle.

> x needle.

The mouse tells a story, then gives you a leaf.

> x leaf.

Assemble your present into a homemade compass:

> open canteen. pour water into wineglass.

> put leaf on water. rub needle on stone.

> put needle on leaf. (The needle points north.)

The mouse says to head north through the woods.

> stand. n.

Panelled Room

The mouse says the Darkness has awakened!

> n. (You may need to go north more than once.)

Hall of Time

The pocketwatch is home.

> enter blue door.


The robot is home.

> x pond. x lantern. nw.

Outside Teahouse

The robot will stay here.

> in.

Ship in a Bottle

The monkey is home.

> n.

Neck of the Bottle

> in.


The compasses will stay.

> e.

Outside a Derelict House

The mouse is home and puts a silver ring on your finger.

> x ring. x house. in.

Outside your Car

> enter car.

Inside your car

> put car key in ignition. turn car key.

You're on your way home. The credits roll.



These are thumbnails of the artwork in the game. Please play the game to see this artwork in their actual sizes. Not shown here are background patterns (blue-and-black, white-and-yellow, light brown).