Key & Compass presents:
Sins Against Mimesis
by Adam Thornton

Sins Against Mimesis is a Z-machine 5 interactive fiction game written with Inform 6 and is © 1997 by Adam Thornton.

You play as a non-descript someone who's lonely since your lover Black left. You feel you should go and do something, but a devil won't let you leave the house until you show him your sins. Sins against what? Well, you do have a mimesis plant. Figure it out.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 3 of the game. Note that this walkthrough is entirely superfluous, since the game is a) short, b) easy, c) contains hints, and d) already contains its own walkthrough.


point rod wear goggles TextWorld Scrappel-izer FrontHall ScrappleFactory GanymedeBase RoomJ-14-B-3.2 Bedroom LivingRoom Kitchen The Vat Ganymede BaseCorridor XQJ-913 Bathroom Youhavedied

Living Room

With every sin committed against (or with) the mimesis plant, you’ll gain a new game disk in your case. You need to collect all seven “deadly sins”.

> x plant. (+1 for Pride)

> take plant. (+1 for Avarice)

> kiss plant. (+1 for Lust)

> eat plant. (+1 for Gluttony)

> hit plant. (+1 for Wrath)

> west.


> get in bed. sleep. (+1 for Sloth)

> stand. east. east.


> take glass. fill it. water plant. (+1 for Envy)

> west. north.

Front Hall

Note: Once you leave the house, you cannot return.

> show case to devil. north.

Scrapple Factory

> inventory. south.

The Vat

> take rucksack. look in it. take rod. (+1 for Rod)

> strike rod. n. n.


Timing is critical once you unplug the goggles; you have to switch the CDs and reclose the drive before the Kunkel replugs the goggles.

> unplug goggles. open pc. take stiffy.

> put sinful in pc. close pc. (+1 for Kunkel’s death)

> open pc. take sinful.

> put stiffy in pc. close pc. wear goggles.

Ganymede Base Corridor XQJ-913

When you enter the Stiffy game, you’ll have a new pink key and big gun added to your inventory. Heading west towards the noises kills you. Your time is limited within the Stiffy game; don’t dilly-dally too much, or you’ll die. Leaving a game world can be done by removing the goggles, or by pointing the rod (when charged) at yourself.

> inventory. open door with key. ne.

Ganymede Base Room J-14-B-3.2

Remember, you must strike the rod to charge it (which I did back when I picked it up; I’m just reminding you again).

> x Black. point rod at Black. (+1 for saving Black)


> yesorno. (Either works.)

*** You have won ***



Have you tried...






In that game you scored your-score out of a possible 10, in some turns, earning you the rank of ranking.

The score was made up as follows:



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